Nothing is more upsetting than to face a life challenge when we believe that we won’t have to deal with those issues again once we arrive at a certain level in our ascension cycle. It is unfortunate that there is misleading information that this happens and it is not true. While this can be upsetting it is a test of our self awareness, self esteem, our boundaries, and of how many choices and options we can create for ourselves. While we’re still operating in 3D in the ascension cycle we are not on a limited, one-choice, linear path and that is what we can celebrate when we are faced with challenging changes that demand creative choices.

As you watch the video think about a current life challenge you’re facing. What is your first and most obvious choice and the one that responds to your fears?

Take a step back and engage your intuition — what are other choices you could consider and don’t judge them, let your empowered thinking create some other choices. 


Here are the highlights of the video:

  1. We will have occasional challenges in our life, no matter how ‘ascended’ we believe or think we are.
  2. Our challenges demand that we get more creative with our choices. How many different options can we create for ourselves in the face of this challenge, which is the other option to being overwhelmed by the challenges.
  3. Intention sets the frequency for the types of choices we create, so setting big, powerful intentions that harness the full extent of our energy, is necessary if we’re going to create a lot of high frequency options.
  4. Learning to create a dialogue between our intuition (inner knowing) and our outer voice is also important, so we can use the balanced co-creative partnership between human and divine to become aware of other levels of choices we cannot imagine using our own mind and past-based thinking.

This is the month whose theme of choice and change encourages us to open up to different types of choices. And this, in turn, raises our energetic frequency and vibration. Yes fear is one option and so is victim thinking, but what if we consider these challenges as confirmation that we are ready for a new life paradigm and use them as a springboard to other possibilities, potentials, choices, and creations we have never considered before. When an old path has run out of energy road, we need to change paths and when we’re stuck in our uncomfortable comfort zones; this imperative to create a new path will enter our lives in one way or another.

You can read the July Energy Report here, which goes into detail about the themes of choice and change and why they are so important to our ascension journey.

Choosing wisely and choosing well is part of the process but more importantly, is to make a choice and not get lost in the process. Don’t over think this and try to make the best, most perfect choice. Make a choice and then assess your results. Be sure to set strong intentions, including those that challenge your current thinking so you open those choice portal doors wide open and have a vast array of potentials and choices to consider.


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