Well friends, we are out of the jumbled July energy and moving into August. If you thought the last few days of July were a challenge, they were. I wrote about it on Facebook (you can follow my account here). But the fun never ends on our ascension journey and August is a new adventure and a new vibe. We have a lot of things happening this month including some unusual and historic energy aspects, as well as the usual twist on the ongoing 3D/5D ascension integration.

August is the month of Leo, the lion, king of the jungle. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun and it’s our invitation to shine as brightly as the star which provides us with life giving warmth, light, and energy. So roll out the red carpet, put on your mantle of energetic sovereignty, and prepare for an adventure into new frontiers. It’s going to be a hot one and I’m not just talking about the weather. It’s all explained in this week’s newsletter article and podcast, the August Energy Report.

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Welcome to August, the 8th month of the year and this month is full of surprises and new opportunities to expand our energetic sovereignty. Just remember that this doesn’t mean you can change the world, it means that you can use the energy to change your world. Our life path is created by the interaction of our thoughts, beliefs, actions and intention. If you’re not living a life you love August energy may provide the clarity, confidence, and creativity you need to make course corrections. This month’s themes are energetic sovereignty, venerability, eminence, and majesty. In July we were at the starting line, this month we get to plot our course to the finish line.

August is a month with a 13 and 4 vibration which implies stability, planning, and covering all of the bases. How many bases does a baseball player have to cover after hitting the ball to make a run? Four and all of the bases have to actually be touched on his way around the field, no skipping or it doesn’t count. What does this have to do with August energy? Well, we have a tendency to want to take shortcuts and skip over the hard bits and this isn’t the month to do that. In fact some of the choices we have to make will be the kind we don’t want to think about but we have to do them anyway.

You may be faced with some ‘do over’ choices in August, things you have put off in the  past or have avoided until now. These choices often have other consequences, connections, and involve multiple layers of transformation. They ripple out into many areas of our life, some of which we don’t want to have disturbed. But they will be because those are the choices that are creating that stuck, anxious, cloudy, and unsettled feeling.

What types of choices am I talking about? You may think it’s the choice to ‘let go of everything and see what happens’. Not at all. It’s the choice to be free, to live in joy, to have freedom of intention, alignment, and manifestation, to stop trying to make everyone happy, to stop being blocked by your fear of guilt and shame. If you remove those elements from your choices, the choice you want becomes clear and the decision is obvious.

Here’s a new choice strategy for you – make a choice for the energy you want in your life and then see what ripples out into your life and all of your connections.

And in a month whose name means venerable, eminent, and majestic, we are inspired to make empowered choices in our lives.

How can you embody venerability – being worthy of honor and respect? Remember my energy affirmation that so many millions of you have used to bring this energy into your lives – everyone in my life loves, honors, and respects me. You do not need to prove to anyone that you are worthy of respect, you need to be connected to people who respect you because you are worthy of it.

How can you embody eminence – being noteworthy or standing out? Does your light shine as brightly as it could? Is your vibe as high as it could be? You are a spark of divine light – remember that.

How can you embody majesty – the uniqueness that is your divine birthright? Majesty doesn’t refer to royalty here, it refers to greatness, splendor, being magnificent. Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon, the Alps, or the Rocky Mountains? If so, you have experienced magnificence.

We believe that we must release what makes us unhappy to be happy and free but how can we identify what those are? We have been living with them for a long time and probably adopted those beliefs, habits, and energy patterns from our parents and grandparents.

They represent our core beliefs and energy habits. What we need to do instead is make the choice to be happy and free and then see what can no longer be supported in our life after our energy shifts and that will probably appear fairly quickly.

Everything in our life is supported by our frequency and vibration so changing that will also change the connections.

In August we have several big energy aspects supporting change and our ongoing 3D/5D ascension integration path:

The Lion’s Gate of August 8 is also supported by a lovely new moon at 16 Leo. Now this is important because of the Alpha/Omega portal we’re in right now, which began on July 23 with the full moon at 1 Aquarius and ends on August 22 with the full moon at 28 Aquarius. This is a rare event and an opportunity to make some rapid shifts in our own timelines and life paths. Did you see my webinar on the Alpha Omega Freedom Portal? You can sign up to watch the replay here.

With a new moon on the 8:8 lion’s gate and it’s at the midpoint in the Alpha Omega Portal, this is not an ordinary Lion’s Gate at all. It is one that encourages us to look beyond the obvious and our perceived limitations and take on the mantle of energetic sovereignty and to be majestic in our lives.

And with the Sun and Moon in a strong square to Uranus, also highlighting the year’s ongoing Saturn/Uranus square, we have all of the support we need to start chiseling away at the limitations, blocks, and fears that have allowed our dreams and goals to stagnate.

If you remember from my 2021 predictions I said that the major theme of 2021 was energetic sovereignty. And everyone said oh great, we’re going to be empowered and sovereign and get to do everything we want without any limitations or blocks or barriers. And then we descended into the chaos of the 3D/5D ascension paradigm as we have seen so far this year. In fact, it appears to be getting worse, not better.

If we are going to embrace energetic sovereignty then we need to make a choice between it and its opposite energy, which is subjection. Do we control our energy or do we let someone else control it? This is the ultimate battle we’re facing, which is more than the battle between good and evil or even the light and the dark, it’s the battle between energetic sovereignty, our divine birthright and our 5D energy path, or energetic subjugation, or the domination and control which are the hallmark energies of the 3D paradigm.

This is the choice we must make now and given the support we have in August, the victory is weighed in our favor.

But we’re not finished with August energy – there is much more.

On August 22, 2021 we have the other end of the Alpha Omega  Freedom Portal, the full moon at 29 Aquarius moon and 29 Leo Sun, which also activates the August 21, 2017 new moon and eclipse at 28 Leo. These two lunar  events are within 1 degree of each other and that’s significant.

The 2017 eclipse was called the Great American Eclipse because its path covered most of the continental US. I remember another eclipse that was visible in the US in the early 1990s and I remember it because I was working in Houston, Texas and we went to the roof of the building to see the eclipse. It was nearly total and was quite amazing to see the city get dark at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Those of you born from 1954 to 1962 have Pluto in late Leo (or very early Virgo) and the August 22, 2021 full moon is your ticket to freedom because it exactly conjuncts your natal Pluto.

You are the early light workers and light beacons, the early Indigos and energy pioneers. You came here with an energy signature that would be needed now but that you had to hold up until it could be shared.

Your path has been long, lonely, challenging, and at times unbearable. You have been misunderstood, ignored, undervalued, and not supported. You were the ‘different’ one, the black sheep of the family, the one whose light didn’t resonate and whose energy just didn’t fit in.

If you were wondering when your efforts would be rewarded, when your vindication would arrive, it’s here. The Alpha Omega Freedom portal is your ticket to freedom, and is activating your natal Pluto, representing profound transformation. Think about it – how much transformation has been going on in your life since 2017? Have you lost friends, stopped speaking to family, been criticized and judged for your views, opinions, and beliefs?

Eclipse energy resonates for a long time and when an exact eclipse degree is activated, it brings that energy forward. This one is particularly powerful for the early Indigos and energy pioneers and the generation that started the Indigo energy revolution. Your freedom bell is ringing – make the most of it.

If you’re still feeling a little ungrounded at the beginning of August, it may be the result of 4 planets changing signs at the end of July. We had a tough last week and that energy is still hanging around the first week of August. It’s a busy month and there is a lot going on. We’re in the heat of the 3D/5D integration and we are fighting the battle of the ages. It’s all happening and in this month where freedom is our keyword, it’s time to put down the sword of healing and pick up the mantle of energetic sovereignty.

Roll out your red carpet, muster up all of the eminence, majesty, and venerability you can, decide whether you are going to be sovereign or subjugated, and choose freedom for yourself. Use the energy of this powerful month to cross the finish line into your paradigm of joy. Have a wonderful  month.


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