If you have always been the shy and retiring type then your behavior in April may surprise you because we have the brash, bold, and forward thinking energy of Aries happening for the first 2/3 of the month, and a  little surprise  energy burst at the end.

April is a month for action taking that is bold and inspired, fear-free and deliberate, intentional and aligned with the outcomes we want. It’s also a month for creating miracles as  you will hear on the podcast in which I share my multiple miracles over Easter weekend.

, in It feels like I just wrote the March Energy Report and we’re starting a new month. I’m kidding, March was a long month that never seemed to end. Challenging times always seem to drag on and we have seen quite a few in the past few years. But cheer up, April is a new vibe and we have some rare supportive energy this month that should put a smile on everyone’s face, especially those who have been waiting for the Go sign to start moving forward.

April’s themes are ACTion, alignment, and renewal. This month we are encouraged to take action and with so much fiery Aries energy you might think that it is the busting out of the gate and doing as much as possible quickly kind of action. But this is a highly unusual month with the kinds of energy aspects we don’t see very often. It’s spring and that typically means new growth, gardening, tulips and daffodils, and a chance to re-emerge from the dark, cold days of winter.

Spring represents renewal, rebirth, re-emergence, re-awakening, and re-starts as we watch nature awaken to its annual cycle of growth. Last month I shared a photo of the beautiful white Bradford pear trees in full bloom and now they are all covered with green leaves. My garden is awakening as the plants that were dormant in the winter are now rising to greet the sun and warmer temperatures.

And we’re doing the same as we move away from the drab, cold, dark days of winter into the warmth and vibrancy of spring ( in the  northern hemisphere). But there is a new vibe to the energy this month that is going to springboard us into a fresh start and it begins on April 4 and ends on the 15th.

I have been writing about the April 11 new moon with some excitement because it comes with a rare bonus – all of the personal planets are in Aries, along with some of the important asteroids like Ceres and Chiron.

Some might point out that Mars is not in Aries and it isn’t but it is in Gemini and Gemini’s ruler Mercury is in Aries so these two planets are in mutual reception – they are in each other’s signs. So Mars is also supporting this new moon, in a way that dampens some of its fire and adds a more cohesive energy to its single-minded force (which can often be forcefulness) that is going to be a powerful motivating force for action.

But there is another aspect to this new moon and all of its support which is like an energy potluck, where each planetary energy signature brings something to the table for everyone to enjoy. The Sun and Moon are called the two ‘lights’ of the sky, Mercury adds communication, karmic healing, and movement; Venus adds beauty, balance, and joy, Mars, from its Gemini placement, adds thoughtful action and karmic endings, Chiron adds healing, and Ceres adds the energy of growth, fertility, and abundance.  Add a supportive aspect from benevolent Jupiter and we have a new moon period that not even cranky Pluto can disrupt.

Usually when people think of Aries they see bold, brash energy that is quick to move and slow to finish. Aries are known for being the pioneers but they are not much for detail or the fine finish work. But with this new moon the Aries energy is strongly supported by a lot of other energies that can fine tune the rough edges and create a path of considered, intentional, inspired action that does pay attention to detail and has a firm grasp on its intention and energy boundaries. Think of this month’s energy like a potluck dinner – everyone brings something to the table and there is a variety of energy that everyone can use and find useful.

This will come as a relief to everyone who has been struggling with the strong Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 and the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square of 2021 which has been a roller coaster of energy ups and downs. It has taken a lot of faith and trust to get through these past few years and that kind of commitment always gets rewarded – eventually. Now it’s time to claim our reward.

The 9 energy of April 2021 is not an ending, it is the beginnings that arise from endings and the endings that give birth to beginnings. Think of how the number 9 is written, with a 1 and a 0, this is the alpha and the omega, the circle of completion that means a cycle has been concluded and it is time to begin a new cycle – not in the same place, but from a new level of energy.

I have written that we transcend into ascension, it is not a big leap from one place of being to another. There is a process of crossing over – that’s the 4D bridge – from one state of being to another and that is transcension. The entire process can be short or long, depending on our own lessons and how we respond to energy but it is a journey across, not a leap from one place to another. While we would like for it to be that way, that is not how it happens.

There is always an exchange of energy with ascension – the transcension bridge is a toll bridge – we have to be willing to give something up in order to cross it. That could be a belief, a limitation, a fear, our guilt and shame, a Portal Keeper role, our Martyred Healer karmic contracts – we must be willing to release whatever has been holding us back until this moment in order to transcend into the next one. And if we’re not willing to do that, it’s OK, we will always have another chance and another time to choose.

What is beginning for you and what has ended to allow that beginning to occur? Are you ready to make that choice or not? If you say  no, do not feel bad. You will have another chance to choose at another time.

Next we have to look at what we’re going to do with all of this energy because it is good for manifesting miracles. If you follow me on Facebook you will have heard about my miracle manifestations over Easter weekend – one is how I got my front and back yard mowed by ‘a husband’ and the other is how I got my huge daylily bed dug up and gave away dozens of plants to my neighbors.

I was happy to give the plants away and as with these situations, you see the good and the bad side of people. Some people took one bag, some took many and one unfortunate person who thought they were going to get all of the daylilies  took 6 bags from my front yard got a bad surprise when they realized it was the grass clippings and yard waste I had put out for the trash pickup on Monday. You will hear more about this weekend’s miracle stories on the podcast.

What are we going to do with all of this miracle energy?

What do we manifest after so many months (and years) of going through tough times and just wishing they were over? 

Where do we start and how do we get started?

With so many options and so much potential we can get confused at how to make a choice and we do nothing. We get bogged down in trying to make the right choice, the best choice, the choice everyone loves and supports, the choice that takes care of everyone’s needs because we do not want to be selfish, self centered, to take too much for ourselves, and to deprive others of the opportunities that we think should be theirs to participate in.

One of the energy themes of 2021 is Energetic Sovereignty, which is the authority over our own energy. That applies to us and it applies to everyone else. We must recognize others’ energetic sovereignty and their ability to choose what is right and best for them no matter how terrible we think their decisions are. It is part of our energetic sovereignty to stay out of judgment and criticism because those are energies which limit the flow of our own energy. Everyone gets to make their own choices – remember that as it will make the rest of 2021 so much easier and less complicated.

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The period from the March 13 new moon in Pisces to the April 12 new moon in Aries is one of completion and endings which you may be feeling right now. It may not be a joyful time; it may be frustrating and upsetting to think that those things that you have invested so much time, energy, and effort into are not turning out as you wanted. But are they turning out as they can, should, or need to?

Remember we have no idea what someone else’s soul mission is and we do ourselves a huge disservice by making judgments about their choices. We are not privy to the details of these soul agreements with Source and it is not our place to judge them.

Between April 22 and 25 look for another energy boost and the full moon on the 27th supports that through the end of the month. This is another month where all of he planets are in direct motion until Pluto turns retro on April 27, so take ACTion and create some momentum by setting some intentions and letting the Universe support you and your miracles. If I can get ‘a husband’ to mow my front and back yard, you can do anything your own heart desires.

It’s a great month for blessings, action, and miracles so set your intention, use your energy boundaries, and see what you can co-create with the Universe as your partner.



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