I have to share a secret with you, I don’t really like change. In fact, I am very much a creature of habit. I love order and routine, so when I have to make changes, I generally take my time and then make them when I don’t have any other options.

This means that change happens rather abruptly and sometimes in ways I can’t manage, meaning I can’t delay it any longer. Our need for change arises when we have ‘run out of energy road’ in our current reality and if we’re going to move in any direction, we’re going to have to allow change to happen.

We can’t be open to transformation (which means to ‘change form’)  if we aren’t willing to change anything in our life, especially when moving forward or fulfilling an intention requires some kind of change, or for something in our life to be different.

Change means altering our lives, creating a new routine, and doing things differently. We always have to learn something new when things change, and that can be one reason we delay the change for so long. In fact, we’ll delay it until no other option is available and then we have to scramble to change something. But even though we’re content with the way things are, we are not necessarily happy or satisfied or fulfilled.

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We learn to adjust to and cope with things that don’t work and tell ourselves that they’re OK, until we can’t cope any longer. car_wreck_nolicBut we put up with them to avoid change.

In 2010 I had a serious car accident on an icy highway that totaled my car. I loved that car and had owned it for 13 years. It was our family car, so it held lots of memories and losing it was hard. Although it had a few minor mechanical issues I knew how to work around them.

One of my children had wrecked it a few years prior and the right headlamp kept falling out. So I carried duct tape in the car and would apply it as needed.

The ignition switch wouldn’t always work but I knew how to jiggle the key to start it.

The gas gauge wasn’t always reliable so I made sure I filled it as soon as it went down to a half tank.

I don’t like buying new cars and usually drive mine until they stop working. In this case, I really  needed to get another car but I wasn’t going to until the universe gave me a little push. Totaling the car was the push I needed because I had no other choice, my car was now dead.

So I went on the dreaded car buying trip and found a newer model, which came with GPS. After my first guided trip around town, I was hooked. I love GPS and being ‘directionally challenged’, I appreciate not having to drive around with a map on my lap, trying to figure out where I am so I can get to where I am going.

But I would not have gotten the car when I did, and I would have continued to tolerate annoying mechanical issues and not having accurate, automated road guidance,  if my other car had not been taken out of my life.  

Change was needed and it was time for me to allow the change to happen. To be honest, driving was always frustrating, especially when I was driving in an unfamiliar place because I don’t have a great sense of direction. I always carry maps in my car and I still do, but I have my GPS to help me get around a lot more effortlessly.

I had to buy a new printer recently because my old printer stopped working. Again, I use my office equipment until it dies, even if there are technically superior options available.

My old printer did what I needed, sort of. I could never get the wireless to work, the scanner stopped working, the paper feed wouldn’t handle more than 10 sheets at a time, and I never did figure out how to print envelopes.

HPprinter8625This is a photo of my new HP printer which, among other things, is fully wireless (I even printed from my phone), and offers duplex (2-sided) printing. It is very fast, the scanner works, and I printed envelopes effortlessly today. It prints graph paper (go figure), calendars, forms, and reports, and I also can program it to receive all kinds of automated information from various sources.

I received my first inspirational messages today, which I read while I was eating breakfast (I scheduled them to print early in the morning).

How we view change determines how we experience it. If we think it’s going to be ridiculously hard, upsetting, and traumatic, it will be. And if we use that opinion to wait until the last minute to change, we can expect to get something that is going to give us the push that will help us acknowledge that we need to allow change to happen.

But if we see change as part of the process that happens when we set a new intention for our life, then we create a better, more graceful pathway for change to follow. Then change becomes part of the process instead of the instigator. We can have an accident on an icy road and be carless for a week, or we can start shopping for a new car when we know we need one.

Either way, the change is going to happen. How it happens is up to us is our choice. We can either delay making changes until we absolutely have to make them or gracefully integrate change, as needed, into our life path.

Are you tolerating things that don’t work, don’t make you happy, are hard work, and don’t flow in your life because you’re afraid of change? duct_tapeWhat do you duct tape together so you can make it fit or work for you?

Are you afraid that change is going to be hard? What if it’s easy?

What happens if you shift your perspective around change and transformation and instead of seeing it as hard, just see it as part of the flow that takes you into the outcome you want to create?

If you are intending something new in your life, change is part of that process.

Be open to inviting the best, most wonderful, highest frequency outcomes for yourself and the changes will simply be part of the flow of that coming to you. Then you can plan for change instead of having your plans upset so you can learn to embrace change and the new beginnings that accompany it. We can’t create new beginnings from old attitudes & beliefs.

Something has to be changed for a ‘new beginning’ to be actually ‘new’. A rebirth can’t happen if we simply want something new but we aren’t willing to change a single thing about our life right now. The change doesn’t have to be huge (remember quantum describes a very small change that has an exponentially big result) but it has to be something.

Change a thought, belief, attitude, how you see yourself, your expectations of your potential and your life, but be willing to change something and the results can surpass your most outrageous expectations. Big dreams need big thoughts to support them and at the very least, they need at least one small shift in another direction to happen. Shift happens when we are willing to change, transformation happens when we believe that change is just one aspect of the fulfillment of our intention.   

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