In the recent video series on beliefs I talked about how they are so important in creating our reality because our reality is created by our belief system. You can find the previous videos at this link. More important than thoughts, words, or actions, beliefs generate the energetic frequency and vibration that we use to create our reality. When those beliefs are grounded in experiences of judgment, criticism, disrespect, and abuse from others, we believe it’s our fault, we shame ourselves and then use that energy to create a shame-based reality.

Since our belief system is a combination of what we have experienced in past lives and our experiences in this lifetime, we have a lot of energetic material to work with. Unless we are very aware of what our beliefs are, they are continuously creating a reality for us that we may not be very happy with. This is especially true when our beliefs are based on shame, from the past or the present, whether that is from us being shamed by others, or us shaming ourselves.

When we deal with people who are never satisfied with what we do, tell us that we’re never good enough, they’re always criticizing us, or we can never get their approval, we believe that it is our fault. Then we shame ourselves, believing that we were not good, smart, or talented enough to gain approval, respect, praise, and love. Even though this is not true, we believe it is. So we go through life shaming ourselves for never being right, good, or perfect. And our life reflects that shame.

Although beliefs are based on real experience, no belief is permanent unless we refuse to change it, even those that are based on our most traumatic experiences. A belief is true as long as we agree with it and allow it to be true. Once we decide to use a new truth as our belief foundation, new potentials can unfold because we have changed our energetic foundation.

As you watch the video think about your shame-based beliefs.

Do you have any beliefs that are based in shame?

How do they limit your life?

What is possible if you no longer use the energy of your shame-based beliefs to create your reality?

What does your shame-free reality look like?

Beliefs are the source of your thoughts, words, and actions. They are the energy we manifest from so if their energy is of sadness, disempowerment, trauma, and shame, we can’t manifest wonderful, joyful, fulfilling realities we wish we had. Spend less time worry about your life purpose, getting things right, being perfect, or being ‘good enough’. Go straight to your beliefs when you want to create change and when you turn disempowering, shame-based beliefs into their more empowered, high frequency, high vibe aspects, you can create the joyful and joy-filled reality you enjoy.



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