Why isn’t the journey from intention to outcome easier? We set powerful intentions and then expect an immediate shift into a new frequency and reality but that does not happen. Instead, we have to work hard as we go back and forth from the old reality to the new as the past pops up again and again. Didn’t we already take care of those things? Why are we having to deal with them again? It’s because an intention to create a new reality exposes the energy gaps in our old reality that we have to heal (which means completion and closure) before we can raise our vibe to take the next step into new levels of congruence and harmonious energy flow.

This process of going back and forth from new to old and back again can be very frustrating but it has a purpose. As soon as we dis-integrate our old reality because we have run out of energy road and we want something new to happen, all of our limiters, blocks, and fears arise. They were always there but we have learned to live with them. Instead of dealing with them at the time, we use duct tape (see the reference in the video) to hold our 360 degree reality together.

This works for a while until we are really ready for a change, then everything falls apart and at the same time that our intention moves us into a new 360 pathway and energy frequency, our healing takes us back down to recapture our energy being held hostage by our fears in our old reality.

We need all of our energy resources for a new level of ‘becoming 360’ once the old paradigm is no longer right for us. And we will eventually get there but going faster isn’t an option either because the new path is not straight and smooth – it is filled with gaps, each one representing an area of healing we need to finish before we move onto the next one.

When is it over and how do we know? While that is a question we like to ask and always want an answer for, it’s a difficult question to answer. As we take each step into a new reality we move into a new level of congruence that leads into the next one. It’s easier if we do not look for the ‘end’ but instead, consider the intention we set and the outcome it leads us to because as we approach the outcome sometimes a new, more fulfilling option approaches and we go off in a new direction.

This is a journey of 360 expansion, it is not linear. So instead of looking towards a far away horizon, try looking up and all around you, to see where you can spread your wings and soar.

 The video below explains this in greater detail, with props. Enjoy!


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