The Accurate Intuitive Master and Iconic Energy Savante™

Jennifer can instantaneously connect to anyone’s deepest fear, trauma, or pain and provide answers and solutions that deliver immediate relief, understanding, and awareness of new life and energy options. You can connect with Jennifer via an intuitive session or focused coaching program and you will receive the world’s most accurate intuitive guidance from the Intuitive Master and Energy Savante™, energy congruence expert, and 5D Energy Reading master, and spiritual mentor to over 100,000 clients, trusted by millions around the world for more than 20 years with proven accuracy, honesty, and integrity.

Jennifer is a gifted, natural intuitive, channel, medium, and has the unique ability to read energy fields, providing access to all aspects of a client’s life, past, present, and future and any person, situation, or event connected to them. Her Becoming 360 Energy Mastery program is the only resource for achieving energetic congruence via a thorough understanding of alignment,  integration, mastery, and energetic sovereignty, Jennifer’s trademark teaching topics.

She is also a successful entrepreneur of 20+ years, a global icon, and a business and technology expert with 25+ years of corporate experience in finance, law, technology, online business, marketing, and business management with degrees in Finance, Economics, and Business Administration. 

Clients receive accurate assessments of current lifetime challenges and suggestions for  future steps and potentials. Jennifer is able to access anyone’s energy field and can connect with anyone in the world, living or crossed over. Jennifer’s forecasts and predictions are highly accurate, as confirmed by thousands of client testimonials.

Jennifer’s proven intuitive gifts and unique, leading edge, energy focused coaching methods have been praised by a global client base, who experience life altering transformation at the soul level, allowing them to transcend their fear and limitations and uplift their energy to soar into a greater soul mission, create miracles, release lifetimes of pain and trauma, and awaken to a higher vibe life purpose of joy, fulfillment, success, abundance, and love.

 The transformation you can expect from working with Jennifer is

  • A detailed description of your energy, relationships, purpose, and your life path,
  • Answers and solutions to your most troubling life issues from a compassionate, trusted advisor
  • Clarity about your soul mission, life path, life lessons, and karmic journey
  • Information about the people and situations in your life, their purpose and your healing and release potential
  • A greater understanding of how you limit your joy, peace, and abundance (and how to remove those limits)
  • Insights into greater potentials for your life and how to access them
  • Highly accurate assessment of past and current situations and predictions for the future.
  • How to create a new frequency and vibration to align yourself with new energetic pathways that will catalyze your transformation into more joy, fulfillment, peace, abundance, and love.

Any and all questions are answered, no subjects are off limits. Jennifer can connect to the energy field of any person or situation. Questions are not necessary, Jennifer will answer all questions usually before you ask them.

This is possible for you because it has happened for thousands of clients who work with me, and it can happen for you too. We’ll get you unstuck, re-centered, balanced, and energetically grounded in your new congruent, ascended soul purpose, moving into your life’s highest potential.


There are several options to work with Jennifer and bear in mind that the longer term coaching programs offer the most profound, lasting, and comprehensive transformation. Coaching is available for life and business guidance.

30 or 60 minute sessions are available for individual purchase.  Multiple session packages are available to existing customers, you may inquire during your session. 

Or choose a longer term coaching package with guided exercises, energy attunements, activations, homework, and private coaching sessions with Jennifer. Note: sessions are not refundable, please read our terms below before purchasing.



30 or 60 minute intuitive session with Jennifer and receive answers to your most troubling life issues and solutions for  healing, transformation, and release of pain and suffering to move forward in joy, peace, and abundance. Receive clarity, confidence, and congruence for your life so you can be ‘rich, happy, and successful’.
Single session, 30 day Fast Track or longer term coaching are options for more intense or longer term work. 



For the business owner or executive who needs a confidential resource for business and personal guidance, coaching which combines strategy and tactics for business growth and success, mindset and mastery, with Jennifer’s trademark Success + Soul™ coaching, a synergistic blend of business strategy and tactics with Jennifer’s intuitive leverage, plus your personal coach for high vibe confidence, clarity, and congruence.




Schedule a live 30 or 60 minute intuitive consult with Jennifer

Includes assessment of energy field, karmic cycles, future potential, past and past life issues, life,  love, and all relationships, work, health, and connections.

Access via zoom

You can ask questions during the session but it is not necessary, all questions are answered.

30 minute session is $175 includes recording

60 minute session is $297 and includes recording



 Special session with a review of your astrology chart for past life, present, and future challenges, blessings, energy congruence and vibration, and 5D ascension path.

1. past life issues and what you brought into this lifetime for 5D ascension
2. karmic history, partners, lessons
3. energy markers in your chart – intuition, gifts, talents and 5D path
4. special challenges or blessings of this lifetime
5. progressed charts for future potential.
You will need to provide your date, time, and place of birth. If you do not have your birth time we can still look at your chart but it won’t have an accurate ascendant.
$197 for 30 minute session with recording



These programs are designed to deliver quick results and profound transformation within a short time frame. Results depend on your level of effort and application of time and energy.


Life coaching and intuitive guidance with Jennifer to address current life issues, moving from problems to solution. This is a general coaching program with 2  50 minute recorded sessions per month, follow up work and voxxer and email access.
$495 per month for 3 months



Need a fast track transformation? Evolve Fast Track coaching includes one 30 minute session PLUS one 15 minute session each week with  follow up work.  We move quickly to go from challenge to victory.
8 recorded coaching sessions in 30 days with voxxer &  Email access included, all sessions via Zoom
$995 for 30 days of coaching



2 50  minute sessions per month,  focusing on business strategy and wealthset, personal and professional alignment in strategy and soul.
3 months of STRATEGY+SOUL Business Coaching.  Sessions are recorded
$695 Monthly or $1875 quarterly pay



Jennifer’s coaching programs are designed to take you on a journey to create congruence – energy fit, flow, and harmony – in your life at the soul level, so there is a resonant harmony between your soul mission and life purpose. You can achieve a new level of self awareness and empowerment to become energetically sovereign with clarity and confidence, becoming whole and complete in spite of any life challenges, pain, or trauma. 

These programs follow a guided curriculum created with your journey from healing to wholeness to congruence in mind. You will have two monthly coaching calls with Jennifer as well as access to a well defined curriculum to assist you on your journey. During the coaching calls you will receive intuitive insights and guidance, as well as helpful support to show you how the program’s lessons and teachings apply to your life. The goal is to help you develop energetic resilience to rise above the challenges and to establish a new plateau of self awareness, understanding, and empowerment to create a new life path.

Choose from the coaching programs below that you feel best fit your current needs.  You can find more programs at the Mastery Store



I just wanted to give you a profound “Thank you” for my intuitive reading.  It confirmed many things about my relationship with my husband that I held to be true, but I wasn’t sure if I could trust my own intuition. I have been in this limbo for many years, letting fear hold me back. Your calm, direct guidance have inspired me to take action that I have been putting off even though I have been very unhappy. I know it will be scary but you have given me the confidence to know I can do this and the motivation to begin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your guidance and gifts are profoundly powerful and your accuracy in providing detailed information and clear guidance is amazing.

I would like to thank you for providing such a rewarding, supportive, and helpful coaching experience. Through working with you, and with your support , light and potentials you are able to present in a very understandable and practical way, with good examples from simple life situations that provide clarity to my most challenging life situation. You helped me in seeing where I am now and making me aware of potentials which I could not see for myself. Your voice vibrates divine light, I can feel that and you have an amazing power to highlight unlimited potential in a way that makes it real and achievable.

Thank you for the wonderful reading and the encouraging words. I felt some peace of mind yesterday for the first time in quite awhile.  With my “Million Dollar Lesson” behind me (but not forgotten) I am ready to move forward.  BC

Thank you for another beautiful, succinct message in my intuitive session.  It was right on target, so reassuring, and such a positive message about endings.  I of course have heard ” when one door closes, another one opens”,  but you expounded on that theme in such a brilliant way. Thank you for sharing your love, energy, and insights with us.  You bravely  put yourself out there, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you, dear angel on earth.  May you continue to be blessed, as you are such  a blessing to others! Namaste, Donna

In this past year working with you in the Evolve Coaching Program I have awakened and strengthened my ability to cultivate an attitude of appreciation  and gratitude for my life experiences with my birth family. And to incrementally change my perspective of my life and how I have allowed these events to impact me in both healthy and unhealthy ways. This in turn is helping me to understand myself better in order to grow and Evolve into better, stronger, more compassionate versions of myself. Because I now know that to Evolve is to be alive. Thank you for all that you do as a teacher, coach and facilitator of expanding awareness and perception shifting. You are truly a blessing in my life and I am honored to have you on my path. I look forward to continuing my self awakening and self expansion and soul evolution with you and send you lots of love and thanks for all of your patience!! Once again, THANK YOU for being such a great coach!! My life is enriched in so many ways because I am able to talk my thoughts out with you.

I  am a member of your email list, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your weekly emails. Without a doubt, you have been the clearest, most accurate “messenger” that I am currently tuned into. Your messages are giving me so much confirmation, validation, and much needed support. Most of the time I feel your messages are written just for me as they so perfectly describe the course of my life and everything I am feeling. I honestly do not know of anyone else who is on a path like mine, so It’s hard to imagine there are so many others out there struggling the way I have. Thank you for the hope, and letting me know I am not so alone in this after all.

Answering The Call to Serve

The call to serve as a teacher, guide, healer, warrior, Portal Keeper, or ascension guide, in any form that takes, is often a lonely, challenging, and difficult life. Those who carry the brightest lights often experience the darkest of times. My life was no exception. When I was 5 years old I was paralyzed by a vaccine and could not walk or move for 2 years. It took an additional 3 years for me to learn to walk again. I spent the majority of my childhood, from age 5 to 11 years, in a bed, wheelchair, or on crutches with leg braces that went from my hips to my ankles. Eventually I graduated into the short knee-length braces. For 2 years I slept in a full body cast to stretch my arms and legs and keep them from atrophying due to the paralysis. I learned to ride a bicycle when I was 11 years old. I still have nerve and muscle damage today and walk with a slight limp which is more pronounced when I’m tired.

My family life was difficult and I felt different, isolated, and not a fit with my family’s energy. I even looked much different than my siblings and people often thought I was adopted! I felt lost and ungrounded for many decades, never managed to fit in and I struggled with life. It seemed like other people knew secrets about how to navigate the 3D world that I did not. I did many of the things they did, like go to college, get married, have children, work, and manage my life, but I felt like something was missing and my life always seemed to be so much harder to navigate.

I have always been very intuitive and that was not helpful as I could see, hear, and feel what was going on with everyone and everything around me. Revealing people’s secrets, being aware of their lack of integrity, discovering their lack of transparency, wasn’t always appreciated but being aware of those things is one of my gifts. For decades I tried to be part of the corporate world and I managed to achieve some level of success and then everything would stop, I would lose my job or things in the company would change, and I would have to start all over again. I have the impressive record of 6 job layoffs in 8 years.  Although I had an impressive career and a lot of business and technology experience, that life wasn’t for me, as you will read below. Then I got contacted by Archangel Uriel in 2003 and everything changed.

Now that doesn’t mean my life got easier, because it did not. If anything, the challenges increased and become more overwhelming. I have had some severe health crises since 2003, two that nearly killed me. I had to choose to stay and complete this work, which I did. I’m sharing that because many people believe that the spiritual path is all about fairies, unicorns, and rainbows. And it is often just the opposite. Our call to service demands faith and trust, in ourselves and in the Universe. We do not get to escape the challenges and trials that others experience. In fact, we often have to experience them ourselves so we can learn compassion and assist those who suffer, who grieve, who are hurt, wounded, and who have lost their way. Uriel always says we teach from what we know, so what we experience becomes our platform for inspiring others.

Sometimes, our call to serve means that we have to give up what we thought was the right path for us in exchange for the path our soul agreed to as part of its mission in this lifetime. This was true for me. Although I had big dreams of a career in business and technology, a call from Archangel Uriel in October 2003 changed all of that.

Prior to answering the request by Archangel Uriel to become a spiritual teacher and mentor in 2003, I had a career in business and technology, working in a variety of companies from startups to Fortune 50 giants, specializing in business analysis, software design and implementation, technical project management, and a subject matter expert (SME) in systems efficiency, design, and implementation.

I have been recognized for my work with analysis and delivery of customer requirements, project management, troubleshooting, technical writing, and software implementation, with degrees in Business Administration, Economics, and Finance. Having extensive work experience and a business education helped me become a successful entrepreneur, and in addition to spiritual guidance, I provide  business advice, resources and training programs and services through the GPS Business Services and GPS Business Academy. You can learn more about the GPS Business programs and services at 

This is another aspect of my work that is also necessary because as a channel for Archangel Uriel, who is guardian of the 4D bridge and of the ascension process, I have to be grounded in both worlds, physical and spiritual, because that’s our mission – to create heaven on earth. I always say that ascension is “an integration, not a takeover. We are not removing the earth so heaven can take over, we are integrating 3D and 5D, bringing in spiritual energy to lift and raise the frequency and vibration of the earth and of humanity.”

Answer the call to serve that comes to you and don’t judge it on the basis of whether it is spiritual or material, it is all part of the 3D/5D ascension integration.  You never know where your call may lead you or how it will change your life and path. You do not know the full extent of your soul mission until you get the call to serve and your soul is ready to help you answer it.  Shine on, we’re all part of the great awakening, the shift from consciousness to awareness, from the control, domination, separation, and competition of the 3D paradigm to the creativity, collaboration, connection, and freedom of the 5D paradigm.


Refunds and disclaimer:  All intuitive sessions and coaching session are offered on a prepaid basis only.  Refunds are never provided for completed intuitive readings or coaching sessions. There are no exceptions to this policy. For our full policy regarding refunds see our Terms of Service at this link. Unused coaching sessions in a prepaid monthly cycle may be refunded at the then current individual session rate. Recordings are provided as an additional service but are not guaranteed. We use a 3rd party recording system and the availability of your recording depends on their operations, which we do not control. You are not eligible for a refund of any part of any session or service if your recording is not available. 

None of the services provided here are to be construed as a substitute for qualified, professional mental health or medical services.

I don’t offer refunds on my programs, courses, coaching, or services.  I never have because I think it’s a terrible business practice and it doesn’t foster commitment or determination — how can any program that promises to pay you for quitting? I know that by following any of my programs, or the intuitive guidance you receive in an individual reading or session or coaching, going through the exercises and  participating in the resources that are offered in various programs, such as forums, groups, and group calls (and sharing your story in the laser coaching sessions) you can build a successful business and have a wonderful life you love.

BUT, if you do get stuck and don’t know what to do, I will get on the phone with you and help you remove that boundary (this applies to programs and courses, not to individual intuitive sessions)! That’s my commitment to you. Otherwise, if you aren’t willing to commit to staying with a program through to the end and give it your best, most powerful commitment and effort, you are not a good candidate to work with me.

The world needs you, your gifts, & message and I want to help you share them in an authentic, aligned, and focused way that allows you to create a business and a life that you are happy with and  proud of. But that will happen when and if you can envision that for yourself and then accept the guidance to help you create that path and take the action to make it happen.


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