weeds1This is a photo of a pile of weeds in my driveway and the pile was even bigger than that by the time I finished. The weeds were all over the sides and middle of the driveway, and they made my house look pretty bad. Considering that it’s for sale, the view was not very appealing to potential buyers. I’m ready to sell and move, to create a new beginning in my life but the view of the untidy, weed lined driveway, which is the first thing viewers see, was highly unattractive. Before I could plant the seeds of my new beginning, I had to pull the weeds that created an unpleasant and unattractive perception about the house (which is really lovely on the inside) to someone who would be interested in buying it. My weeds were sending the wrong message and getting in the way of the seeds of the new beginnings I want to create.

If you’re a gardener, you know that seeds are planted in clean, freshly turned soil. Can you imagine planting seeds in a big patch of weeds? They probably wouldn’t grow well and if they did, the weeds would soon choke out the new plants. So why do we try to plant the seeds of our new beginnings before we clear out the weeds of our past? There are lots of reasons — we are ready to move away from our current situation right now and pulling weeds takes time, energy, and effort, we don’t want to deal with the weeds, it’s too overwhelming because there are too many of them, or we hope someone else will do it or they will disappear by themselves. These are all good arguments but they’re our weeds and we need to take care of them because they don’t pull themselves.

Weeds have a way of springing up suddenly and in surprising places too. I had patches of weeds growing out of the tiny cracks in my driveway. How did they get in there?  And they grow quickly — some of them were over 2 feet tall and I don’t remember them being that big until this weekend. They are also a distraction, shifting our attention from the promise of a new start to the reminders of what we still haven’t finished. Once they’re gone, so is the distraction. Are there weeds in your life that are distracting you and need to be pulled?

The other downside of weeds is that other people notice them too. They aren’t hidden from view, no matter how hard you try, and people see your weeds before they see you. They may give others the wrong impression about you, in the same way that my weed-choked driveway did not match the interior of my tidy, lovely home. Weeds, which include your confusion, fears, and doubts, drain your energy and prevent others from seeing the beautiful, powerful person that you are. Instead, they see the things that bother you, that you have not taken care of, things you are not paying attention to, or where you are not living up to your potential. And that’s the message they send to you too.

Here are some of the signs of weeds in your life, and how you can get rid of them so the seeds of your new beginnings are free to take root, grow effortlessly, and prosper:

1. You start noticing things that are ‘wrong’ or that bother you about your life. These are the weeds that are standing in the way of your new beginnings and they’re waiting for you to pull them out.

2. You feel unsure of your next steps, you worry about repeating the past, or you can’t figure out what to do next. You are ready to plant your new seeds but have nowhere to put them because the weeds are in the way. This is a choice, live with the weeds or clear them out so your new seeds have a place to grow.

3. You feel overwhelmed by how much you think you have to do to reach your goals. The weeds are all you see right now and there may be so many of them you don’t know where to start. Just begin with one because the job does go faster once you start, but if you don’t start you will never finish.

4. You are worried about what others are going to think or say about your new beginnings and don’t feel supported in your choices or decisions. Everyone else sees your weeds too and since they block the full view of your power, they probably are wondering how you’re going to accomplish your goals, as you do, because all they can see is the weeds.

5.  You don’t know where to plant the new seeds because you have never done this before. It’s sometimes easier to live with the weeds than to take on the responsibility of the seeds of new beginnings. You may find some help In my article on Beginnings, Endings, and Closure, available here, which describes how we give ourselves closure by allowing endings to happen. New beginnings can be scary but they show up when we are ready for them and we are finished with where we are, even if we don’t know what’s next.

Once we are ready for new beginnings, we no longer want to give our time, energy, and attention to what we wish to leave behind, even though the desire for change makes us very aware of the ‘weeds’ in our life. While pulling weeds may not be your favorite thing to do, if you don’t take care of them, they will choke out the new beginnings you are trying to create. Pulling them takes time and effort but once they are gone, new beginnings can really be fresh starts and we won’t have the distraction of weeds to limit our view of the new potential we are creating for ourselves.

weeds2And this is the end result, much better, don’t you think? If you are ready to pull some weeds and raise your vibes to create powerful new beginnings, join me at my LIVE Raise Your Vibes & Lift Your Life event on September 12 & 13, 2014 in Kansas City. Click here for details and to register now. The early registration price is the best value.


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