Was March exciting enough for you? We are now moving into April and this is the month everyone has been talking about since it’s featuring the total solar eclipse. Well, we have those fairly often and they are impressive but it isn’t the only exciting thing about April. There’s lots more happening for us in the days and weeks ahead and we will be talking about it in this month’s energy report.

If it feels like 3D is turning into Crazyville and things just get more insane and absurd every day, it’s part of the awakening.   It’s the dis-integration of 3D, the removal of the veil of density that we have been living with for centuries. As 5D energy pokes holes into 3D we begin to see what it is really all about. No more illusions or delusions, this is the real truth in front of us. But we have alternatives to Crazyville and that is our own path which is the best solution because we are the transformation agents – we are the ones who bring the light to allow ascension to happen. And we’ll have lots of opportunities for that in April.

This expansion, growth, and transformation will continue through the year so don’t think you have to do it all this month. Just get started and see what comes next. That’s the April Energy Report’s message.

It’s a new month and if you’re still wondering what happened in  March, you won’t have too much time to think about it because April is a new vibe with a lot of action even though the month starts with the beginning of another Mercury retrograde. Isn’t it interesting that 2024 started with the end of the last 2023 Mercury retrograde and Mercury retrograde is all about review, reconsider, release, restart, and let’s not forget rest and relax. We have a new month, a big eclipse, we’re already in the eclipse portal, and we are seeing ascension action all around us even if it does look very weird right now.

April is a 4 month in an 8 year so we have a 12 or 3 vibe (1+2=3) which is highly creative, communicative, and connected. 3 represents the divine trinity  body, mind, and spirit or human, higher self, and Source, the holy trinity in the Christian church is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And Nicola Tesla famously said ‘if you understand the significance of 3, 6, and 9 you understand the key to the universe.”   That may not happen in its entirety this month but we can make a good start.

The first gift of April is Mercury retrograde, which starts April 1. It’s in  Aries, which could be a real annoyance for all Aries or any action takers but we have Aries’ ruler Mars in Pisces, which creates an Alpha Omega portal and that is going to be a source of inspiration and not frustration and vexation. This will serve to slow us down so we can consider all options, take a 360 view of every situation, instead of just looking at what is right in front of us or trying to get away from what is chasing us, and not only consider multiple modes of action BUT also different potentials. If letting go is your option, do that. But if that is not your only option, then consider new and different potentials as a solution. It’s time to uplevel and rise up.

How many of you are creatures of habit, you do the same things in the same way all of the time, just like your parents or family did, and their parents and family before them did?. Do you remember my story about the grapefruit and how I did not know that it is possible to peel a grapefruit like an orange? I share it in the podcast and while it is about how a new way of eating grapefruit was revealed to me, but it’s more about what we don’t know because no one we know knows enough to know that there is a different way to be or to do things.

Mercury retrograde is also an opportunity for us to use our intuition, to refer to our inner guidance, and to give ourselves the energy, time, and space to reconsider, review, refer, renew, and relax when we’re faced with choices and decisions. Yes we generally have to re-do things done in Mercury retro but that’s usually because we get too hasty and we don’t listen to or heed the intuition warning signs that ask us to slow down and pause.

I had a similar experience during a Mercury retro, when I did not listen to my intuition. The only time I have ever missed a flight by arriving late to the airport was during a Mercury retrograde and although all of my intuition was telling me to cancel the trip and go home, I persevered in my true Aries way, waited 2 hours for the next flight and arrived at the event a little late but ready for action. Well, it turned out to be a disaster and I decided to not get involved in that partnership but I could have saved myself 3 days of absolute chaos and drama by heeding the message of missing the flight and cancelling my trip and my participation.

This Mercury retrograde and all of the Aries action this month is setting this period up as the  time to dig out your creativity and set some new plans for expressing your energy. Everyone has a creative talent, we just need to explore what it is and to boldly and fearlessly pursue it. Both of those energies, boldness and being fear free, are Aries qualities and that energy is overflowing this month.

Once we get past the Mercury retro at the beginning of the month, we move on to April 8, the date of the big total solar eclipse. Now we had this same eclipse on April 8, 2005 but the eclipse path was very narrow. This year’s eclipse has a very wide eclipse path and it is a  very long eclipse. Eclipses create portals to change and transformation and they’re quick, bold, decisive, with have a long window of activity. We can experience the effects of an eclipse 6 months to a year (or more) after the eclipse happens.

If Mercury retrograde can be compared to backtracking over a path, an eclipse can be compared to hitting a wall at speed. Don’t consider eclipses as bad because they are not. They bring needed change we have been avoiding, which could mean a sudden ending in a situation that we could not or would not allow to end, or a sudden change in circumstances like winning a lottery, that propels us into new levels of celebrity, fame, and fortune, and all of the issues that go with that kind of life event.

Eclipses do bring uncomfortable change and a rebalancing of situations that have long been out of balance. This is true on the personal and collective levels, and that includes societal and geopolitical levels too. If you’re wondering how we fix the Crazyville we see in the world, we’ll get some help from this eclipse.

One interesting thing about the April 8 2024 eclipse is the degree, 19 Aries, which is the Sabian symbol of the ‘magic carpet degree’. What does a magic carpet do? It flies far above the earth and gives you a bird’s eye view of the landscape below. This 50,000 foot view provides discernment, a new perspective, and a new choice point. It is not like seeing the end before we decide to engage in the process. It’s more like looking over the entire buffet table before we make our choices. If you like buffets, you know it’s not a good idea to fill your plate at the beginning of the buffet line because you won’t have any room on your plate when you get to the things you really like and want to have.

The magic carpet degree can also represent illusion, delusion, and being taken for a ride, which is a saying that means to take advantage of or to manipulate someone into believing that something is true when it is not true. I have long talked about the spiritual charlatans I see online, and there are many of them, who promise all kinds of healing, riches, and fame if you follow their methods, support their work, and take their expensive courses and programs. Many of them market their own glamorous lifestyle although I know of several who do not have that kind of life at all and who are really deceiving their audiences. If you can believe this, they rent homes and spaces in which to shoot their photos and then pretend that this is where they live. I was absolutely shocked to see proof of this but it’s true. All for fame, glory, and money.

I have already noticed quite a few of them are losing their audiences and marketing traction and this trend is going to continue. If you have not been inclined to use or share your gifts to a wider audience because you thought the market was saturated or you didn’t like the ethics, give this another round of consideration because the old 3D energy of this industry is rapidly changing and it’s time for some new energies to rise to the top and to get the acclaim and audiences that they deserve, without feeling like the industry has been taken over by unethical, dishonest, and untrustworthy people. They are out there but they are no longer as popular. Step up, now is a good time for you to begin.

I am going to make a prediction here because it’s an example of eclipses in action and this subject has bothered me for many years. Do you remember the so called banking crisis of 2008 and the ‘too big to fail’ propaganda that allowed billions of dollars to be given to banks that had thoroughly mismanaged their assets? Well that eclipse in April 2005, which is when this was all being created, comes around again, to the day and the degree on April 8, 2024. Let’s see how the banks do with this one.

Now I am not predicting a banking crisis but I am predicting some real truths about banks and some reckoning on the subject of banks literally emptying the US Treasury for their personal benefit. We were told that the banks repaid the money but I never saw evidence of any checks or deposits, did you?

And another prediction, one that has already partially come true, is in the real estate industry. Now you know I have been talking about the ridiculous and statistically impossible rise in housing prices over the past 4 to5 years and I’m a degreed economist with graduate level studies in statistics and quantitative analysis so I am qualified to make these observations.

I have said that house prices would go down and that the real estate market would be changing. Well the NAR lost a class action lawsuit that was initiated because the real estate industry was charging excessive commissions to customers, especially to sellers. Now they will have to refund those amounts and change how they do business. This is fundamentally going to change the real estate industry, especially how real estate agents get paid and will finally introduce commission negotiations that will help sellers reduce their selling costs.

Watch more changes happening in this industry and if you are a real estate agent I would take this situation as an opportunity to create a solid business relationship with a strong client base because you are going to see things change dramatically this year. If you have been dabbling in real estate for the occasional big double commission, I would find another line of work.

April’s theme is Resurrection and we ended March on Easter Sunday, the greatest celebration of Resurrection, and enter a month that is always associated with spring, the season of rebirth and renewal.  This is my favorite time of the year as the plants and flowers come out of their winter hibernation and burst forth with new growth. My lilacs are starting to bloom, the daffodils are already over, and the azaleas will be blooming soon. I do live in the south and spring comes early here.

In your personal life April is an invitation to resurrect and to re-birth but not trying to fix old problems with old ways. This is a ‘what you don’t know’ moment that invites you to stretch your awareness into the realm of the unknown – but not the impossible. Remember your field of potential contains your personal realm of potential and possibilities so you are not starting from zero, you are just reaching out to connect with new levels of potential that correspond to your new levels of energy, as you move from 3D limitation to 5D expansion.  You do not have to commit to anything right now, just be willing to have a new perspective and to try something new.

April also has a huge stellium (big group) of planets in Aries that eventually includes all of the personal planets, Chiron, plus the North Node,  supported by Pluto in Aquarius. Now Mars, Aries’ ruler, is in Pisces all month. Maybe someone forgot to give him the memo (just kidding here) but it is significant because one thing Aries is known for, and I am an Aries so I can speak from personal knowledge and experience, is going in different directions without assessing or considering the consequences.

Yes it can be one of the traits that makes Aries lives very interesting and at times very chaotic. But with Mars in Pisces Aries has a new perspective, a real magic carpet ride all month where they can get the overview of the terrain before they decide to consider their choices and to see all of the options and potentials before they commit.

With both Chiron, the wounded healer, and the North Node, representing our life path and soul mission, both in Aries close to or at the degree of the eclipse, we have a stellar opportunity for profound life transformation starting with taking a big look at our wounds and seeing which ones serve us and which ones we are ready to let go of and allow to heal and close. Chiron represents the wounds that never heal, the soul level trauma and grief that we hold on to for lifetimes.

This grief becomes our focus and we can never move beyond it because its release requires a level of healing that shifts our entire perspective and life purpose but without the fulfillment that we are seeking. It’s like we spend lifetimes chasing our own tail and at the same time, hoping we never catch it while also chasing it because we believe that once we catch it we will have all of the answers and the fulfillment and satisfaction, and closure, that we want.

This is not just for Aries though. Look at your astro chart to find where you have the Aries house and Mars and this is where that energy will affect you the most.

Now let’s move on to Resurrection, April’s energy theme. It is usually used in reference to coming back from the dead but it also means ‘to put back in use’ so we could resurrect our dreams, goals, plans, ideas, wishes, and miracles this month.

We can resurrect that part of ourselves that we had to put away because of life, family, people, things, and not having enough clarity or confidence to see them through.

We can resurrect that part of us that we put away to make others happy, when we dimmed our lights so we would not outshine someone, where we put aside what we wanted in service to what we thought was our karmic duty to them.

That’s over now. We no longer have to do that – you know that as I have been saying it for a long time. But even though the situation is over, we are still tethered to those old beliefs and the fear that if we step beyond certain boundaries that bad things will happen to us or to someone else. That is totally false.

We are no longer responsible for others’ outcomes, not that we have ever really been responsible for them but we have taken on that responsibility and carried it before us like a banner for lifetimes. Now we need to resurrect all of those aspects of ourselves that we thought or were told were inconvenient, uncomfortable, inappropriate, and totally unsuitable and prepare them for unveiling and launching in  April. It doesn’t have to be anything too bold or outrageous but we all have buried dreams and plans and this is the perfect time to bring them back out in to the open.

April hums along with a lot of big, bold energy and everything is happening in a very synchronized way. As 5D energy comes in to displace and uplevel 3D energy there is a very strong wave and trickle down effect that happens at the same time. So it’s a flow of energy that is bringing 5D in, displacing and upleveling 3D, flowing out what isn’t aligned with that transformation, then setting up the new levels of dark 3D density for more awareness and awakening. That is why everything looks so crazy and unbalanced now, because it is and it is part of the ascension cycle.

As soon as we step back from the illusion of 3D, we see the polarity and we can never look at 3D in the same way again. That creates an energy gap for more 5D energy and the cycle continues to move forward. Every element of 3D that is displaced and disintegrated is gone forever now, never to return. Every element of 5D energy that takes its place has an exponential effect on the energy around it.  So each step is not a plus one, it is more like a times 10 or 100 or 1000. It’s all happening now.

One thing that is going to jumpstart this ascension cycle in April is the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This is a rare aspect and it is going to figure prominently in the fulfillment of the predictions I made a few minutes ago. Taurus represents value, some say money but it is more about material comfort and indulgence. The opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio, known for self sabotage, resentment, death, and revenge. Put those together with the planet of expansion, Jupiter, and the planet of surprises and unexpected outcomes, Uranus, and who knows what can happen. In Taurus Uranus is in an environment that it dislikes – one that caters to the self indulgent, stubborn, single minded, unwilling to change, rather selfish and self centered. Taurus is in square (90 degrees) to Uranus rulership of Aquarius.

I think this is a good thing unless you’re someone who has been engaging, since April 2005, in selfish, inconsiderate, small minded, self indulgent, and rather dishonest acts like the vast population of global corporations and banking around the world. I think their swan song is playing, let’s see what happens when the vast numbers of the people of the world start ignoring them and creating their own paradigms against these tyrannical oligarchs.

We are already seeing that happening. Keep supporting your local farms, farmers, and ranchers. Learn to garden, learn to cook, bake, and preserve food. Support small businesses. We need to get back to good physical health and one way we do that is to stop eating the poison that is being marketed as food today. Upcycle your clothes and home goods instead of buying fast fashion and furniture. We have been a society of consumers long enough, now we can become creators – and that is a 5D energy.

And with the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction is the Scorpio full moon on April 23, which brings that Scorpio energy into the conjunction. While Scorpio tendencies can be overplayed, the energy combination at this time is going to add another layer of action in an already highly active energy period.  

And we end April with Mars ready to enter Aries, its sign of rulership just as all of the Aries action is over. But that is not a bad thing because Mars in Pisces while we had all of this Aries action did support a much more efficient and effective use of that Aries power which is significant but not as much when it is scattered and out of focus.

Key themes for April are resurrection, taking action, getting a new perspective, trying new things and most of all, making choices about our karma, life path, choices, and direction. We’re in strong transition mode right now and that means choices and decisions need to be made. Sometimes they are made for us, like when the person you are agonizing over leaving suddenly decides that it’s time for them to go. Or when you can’t decide when you are going to finally leave the job you dislike intensely and that is ruining your health and you get your notice that your job is over (don’t worry, that happened to me 6 times in 8 years).

Our decision to leave our karma partners is perhaps our toughest one because it is the reason we are here, it is the reason we chose our families, our life and lifestyle, where we were born, and every aspect of our life. And now we are being invited to  leave it all behind. Not because we have failed but because we have to choose between 3D and 5D, between karma and creation, between being stuck and limited or free and expansive, between polarity and duality. And everything else that happens in our life is going to hinge on this choice so consider your options and do what you feel is right and best for you right now. If it is to take advantage of April’s resurrection and expansion then go for it. If you’re not ready yet, then wait and let the Universe send you the signs and support that this is right for you.

It is definitely not time to wait until everything is over, done, and all lights are green before we take action. I know many of you, like me, have been through some challenging times in the past few years and life has not been easy. I have shared my health challenges with you and I went through several years of very tough times. I am surprised that I am still alive. But I am finally recovering and I should be fully mobile again, and healed, in April, or so my guides tell me.

As you are using April’s energy and theme of Resurrection to consider alternatives and options, remember that you have choices and you have other potentials and possibilities for your life. It is no longer going to be fulfilling or satisfying to continue with the old ways, to do things as we have always done, and we are going to want to consider new and different possibilities, delving into the new and previously unexplored territory of what we don’t know because nobody we know knows about it either.

Embrace the Aries pioneering spirit and be the first in your family, karma group, and soul group to explore and embrace new potentials and to create new possibilities for your life, including the possibility of success and fulfillment,, freedom of self expression, a new level of self awareness, and a karma free and joy filled life. Have a wonderful month.

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