Are you called to serve using your gifts, talents and abilities?

What does that mean to you? What does it mean to your life?

Is this your life purpose or something else?

Is this what you are supposed to be doing?

How can you know that you’re doing the right thing and following the right call to serve?

What if we don’t like our call to serve, can we do something else?

The call to serve is an invitation to use our gifts, talents, and abilities at a higher level. It’s not an edict or a demand of performance but it is something that is part of our soul mission, that we agreed to do in our life, and when we receive our call to serve, it is time for us to begin. Yes, we do have some choices about our call to serve but what is important is that this is how we add our light and energy to the world.

Our call to serve is not an edict to perform for the universe. It is part of our larger soul mission we came here with and when we get the call, which can arrive in many different ways, it is just an activation of this mission and a sign for us to get started on that path. Now this doesn’t mean we don’t have a choice, we do, to a point.  And we can ignore it, deny it, or pretend we are not listening.

We may not be ready at that time, we may need more time to adjust our beliefs to accommodate it, we may think we just are not the right person for the job (as I did) and we need a little more encouragement.

But the main point I want to make is that this call to serve is not random occurrence, it is an invitation to step into more of our power and divinity and start expanding our energy. We already have the gifts, talents, and abilities, we already have the tools we need to do the work. We just need to get started.

It comes at a cost and I think at a soul level we know that, which is why we resist or deny that it’s time for us to serve.  Our call to serve demands faith and trust, in ourselves and in the Universe. We do not get to escape the challenges and trials that others experience. In fact, we often have to experience them ourselves so we can learn compassion and assist those who suffer, who grieve, who are hurt, wounded, and who have lost their way. Uriel always says we teach from what we know, so what we experience becomes our platform for inspiring others.

But what is this call? You may think it’s some kind of divine message you receive that tells you what to do with your life, what’s your next step, and hands you a list of tasks to do.  It isn’t it is a clarion call to open yourself up to your soul mission and let your light shine more brightly. And sometimes that comes into conflict with what we thought we should be doing, could be doing, and want to do with our lives.

Sometimes, our call to serve means that we have to give up what we thought was the right path for us in exchange for the path our soul agreed to as part of its mission in this lifetime. This was true for me. Although I had big dreams of a career in business and technology, a call from Archangel Uriel in October 2003 changed all of that.

My career goal was to become ‘the senior VP of an IT group in a fortune 50 corporation.’ Sounds good, doesn’t it? And I had the credentials for it. Prior to answering the request by Archangel Uriel to become a spiritual teacher and mentor in 2003, I had a career in business and technology, working in a variety of companies from startups to Fortune 50 giants, specializing in business analysis, software design and implementation, technical project management, and a subject matter expert (SME) in systems efficiency, design, and implementation.

Although I was fighting the change in my career path, I knew something was going on starting in 1999 because I began to go through job layoffs. Now that isn’t unusual in the tech field but it was happening a lot to me. Every company I worked for, without exception, was either sold, merged, or went through a drastic reorganization that led to huge layoffs while I worked there.

I once started working for a company and they got bought out the next week. Then I worked without a manager or real department for 3 months. I kept busy going around looking for people who needed help but clearly my career path and my call to serve were on a collision course. And I knew it but I didn’t know how or when it was going to happen.

And even though the call to serve from Archangel Uriel came in October 2003, the actual final decision point would come later.

It came in July 2007. More on how that happened in a few minutes. Let’s go back to the beginning, to my first experience with my call to serve.

Answering the call or to be of service to others doesn’t mean that we have no input into or control over how that is done. I knew that I had been asked to do something important once I found out who Archangel Uriel was (by looking him up on the internet), but I had my reservations about how that was to be done.

For one thing, I have an intense dislike of going barefoot so that was not going to work for me. I also had my own fashion sense and was not going to agree to wear gypsy style clothing or flowing robes. And I have a certain lifestyle I wanted to maintain and that was not going to change.

The point I am making here is that sometimes we think that when we are called to serve that we have to give up everything to do so and we do not. Think of it as an addition to your life and yes, sometimes that means giving up your career path of wanting to be ‘the senior VP of IT in a Fortune 50 corporation’ and being the president of your own company.

But it does not mean drastically changing your life or lifestyle to accommodate the call to serve unless that is something you want to do, you agree to do it, and you do it voluntarily. Although in my case it did becus I had to change career paths to answer my call to serve.

In 1990 I began to work in the technology industry, designing and implementing software, work that I loved and was very good at. I gained a lot of knowledge and worked my way up the career ladder and I was close to achieving my goal of being a senior VP of IT in a fortune 50 company when I had my first job layoff in 1999. That was followed by several more layoffs in ensuing years and each time I would have to re-start my career. From 1999 to 2007 I had 6 major job layoffs and went through about 15 restructures, buyouts, mergers, and company closings.

In July 2007 the company I was working for was bought by a larger competitor and none of us were invited to join the new company. I went through the separation process and when I got home I looked at my final paycheck, trying to decide what I was going to do next. I was tired of being laid off and having to look for jobs in an industry that was so unstable but I also knew that it was time to turn towards my call to serve, which was not going to entail being ‘the senior vp of IT in a fortune 50 company. So I told Archangel Uriel I was ready and my call to serve became my full time job.

So if you’re worried that answering the call to serve, that little voice that is asking you to share, write, channel, teach, heal, or to serve in some way, any changes that occur are going to be of your choosing and under your control, mostly.

I will admit that I did initially miss my career and I still do at times, as I loved the work that I did and I love business and technology. But I still get to use them in my business now and in fact they helped me get a quick start in my business, but in its place, I have the honor of serving all of my readers and followers and sharing information that uplifts, transforms, and forever alters their life, energy, and their self awareness.

When I got the call to serve I politely declined. Although I was flattered that Archangel Uriel had reached out to me to share a new body of work and vibe for humanity, I already had my career plans all mapped out. I was going to be ‘the senior VP of an IT organization in a Fortune 50 company’. And I had been building my career path for a long time. I had gone to college for business and earned degrees in Finance, Economics, and Business Administration. I had a high profile reputation in the business and tech industry, was recognized as a subject matter expert in my field, and I thought my future was already determined. I already loved what I was doing and I was sharing my energy with people all around the world.

Now this was in 2003 and since 1999 I had noticed that the tech world was a rather precarious situation and at the time of our contact I was between jobs, having been turned down for my ‘dream job’ and could not find a job.

No worries, Archangel Uriel had a plan. In spite of my professional experience, expertise, contacts, and great resume, the only job I could find was as a tarot card reader in a metaphysical bookstore in Phoenix, where I was living at the time. Now I do not know anything about tarot cards but I am a gifted intuitive and this was my test in ‘trusting my intuition and my guides’ and building the spiritual muscle I would need to do the work that Archangel Uriel had selected me for.

Did I get a choice in the matter? Sort of but not really. I did think I could decline and I didn’t think I was the right person for the task. I thought Uriel should have chosen someone who had studied, prepared, and really wanted to do this. Although I have always been highly intuitive and have always felt that I existed in that multi-dimensional gap between worlds, I was doing my best to survive in the 3D world and I thought that the business world was the way to do that. I guess it wasn’t.

When you get the call to serve you may not think you are not the right and best person for it, but you are. And probably not for the reasons you think that those who are chosen to serve are selected. Your experience, life story, your hidden gifts and talents are the reason why you are selected, as well as your soul mission and Source contract. The ‘most spiritual’ are often the least accessible and relatable to the audiences they will serve. The ones who are selected are often the ones who would call themselves ordinary and they already have ‘other plans’.

Did you get your ‘call to serve’ yet? There’s no rush and if and when it comes, you will know. Just know that you are the one that was selected because you are the perfect one for the job and how you will do it will be up to you, sort of. But you can name your terms and conditions as I did and I’ll share that in the next section.

The most challenging part of answering the call to serve is knowing how we will serve. Sometimes it’s about sharing a message. At other times it is serving within a job, a community, or even sharing a gift like art, singing, playing or writing music, or caring for others. We tend to think the call to serve is all about channeling and sharing the messages we hear but that is much too limited in scope. The call to serve takes us wherever we are needed and sometimes that can look a little odd.

One of my clients decided to change careers and got a job working in a correctional facility. Then she was transferred to a high security prison. She asked for guidance and was told that this is where she was going to serve. So she went to work every day and set an intention to serve as she was needed.  After a few weeks she noticed that many of the prisoners came to her with questions about spirituality, finding peace, and learning more about how to be in joy.  They were all polite and respectful and were very open to learning so she shared information with them.

When Archangel Uriel contacted me I declined at first, as I have shared with you. Then once I decided that I would share the messages and guidance that I was receiving I had to set some ground rules and boundaries. Yes I would share them but I would not do trance channeling and I had to use my own voice and my own way of speaking. At the time, in the early 2000s, there were a lot of people who channeled messages and in my opinion, they all said the same thing, they all called everyone ‘beloved’, and they all said weird things and used weird words.

I told Uriel I would not do that. I am very grounded and balanced between the spiritual and material worlds and I wanted to stay that way. I could not be so far out in left field on the spiritual ballpark tha no one understood me. And I wasn’t comfortable with that anyway.  I wanted to share uplifting, inspiring, and useful information that would be easy for my audience to understand and not so woo woo spiritual that only a fw would understand it. 

And that was a perfect match to Archangel Uriel’s energy which is very grounded, straight forward, and direct. Just like mine. When you get a call to serve, the energy will match yours and what you do and are capable of.  You won’t have to make big changes to who you are and how you do things. You won’t have to go barefoot and wear flowing robes, unless you want to.

You won’t have to call everyone ‘beloved’, unless you want to. 

You get to set the rules and guidelines so you are comfortable with the energy you are working with and when you share it connects with your audience seamlessly, it’s effortless for you, and it sounds authentic to you and to them.

No matter what your call to serve involves, it will never be beyond your ability to do and will never be more than you can handle or are willing to do. At first it may seem improbable or hard to imagine but if you answer the call to serve it will work with you to create a perfect partnership that honors your journey and honors the message. Remember this important aspect of the call to serve – you are the gift to the energies that reach out to you. They need you to share their messages.

Yes it’s an honor to be chosen but those energies need channels for their messages and they need you. By saying yes you allow them to work with you – don’t lose your perspective on this important issue.

I have always said that I didn’t ask for my call to serve and I didn’t. So I did not expect it when it arrived and when Archangel Uriel contacted me I was very surprised and as I said previously. My first reaction was to turn  him down. Not with any disrespect, but I didn’t think I was the right person. I hadn’t studied, prepared, and I had not asked for it. When I told someone this story, and it is one I have shared often, she was furious. “I would have given anything to have a chance like that,” she said, “I cannot believe you would be so disrespectful of this opportunity.”  But it wasn’t about disrespect, it was more about not understanding the call to serve because I had illusions and expectations about it and within that context I was not interested.

I thought the call to serve meant you had to be very ‘spiritual’ and follow spiritual teachings.

I thought the call to serve meant abandoning the life and lifestyle I had created for myself and becoming a guru (which I did not want to do).

I thought the call to serve meant that I no longer had control over my life.

I thought the call to serve meant that I lost my own voice and had to become the voice of those who required my service.

And this is why I decided that the call to serve was not for me and I refused. But while many people believe these things none of them are true. The call to serve is an invitation to expand your gifts, talents, and abilities into a higher aspect, to allow your light to shine more brightly, to become a beacon of light, and to be willing to shine.

At the beginning of this journey, in 2003, I thought that Uriel had chosen poorly when he chose me because I wasn’t willing to abandon my nature, voice, and principles for a more spiritual path. But I did not have to do any of these things and as I later learned, it was because of my ability to be grounded firmly in my own convictions that I could serve in the capacity I was asked to.

This is another aspect of my work that is also necessary because as a channel for Archangel Uriel, who is guardian of the 4D bridge and of the ascension process, I have to be grounded in both worlds, physical and spiritual, because that’s our mission – to create heaven on earth. I always say that ascension is “an integration, not a takeover. We are not removing the earth so heaven can take over, we are integrating 3D and 5D, bringing in spiritual energy to lift and raise the frequency and vibration of the earth and of humanity.”

So in m particular call to serve I have to be grounded very firmly in a 3D reality while also being able to access and integrate 5D energy. That is something I can do and I have done all my life. It is also the only path I can do authentically and am comfortable with. And that’s another thing to remember about your call to serve, it will always align with your own authenticity and with your energy.

What does your call to serve look like? It may be something you are doing right now or if not, it may be embodied in that new job you’re thinking about, the move to a new area you want to make, the book you want to write, the business you want to start, or the new hobby you are drawn to. It maybe found in business, law, politics, child care, or in any industry in which you are drawn to work or are inspired by.

We often miss the call to serve because we are looking for the most spiritual path instead of looking for the one that brings us the most joy. Our new spiritual path has to be grounded in joy, this is the energy of 5D. When we stop focusing on how spiritual we believe that call must be and instead, focus on the joy hints that our soul is sending our way, that is where our call will manifest.

Our belief that the spiritual path involves suffering, heartache, and pain is so old school. That may have been true when we began our spiritual path but it is not true any longer. With our new 5D integration we need to be open to receiving joy and you can’t have joy when you’re crying your eyes out. Our new call to serve is grounded in joy and we must demand it, insist on it, be open to having it, and see it as the only path we are willing to take.

Answer the call to serve that comes to you and don’t judge it on the basis of whether it is spiritual enough, demands enough sacrifice from you, or fulfills some healing obligation. All of those paths are now closed to us and we must seek the most joyful path, the path of greatest fulfillment, and the path of greatest reward. Because the call to serve is not a one way street, In it we must be willing to give and to receive. We cannot serve in any competent capacity when our own inner light has burned out. Each of us has a well of joy that we need to fill our cups from and that is part of our call to serve.

The call to serve is a service to ascension, to the 3D/5D integration work, and it is a sacred calling.  You never know when your call to serve will come, where your call may lead you or how it will change your life and path. You do not know the full extent of your soul mission until you get the call to serve and your soul is ready to help you answer it. 

Shine on, we’re all part of the great awakening, the shift from consciousness to awareness, from the control, domination, separation, and competition of the 3D paradigm to the creativity, collaboration, connection, and freedom of the 5D paradigm.

And each of us will receive a call to serve at the right time and we will know what to do and how to shine and joy will be our beacon and our reward.


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