August is here and we get a small break from the roller coaster energy of July. August’s themes are action, alignment, and awareness – you could call this your A-list as you use this month’s energy to explore new potentials that have opened up with July’s eclipses. The choices we made in July come to fruition in August. There is still heavy energy activity and one more eclipse in the cycle but overall, it’s a great month to consider implementing any changes you have been considering and taking your first steps towards them. We are creating new 5D timelines that are acting as 3D disruptors and separating from 3D density, it’s all part of the ongoing opportunity to choose our energy path.

The first aspect of August is the name, which is derived from the Roman word ‘augustus’ which means sacred, magnificent, and noble. Roman emperors’ names included ‘Augustus’ as a mark of honor and to describe their power and omnipotence. It’s also the month of Leo, the lion, king of the jungle and ruled by the sun, our bright star whose light is essential to life on the planet. Consider all of this to understand why this is such a pivotal month in a mastery year.

August is also the 8 month of the year. In this 11 year the overall energy of this month is a 10 or 1, beginnings and fresh starts. July’s 9 energy was all about endings and completion, which is why it was so tough and the eclipses were quite challenging. We have a 9 year every 9 years, so think back to 2009 to see what has been completing for you.

Now let’s talk about choices and the energies of August because this is where ‘the wheat gets separated from the chaff’, to quote the Bible. The wheat is the part that is edible, the chaff is the inedible hard shell that is thrown away. The choices we made in July, whether they were conscious or unconscious, revealed whether we are ready for the next steps and new potentials that August will contain. And whether we are or not doesn’t matter, it is a reflection on our own journey, energetic frequency, where we are on our ascension path, and our soul mission.

If you had experiences similar to mine, you saw that in the way people interpreted your words and actions to suit their belief systems. When they didn’t mesh, you were attacked because your beliefs were different. This is an example of the turning point and the 5D timelines that represent fully integrated 3D/5D energy that can no longer co-exist with the dense 3D energy. This separates out in August and it means that we have to become greater light beacons and examples of the light as we turn towards our own joy and fulfillment and let others use the tools and information we have shared with them to decide what they want to do. We cannot be fulfilled when we are trying to live in someone else’s comfort zone.

If you struggled with July’s eclipses there is one more in August, a new moon solar eclipse on the 11th which expresses the 5D energy of Aquarius, with a theme of  community, cooperation, and connection. We’re coming together as the collective family of humanity as we focus on the kind of world we want to live in. Everyone wants the same basic things, to have a good life, raise their children, to be happy, and to live in peace. This is the 5D Leo/Aquarius theme and it’s no longer a passing thought, it has become a global demand that is being shared and promoted by everyone around the world thanks to the connection and reach afforded by the internet and social media.

This is the end of the sovereign or ruler, and the beginning of sovereignty, where we are self ruling and self aware. Energetic sovereignty, being in full control of the flows and movement of our own energy, is our objective and we are working towards that with great success. We do not want or need to be controlled or manipulated, which happens when we give our power to others. We can co-exist in peace and harmony now, to create the joy-filled, peaceful world we want to live in.

Mercury is retrograde all month, so watch those communications, travel delays, and even lost items. I lost my keys last weekend and they suddenly turned up today, in a place where I know I did not put them. I’m not asking any questions because I am glad to have my keys back but it was a reminder to me to pay attention to where I put important items. It goes direct on the 17th, while the shadow period extends to September 2.

As I mentioned in last month’s Energy Report, Mars is still retrograde and goes direct at the end of August. This happens every 2 years but it can have a damping effect on our plans and energy, a little like trying to drive your car with the emergency brake on. It still moves but not as smoothly as it does when the brake is not engaged. If you’re an Aries you will feel this the most because Mars rules your sign but it impacts everyone, especially since Mercury is also retrograde at the same time. We can take considered action in these times, paying attention to how our actions fit within our intentions and the desired outcomes we have for our lives.

In so much of our lives and actions we tend to live on autopilot, not paying close attention to what is happening until we do something like misplace our keys or an important letter or email gets lost, or we forget an appointment. Then we have to re-consider our actions and pay attention to what we are doing. That is the blessing of Mercury retrograde although it can create quite a lot of chaos and disruption.

With all of the focus on corruption in government lately, and other vile acts committed against people and especially children by the secret groups in power, what happens in the next few months and especially when Pluto goes direct in October is going to be a major turning point. This will culminate in the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 but that energy is building now. When the will of the people and spiritual principles that govern the foundation of humanity are usurped by power, corruption, domination, and greed, the days of reckoning eventually arrive and hard truths must be revealed and acknowledged so they can be changed. Be aware of what you hear about in coming months, as it may be quite shocking.

Also, when Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagittarius, in November, truth bombs are going to fly. Spiritual awareness and corruption cannot occupy the same energetic space. As we become more spiritually aware we reject what is not aligned with higher frequencies. We are also becoming multi-dimensional as we move from polarity to duality, from separation to connection, and from competition to collaboration, community, and cooperation.

This is why our choices are so important now and the August turning point is an energetic accounting of where we choose to stand, what we align with, what our intentions are, what we choose to be aware of, and most importantly, what we commit to in our own lives. We cannot receive energy of a higher frequency than we can embody within our belief system. This message will be repeated through the rest of 2018.

There are many beneficial aspects to the month of August, just remember that beneficial doesn’t always mean good, easy, or fun. What expands our awareness and allows us to increase our energetic capacity is beneficial, and that can sometimes arrive in the form of difficult information that challenges our existing beliefs to the core. It doesn’t mean that what we have done until this moment was wrong but it’s time for a re-think and to consider making some changes.

The best way to use the ‘august’ energies of August is to set daily intentions about the kind of energy you want in your life, how you want your reality to be, and put your energy towards those outcomes. Don’t get distracted by what others do or say, stay in your own energy lane. The infinite energy of the symbol for the number 8 has to be bounded by intention otherwise it gets scattered in non-useful directions. These are powerful times and the ascension cycle is upleveling everyone to new heights of awareness so we can embrace our divinity within every cell of our humanity and learn to soar gracefully into new energies and potentials.


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