What do you think of when you hear the word destiny? Do you think of the things you must do, should do, the obligations you have to others, the fight for your energetic freedom, and the challenging people in your life? Do you wish you had a path out of the density of destiny and into something more fulfilling, where you had control, and where you felt that you were choosing your life path? A few weeks ago I wrote about how we could turn our search for a life purpose into an expanded expression of our potential.

And I believe that we can do that with our destiny – it’s time to ascend our destiny so our life mirrors the new potential, freedom, and joy of our ascension path.

A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts about how our 3D/5D ascension integration compels us to redefine our ‘life purpose’. Instead of a search for purpose, our focus must now become a personal intention for accessing our potential so we are not constantly looking for validation of our being-ness and instead, celebrating our creative power and abilities. There is another aspect of our 3D life journey that is equally troubling and difficult and that is the topic of destiny, which is described as the fated path our lives will follow and we’re not in control of how that unfolds.

But what if we are.

What if our ability to turn our search for purpose into an alignment with a new potential also includes turning our fated destiny in an ascended process that shifts the destiny path into something more fulfilling and joyful?

Let’s look at the density of destiny and see how we can turn it into something more purposeful, intentional, and aligned with our ascension path into 5D living.

What is our destiny? We know that it is closely aligned with our karma, the ongoing journey of retribution and atonement that we undertake with each lifetime. It is a never ending cycle of I did/you did in our attempt to get others to embrace the light and raise their frequency or to make up for the pain we believe we have caused them.

Within our karmic journey are stories of abandonment, betrayal, unrequited love, unrepentant cruelty, and our desire for validation, vindication, and victory for the light. It is a heroic battle but one that we can never and will never win, as we define winning and victory.

Destiny is our life path; it is the life instructions we are born with which also determines our mother, father, family, and every other aspect of our life at birth. Destiny doesn’t start when we’re 18 years old or when we are born. We make those choices when we choose to be born, the moment our spark of light touches the earth plane.

If we look at our life through the lens of destiny it is a rather depressing and limited perspective. Our life becomes an effort to overcome what we believe we cannot change – the need to atone for what we believe we may have done or vindicate what was done to us without ever moving beyond that as a life purpose.

We have long believed that destiny is tied to our purpose and they are not changeable. Destiny and purpose are our mission in life and we must continue along that path because it is our punishment for the karmic lessons we have created. Is life really all about suffering or atoning for things that we have done in the past? Is the density of destiny all we can expect in any lifetime? It can be but remember we’re on the ascension path now so there are other options.

As soon as we cross from 3D and set foot on the 4D bridge we reject the density of destiny and give ourselves new and more fulfilling options. Do we dare assume that we can cast off karma’s dark cloak and seek new pathways for ourselves? Of course we can.

The belief that we are unable to move out of destiny’s path is a 3D construct and it is based on the limitations of energy expansion in the 3D paradigm. As you have heard me say, 3D is a closed system and its predominant energies are power, domination, competition, control over, and separation. But as soon as we allow light to enter that paradigm we have a new light and energy integrated system that brings in new choices, potentials, and areas of alignment.

Here is our choice – we can be aligned with destiny and density (notice how those two words are similar) or we can be aligned with potential and creation and the higher frequencies of 5D which include creation.

We can manifest our lives along the path of destiny, always having to atone for our wrongs and experiencing the lessons of the path with new faces but the same energetic spaces, or we can refuse to participate in that and create a new path of potential.

We can continue to punish ourselves for others’ choices for density or let them enjoy their choices and move on into a newly manifested path of creative potential.

We can believe that our karma is fulfilled when we turn everyone into light beacons or we can reject our self imposed misery from an unattainable life purpose and decide to give ourselves other options.

We are ascending every other part of our life path, why can’t we ascend our destiny too or view destiny as being included in our ascension path.

Isn’t every other part of our life, including those relationships which are part of our destiny path and karmic lessons, also being ascended? Is destiny off limits or have we just not thought about it yet?

Or is this the final piece of the ascension puzzle and all we have to do is choose a different path – creation instead of destiny and potential instead of purpose?

I believe it is time to think about ascending our destiny, to map out the destiny path that has kept us in karmic cycles and energy patterns with our soul groups and carve a doorway into those long, dark labyrinths of pain and suffering.

Everything else is ascending, why not our destiny?

If we look at destiny from the perspective of ascension it takes on a totally different look. WE begin to see signs of healing and completion instead of the endless revolutions of trying to bring light into density that is rejecting it.

Or trying to change a relationship that has been resisting change for many lifetimes.

Or trying to get vindication from someone who is never going to admit that we may be right and they may not be…

Or to have peace with someone who is determined to stay in battle mode with us.

This is where the density of destiny can become a choice for ascension if we are willing to release our need to change, transform, or heal someone. We believe that is our purpose and mission with them and that’s why we’re together. But often the lesson for us is to let go, we have to release the belief that we are in their life to change them and instead, that they are in our life to remind us of their energetic sovereignty, and for us to let them go.

Ascending our destiny does not mean that all of our destiny partners suddenly become healed and whole and join us in the light. It often means that we leave them to their own devices and seek out new potentials and purpose for ourselves. That we decide what our next steps are from our new 5D paradigm of creative intention and manifestation instead of the obligations of our destiny that lock us into healing cycles and karma.

We really do have a choice in this matter although we believe that we do not. Somehow we have adopted the belief that destiny is carved in a solid path that we must follow no matter what, no matter how much we do not like it, no matter how much we want something else. And it is not. Destiny is our 3D path and creation is our 5D path. We get to choose which one we are on but there are some restrictions on our choices

  1. With a choice for 5D creation over 3D destiny we have to let go of all of our healing contracts, commitments, promises, and obligations
  2. With a choice to release the density of destiny we have to be willing to release ourselves from all of our karmic obligations and karmic partners
  3. With a choice to ascend our destiny we have to recognize the energetic sovereignty of everyone in our life, including our family, partners, and children, and let them choose to continue on their karmic path n o matter how wrong we think that path may be.
  4. With a choice to forge a destiny-free path we have to be willing to access our potential portals and fully open ourselves to receiving the energy required for their manifestation
  5. And choosing 5D creation over 3D density is a choice for our energetic freedom over the enslavement of destiny’s never ending need to address present consequences of past actions.

How do you know you’re in a destiny cycle? If you are still dealing with difficult family members, have regrets over past relationships, feel that you should be helping others and feel guilty that you are not doing enough, can be shamed by your shame group, are still ‘working on yourself or your healing’ or are not happy with your life right now then you’re in a destiny cycle and the density is depressing your light and preventing you from accessing your potential.

It’s time to ascend your destiny and put it on the ascension path along with everything else that you are expending in your life.

If you are willing to let go of old karmic obligations, contracts, healing promises, atonement, and commitments to bring light to those who prefer to live in the dark, then you can ascend the density of your destiny into the bright light and high vibes of a 5D path of intentional empowered creative manifestation and live life on a dynamic path of expanding potential within the vibration of joy, congruence, and divine harmony instead of following the stone line rut of destiny and the endless search for validation, vindication, and acknowledgement for your efforts on behalf of others.

Ascend your destiny and live in the energy of miracles, mastery, and your highest potential.  


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