April starts and ends with a new moon, 30 days to move from beginnings to endings to beginnings again. Its theme is ‘rise and shine’ – notice that the word ‘rise’ comes first. We can shine without rising but it is so much more effective to rise and shine our lights at a higher frequency and with a brighter light.

Another April theme is ‘repossession’ which is one step above the concept of ‘taking back’, it means to claim ownership. To possess something is to own it, so when we repossess our power, we are reclaiming what we own and bringing it back into our energy field and our reality. What do you need to repossess now? 

What aspects of your power have you given away, not claimed, let others borrow, use, or take? Your joy, peace of mind, heart, and spirit, your confidence, your self esteem?

April is a good month to repossess your energy. You’ll need it to take intentional, inspired action this month.


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As we begin another new month we can look back on the events of the year and wonder ‘what happened’. If you’re like me, the past two years were a washout, a blur of events and energies that put us and the world at a standstill.  It was a huge shock that was experienced by everyone and while we’re on the upswing we are not fully recovered yet. That will take some time and the action packed month of April is going to give us plenty of energy to make new choices, set off on new paths, embody our lessons and learning, and move farther along the ascension spiral.

This is a month for action but in the context of a spiritual initiation where we are going to be initiated into spirit, spiritual truths, and spirit filled living. Get ready for some blasts of Universal synchronicity, justice, self aware empowerment, and divine timing because that is what April is all about.

If you have been feeling like you’re living in two worlds, which is experiencing the multi-dimensional duality that is one of the side effects of the 5D integration into 3D, you’re going to feel more of that this month. With the strong spiritual energy of a huge Pisces presence and the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in effect all month, those who are highly spiritually evolved will be moving forward as those who are not will be awakening. This is why one of the aspects of April will be closure with a lot of the karmic and Martyred Healer work that so many of us have been doing. It will be time for us to move on from being the healer to others as we have our own work to do in the 5D energy space, while those who are awakening will find their own teachers.

April starts and ends with a new moon, 30 days to move from beginnings to endings to beginnings again. Its theme is ‘rise and shine’ – notice that the word ‘rise’ comes first. We can shine without rising but it is so much more effective to rise and shine our lights at a higher frequency and with a brighter light.

Another April theme is ‘repossession’ which is one step above the concept of ‘taking back’, it means to claim ownership. To possess something is to own it, so when we repossess our power, we are reclaiming what we own and bringing it back into our energy field and our reality. What do you need to repossess now?  What aspects of your power have you given away, not claimed, let others borrow, use, or take? Your joy, peace of mind, heart, and spirit, your confidence, your self esteem? April is a good month to repossess your energy. You’ll need it to take intentional, inspired action this month.

We will also experience rejection and rebalancing in relationships this month, a recalibration of our own energy, and how we use and share it. No more Martyred Healer pathways, it’s time for us to embrace, name, and claim our Empowered Mastery.  Rejection is a response to energetic misalignment. Did you consider that those who reject you are very aware that they are not energetically aligned with you?

We cannot help those who are not willing to be helped, who do not want our help, and who think we are being rude, overbearing, and imposing our will on them when we try. Listen to the podcast to hear my experience of this. It was a great lesson to me that it is not in my best interests to point out errors or inconsistencies that someone is making, even if it makes them look foolish, uneducated, and wrong.

We have moved from the 9 vibration of March 2022 to the 10 vibration of April 2022 and that’s a more comfortable place to be. Endings are never comfortable, as we much prefer the fun and newness of beginnings and want what is no longer fun or enjoyable to just go away, to disappear, and to fade from our lives. But as we know it doesn’t happen that way. Endings do not have to be uncomfortable but they do have to be intentional and unconditional. An ending is a confirmation that we have run out of energy road on that path and we want something else. It’s not a judgment, it is an affirmation of our readiness to move into a different energy frequency, space, and level.

In April we put the past behind us if we are ready to do that, thanks to the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. The spiritual is focused on the present that creates the future and while the past has a voice in that discussion, its voice cannot be the loudest one.  We think we have the opportunity to erase the past and start over but that does not happen. The past is a permanent, indelible part of our lives and our energy field. Every incident from the past creates an imprint in our energy field. We can let them imprint rule us or inspire us.

What we get is a fresh start, not a brand new beginning. The past is always with us and it serves an important purpose, to remind us of what we have already done and what happened before this moment. The past does not get wiped out of our memory banks, it is part of our energy field. But how much control and influence it has over our energy depends on the choices we consider and the decisions we make.

It’s not all party time and celebrations this month though. The new moon on April 1 was shining a strong light on Chiron, the Wounded Healer, representing the wounds we carry that never heal. This is a replay of the strong Chiron energy we had around 2010 through 2013 when Chiron was in late Aquarius and then early Pisces. If you remember at that time Chiron was in Aquarius with Neptune and the spiritual struggle was very real as we approached the 2012 milestones (well we thought they were milestones).

Chiron has always been an enigma and one of those silent sources of a lot of pain and suffering until we figure out what Chiron is trying to tell us.  Everyone has a Chiron return around age 48 to 52, which lasts about 2 years. It is a tough transit that challenges us in every way but when we come out of it we have a renewed sense of purpose and a new soul mission. That spiritual struggle comes full circle this month so let’s see what kind of global spiritual awakening happens with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction this month, which is exact on April 12.

In light of the other energy aspects this month having a spotlight on our wounds, wounding, and woundedness is huge. Not because we are supposed to double down and get the healing over with, but because we can use this as an opportunity to learn about our wounding and how we use our wounds. And this is the basis for April’s themes of Rise and Shine.

Did I just say ‘use our wounds’? I did and that was not an accident. Our wounds are areas of energy trauma from current and past life experiences in which we experienced an event that was so challenging or troublesome that it left an imprint on our energy field.  We carry this energy imprint in our soul energy so it follows us around until we learn how to deal with it.

Trauma does not have to arise from something truly awful. Someone telling you that you were ugly or fat in the third grade can destroy your confidence and cause you to doubt your appearance throughout your lifetime. Certainly energy trauma includes things like abandonment, abuse, rejection, betrayal, imprisonment, persecution, humiliation, etc., that leave strong trauma imprints but the kind of trauma is less important than the trauma imprint that we deal with. Unrequited love can be just as traumatic as persecution if you were truly vested in that relationship.

How do we use these wounds? When we use them to solidify our victimization we’re using them to get pity, vindication, revenge, or engage in self sabotage.

When we use them to succeed in spite of all odds and then we become a singularly focused ambition engine that allows us to justify a ‘winner takes all’ and the end justifies the means agenda. We use it to leapfrog over everyone else to become the best, number one, and the winner, as we’re using our wounds to prove something to ourselves because we feel inadequate and insecure due to the presence of our wounds although we would never tell anyone that.

I am going to make a very general statement here but it is very true – any time you see someone strongly defending their position, engaging in some kind of obsessive behavior, or being overly spiritual, they are acting through their wounds and their woundedness.

When we live through our wounds and seek a life purpose that heals them so we can move beyond suffering, we are focusing on the wound, not the healing and closure. The wounds will never close or be gone but we can remove our connection to them.

There is a missing element that must work together with our life purpose to create true ‘healing’. If not, this can create lifetimes of healing cycles where we’re focused on healing and never on being healed and whole. We seek relationships and situations to heal but because we’re using the same energy frequency and vibration, we do not have the energetic jump start we need to move beyond them. We cannot be at the frequency of our wounds to heal them – we need an energy injection from some source and we get it, from our soul.

We need to move beyond the energy of the trauma, this is the lesson of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. We can go through our lifetime feeling that we are stained with a trauma that defiles everything we do or we can acknowledge that the trauma is there to be healed, closed, and relegated to the past where it belongs. 

It is tempting to stay in victim mode when we have experienced strong energy trauma because we have been through hell and we want sympathy.  We are also a little leery of taking any risks and putting ourselves at risk of getting traumatized again and re-opening old wounds but that is not the only solution. All that does is set us on the path of looking for our life purpose, trying to find some vindication for our suffering so we can tell ourselves that it was worth it or has value or merit.

When we connect our life purpose of raising our energy frequency and vibration with our soul mission of healing our wounds and use our soul energy alignment to create that pathway guess what happens? We actually close our connection to the wounds (they stay in place) and we move ahead. Is that what we really want? While we say that if it happens to us we get stuck because we are accustomed to our wounds, we are not accustomed to being free of them.

That is going to be our Rise and Shine challenge in April, contemplating rising above the wounds and what freedom means to us. Freedom is an energetic state first, and a mental state second. We have to be in the energy of freedom before we can call ourselves free, feel free, and take action with the confidence of freedom.

To add another level of spiritual and energetic balance in the mix we have a lovely Libra full moon on April 16 and it is energizing every planet except Uranus and Mercury. Libra’s ruler is Venus and it’s in Pisces, which adds to the spiritual force of this month. There is a special relationship between Jupiter and Venus, especially when both are in Pisces. These are the benefactors of the zodiac, the miracle workers and blessings givers so it’s a great time to be open to receiving miracles, blessings, and the infinite benevolent abundance of the Universe.

And let’s not forget our second new moon in April which is also an eclipse, on April 30, at 10 Taurus aligning with our good, erratic friend Uranus with a surprise square to Mars. Eclipses expand and concentrate energy so it’s going to be electric and with a square to Mars, even a bit chaotic and possibly extreme. Keep your eyes on your path during that time because changes may happen quickly.

This is a highly spiritual month with a strong spiritual energy that we have not seen in a long time, at least since February 2010, when we had a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. This month we have that conjunction and we add Neptune to the mix, and Mars is in Pisces too. That is a lot of spiritual energy.

And for those of you interested in the astrological meaning, Venus is at its most powerful (or exalted) in Pisces. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the new ruler of Pisces. Mars is not exactly comfortable in Pisces (think fire sign in a water sign) but Pisces is the 12th sign and Mars rules the first sign so we have an Alpha Omega portal with Mars in Pisces, the beginning and end are connected in a perfect sphere of evolving creation, expansion, and ascension.

This is spiritual actualization, the movement from novice to master, establishing the synergy between our divinity and our humanity, learning to function within our multi-dimensional duality. We have been moving towards this for a long time, now we have arrived. Let’s see how it pans out. Typically, the spiritual awakening with this kind of Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (the previous one was in 1852) involves large populations, so this not an individual event although you may feel it individually, we are going to experience it as a global event.

In 1852 it was an interest in spirituality, spirits, and the ‘other world’. Now we are going to see an interest in energetic awareness, energetic sovereignty, and the perfected embodiment of our human divine connection. The veil has been gone for a long time, the awakening is here and we have to decide when our work of healing is finished and move on into the joy that is our reward.

We are not leaving anyone or anything behind, we are completing our own karmic and Martyred Healer cycle by acknowledging that each person is responsible for their own journey, each person is energetically sovereign and makes their own choices, and we have to accept that without judgment.

Taking action in April is a process of managing our self awareness, self esteem, confidence, and our energy boundaries. Stay focused on your path, everyone else is doing what they need to be doing right now. Check in with your soul energy occasionally and see if you’re aligned with it. That’s the source of your energy for healing, transformation, expansion, and ascension.

April is Aries territory, the first sign of the zodiac, and its energies are trail blazing, being undaunted, taking action, being the first to step into new territory. It’s spring here and the trees and flowers are bursting with blooms. No matter what is happening in the world, the trees are still blooming, new life is bursting forth, and new potentials are all around us.

Things are getting crazy in the world and that may continue for a bit longer but as more 5D energy bathes the planet we see more darkness displaced and we are dealing with very dense, dark energy right now. Keep your light shining and your eyes focused on your path so you stay true to yourself and aligned with your intention.

Have a great month




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