with the strategies, tactics, systems, and standards

and the clarity, confidence, and spirit you need

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THE business training program for Determined Entrepreneurs to create a strong foundation for your business using trademark systems taught by a business expert (with business degrees and experience) who provides reality-based, rational business advice, resources, and training for all stages of business – from start-up to re-start to growth to expanding empires.

Our unique business training focuses on strategy and success, tools and tactics, marketing and management, profits and processes that you can use right away to start making money.  Our dual channel Strategy + Soul training ensures you are authentic and aligned with your mission, message, and purpose. And our trademark profit, cashflow, marketing and sales systems are designed to be easy to understand, use, and implement.

And our 90 Day QuickStart™ + FAST ACTION platform gives you a head start to creating cash flow in your business so you ‘earn as you learn’.

Whether you are starting your business, you need to re-start or refresh an existing business, or you are looking for concierge-level, customized coaching for your successful high 6 or 7 figure business we have a solution for you! All of our business programs, training, and coaching center on our flagship GPS FOUNDATION™ integrated business training and  include our trademark business models, such the GPS Strategy + Soul Synergy™, Congruent Business Model™, the Compounded Revenue Process™, and the Profit Platform™.

EZ Course Creation Program


Get the best on-line course training program available with 8 modules and 3 months of support, training, guidance, and information on everything you need to create, sell, and teach your course.

Taught by Jennifer Hoffman, the only expert business coach whose trademark systems are designed for every business type, from startups to established firms. Get the best training from the best trainer and get your course online now.  3+ calls every week, motivational support, downloads, and lifetime availability. 

When I started my business 16 years ago there was no social media, no online courses, no video training options. The internet was a new  frontier and it was not very popular or trusted as a resource for learning or information.

BUT things have changed and customers now want and expect online courses. The online training industry is booming and you need to be part of it.

There are many programs available today and some are very expensive, costing thousands of dollars. But are they any good?

I have looked at many of these programs and their focus is on not on course creation, it is on marketing and list building, or attracting ‘high value clients’ and creating ‘high ticket’ (read: expensive) programs. No one needs that right now.

If the shutdowns have impacted your business and you need to get online then my EZ Course Creation Program is for you.

You’ll get real business information, taught by a real business expert, that will have you up and ready to offer your course quickly. And you can use this strategy to create as many courses as you want.

Here what you receive in the EZ Course Creation Program:

 8 modules that cover every aspect of course creation, from crafting your unique message to launching your course and support for you when you teach your course

  Resources for all of the technology and tools you will need, some of it free, and how to use it

  Business strategy and hands on, step by step guidance to help you implement quickly (you can get this done in a WEEK) and start making money

   Mindset and wealthset tools from the world’s most celebrated self awareness teacher to keep you inspired and motivated

  How to teach your course – techniques, tools, and directions on how to teach your course and interact with your students

The Business Foundation

The GPS Business Academy Foundation Program is a comprehensive, integrated business training™program that delivers the full spectrum of business know-how, designed by a business expert for entrepreneurs. Combines strategy, tactics, mindset, and our trademark synergy of Strategy+Soul training, with a focus on profit building through our Congruent Business Model™ so you build a foundation for a profitable, sustainable business, with hands on support, coaching, and community interaction. Our unique systems, methods, and formats PLUS Jennifer’s leading wealthset, awareness, and congruence work,with her unique intuitive advantage, are part of her Synergy of Strategy + Soul platform for wholeness and fulfillment in life and business.

GPS Growth MasterMind

You’re in GROWTH mode when you are ready to move beyond $250K plus and need coaching and strategies to step into the next level of profits, service, and connections. The GPS Growth Mastermind is a Business Growth Generator builds on the GPS FOUNDATION platform and adds the expertise, training, and coaching you need to make strategic expansion into new levels of business without cash flow interruption or alienating your existing customer base by expanding your POI and becoming a leader in your industry. We focus on creating efficiency, effectiveness, and results in your sales, marketing, and communications, with an emphasis on short and long term growth, process management, and cash flow generation.


With $400K+ in revenues you are ready to branch out into new avenues of business and step onto the world stage. You are confident, secure, and you are ready to become an influencer, attract new audiences, and branch out into new lines of business. This program expands the GPS FOUNDATION platform, features concierge level guidance, custom business and process systems, and Jennifer’s unique intuitive edge to help you stay on top of your game while reach for new plateaus of profit and presence.  The GPS Empire Master Mind is by application only.

Dual Channels of Strategy and Soul

Jennifer is the world’s leading authority and expert in soul alignment, energy congruence, and creating synergy between self and soul. 
In  your daily life that translates into expressing your energetic sovereignty with solid intentions, strong energy boundaries, clarity and unshakeable confidence so your life is a dynamic from from intention to creation, an unfolding joyful, joy-filled translation of your highest potential into your reality.

In business, that translates into ensuring that your business strategy is thoughtfully aligned and interwoven with your soul path, revealing what makes you feel authentic and fulfilled so your presence is aligned with your purpose, your goals and gifts resonate with your message, and your soul and success are masterfully balanced between serving your audience and customers and achieving plentiful abundance. 

Ensuring these two channels are aligned and operating in harmony is part of Jennifer’s trademark High Vibes Wealth™ training, which is an integral component of all of her coaching and teaching. And in Jennifer’s trademark GPS life and business training, your strategic training is always balanced with a soul perspective as you have the benefit of soul training with the world’s leading expert in soul alignment who also provides an intuitive advantage to every aspect of your work together. 

Jennifer Hoffman – The Profit Platform Expert

Jennifer Hoffman is the undisputed expert at business startup, growth, and expansion and unique in providing an unmatched level of expertise, experience, and education in business, finance, and technology. During her 25 year career as a business and technology expert in the corporate world, she managed multi-million dollar projects in technology, finance, process management, and software systems, for a range of business types, from startups to fortune 50 companies. Jennifer has degrees in finance, economics, and business administration and is a globally recognized expert in systems development, implementation, management, and efficiency.

Her reputation as the world’s most accurate intuitive gives her a unique ‘intuitive advantage’ in coaching and she has been the leader in the self awareness movement since 2004. Jennifer is the founder of the ‘Becoming 360 energy congruence’ platform, the ‘energy boundaries’ system, and is a trusted resource by her millions of loyal fans, readers, students, and clients. She is known for her ability to hone in on a client’s most pressing problems and provide highly accurate solutions. Her work on energy intention, alignment, and integration is unparalleled in the industry.

Jennifer’s insights and writings have been read and shared by millions and her blog proudly hosts a global audience of over 5 million avid readers every week.

With a rare combination of business intelligence and intuitive savvy, Jennifer has been a featured expert in on and offline publications on business and spiritual topics, produces the world’s top blog and podcast, and is the author of 8 best selling books.

Jennifer is widely known as the Doyenne of Determination, the Profit Platform Pundit, the Energy Congruence expert, the Energy Boundaries Evangelist, and the source of inspiration for millions who seek self awareness, empowerment, fulfillment, and joy in their lives, as well as integration of the Strategy + Soul Synergy process for High Vibes Living® .

Are you ready to coach with the world’s best business expert
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  • Do you want to start a business and don’t know how to begin?
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  • Does running your business take all of your time and energy?
  • Do you have the skills to create products that will expand your revenues?
  • Do you know how to run your business efficiently, profitably, and productively?
  • Do you have a powerful message to share and have no idea where to start?

Schedule a 30 minute Strategy Session with Jennifer to see which of our solutions will meet your needs.

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