If you’re reading this you got through the month of March and through our first  power period of 2017 that lasted 3 whole months. It has been quite the wild ride and rather unpleasant at times. But to be honest we did not start 2017 with new energy, as the year began with the same retrograde energy as January 2016 and we have been completing old cycles since this year started. The new cycle beginning in April takes us farther down the ascension journey even if it involves having both Venus and Mercury retrograde which is an asset now, and not a liability as April’s keyword is eliminate and that’s a very beneficial thing for us to do that retrogrades are very supportive of.

In April life can take on a new dimension as we are much farther in the 3D/5D integration than we have ever been before. This is new, uncharted territory and I mean that in every sense of the word. It’s new because we have never achieved this level of integration, community, and awareness before, even in Atlantis. It’s uncharted because there’s no karma to guide us on a pre-destined and predetermined path, which is what we are used to. These new paradigms are creation-based, not karma based. So the pre-populated life we have been born into no longer exists once we cross that 4D bridge and that may take some getting used to.

We leave our karma on the 4D bridge as we integrate more of the 5D energy into our energy fields. Without karma we have no destiny to deal with and without destiny we are in full creation mode. The only thing that blocks our creation is the presence of our echoes, the energetic cords and connections from the past that stay with us, even after we have finished our release work and think we are all done with them.

If we focus on release there can be some residual connection left, a sort of echo that reminds us of what we had, what we hoped for, and what we were expecting out of that connection. That echo is a strong energy that can bind us to a person or situation for many years, especially when it is part of a karmic life issue or past life connection. Those connections tend to stick like glue and even when we intentionally release cords and connections, we still have a sticky residue that remains which can keep that situation in our energy field for a long time, until we eliminate it.

The next step beyond releasing is eliminating (which is not like terminating). The word eliminate means to remove or get rid of. If releasing loosens the energetic ties that bind us, then elimination gets rid of them entirely, along with all of the sticky energy they contain. If you have had a life situation that ended badly, unexpectedly, or in an unsatisfactory way, and you’re still angry, upset, regretful, or resentful about it, this is the month to eliminate that situation and its echoes and sticky energy, and we have both Venus and Mercury retrograde to help us.

That’s why the theme for April is ‘eliminate’, which is different from release. The word release means to loosen something, so when we release we are loosening the cords, the knots, the ties, and the energy that holds our connections together and makes them possible. The word eliminate means ‘to turn out, to get rid of’ as in putting something outside. When we get full closure with someone or something, we are beyond loosening the cords, we are ready to put them outside the boundaries of our energy field. And if we want to achieve full wholeness and congruence, elimination is what we need to do.

Venus has been in retrograde since January 30 and the final shadow ends on May 18, after it turns direct on April 15 (tax day in the US).  Venus, while it is said to represent love, actually represents value and what we value in our lives, how we create value and want others to value us. This retrograde brings those issues to light and these are difficult lessons for us because we want people to love and value us, which means we want their approval. So we can expect some elimination here as we may have to go over some old, painful memories about how we share our energy, what we want from others, and where we have been de-valuing ourselves, or not respecting our value, to get them.

It is in Aries, the sign of the pioneer and new beginnings, retrograding into Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. In a way this retrograde takes us into the future and then back into the past to clear out the blocks and limitations that prevent that future from happening the way we want it to.  And Venus is ‘exalted’ in Pisces, an astrology term meaning the sign it is strongest and most powerful in, so this retrograde is especially powerful and aligned with the purpose of this part of our ascension cycle, to clear out the blocks on our path, which we have been dealing with since January 1 and for many years before too.

Then we have Mercury retrograde this month, with a shadow period that began on March 15 and ends on May 21. Mercury is in Taurus (ruled by Venus), going back to Aries and it’s also going to give us lessons in value and developing patience. Mercury in Aries can be quick to act and slow to consider the consequences so we’re getting lessons on intentional action, on allowing outcomes to manifest instead of pushing things forward, and to ensure that we are doing things that we value in ways that are important to us.

On the same day that Mercury retrogrades Saturn begins its retrograde station. It has nearly reached the end of its journey in Sagittarius, now it moves backwards along those same degrees to help us with our elimination work. Saturn is the relentless teacher and disciplinarian, the one that forces us to stay with our lessons until we are finished. Its retrograde lasts until August 21 where it will station direct on the day of the big eclipse in late Leo.

The issue of value becomes important in the context of 2017’s theme, Divine Congruence. When we bend over backwards and dim our energy and light to get others to approve of or to value us, we are not congruent or aligned with our own energy. We’ll have opportunities to get clear on that in April as we see where this is happening and can make appropriate adjustments. This might include shining the light of reality on old hopes and wishes and eliminating those that you know are past their ‘use by’ date.

One very strong aspect we have in April, and it lasts all month, is Venus and Chiron in Pisces are both square Saturn. This is a harsh aspect that will bring up a lot of past issues around your own wounds and how they have been magnified in your relationships. The broken hearts, betrayals, unmet expectations, giving and not receiving anything in return, trying to ‘heal’ others, and wanting to save them from their pain or from themselves will be brought to the forefront. 
If you are experiencing that just remember it is part of your own journey from  healing into wholeness so you can experience congruence in your life, which is also the theme for 2017. It’s all part of the journey, and the closer we get to completing this part the more we get squeezed to let go of those last drops of density out of our energy field. Remember this is an integration and not a takeover, and 5D is integrating into 3D. While that will dis-integrate a lot of 3D energy which will leave, we are bringing heaven on earth and that means exactly what it says. Heaven is not taking over, and the ego is not dying. We are integrating higher frequencies into the density of 3D, dis-integrating it so we can create new levels of energetic alignment.

But there is more to April as we have a full moon on the 11th that  activates the big planetary aspects we have been under since 2012 and the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 to 2015. The April 26 new moon is in Taurus, inviting us to sit back and contemplate the next steps as we prepare for the month of May, which is symbolic of fertility, growing things, and celebration of the end of winter and the cold weather.

And we have the ongoing Uranus/Eris conjunction, at the degree of the April 11 full moon, which is creating so much discord in the world and it’s very close to the transformation juggernaut Pluto, so the craziness you see in the world will continue as the pendulum that has gone way too far in one direction will swing back to a more manageable center. And if you feel a lot of up and down energy this month, try to stay grounded and in your own energetic space. Awareness of our energetic sovereignty is what will see us through all challenges and it powers this ascension cycle, driving it farther, faster, and higher.

We’re bringing in waves of energy now and the 3D energy gaps are very big as the chaos of the 3D dis-integration creates new spaces for 5D energy to enter. We have won this battle and the war, now we just need to clean up the mess (which we have divine support to do) so we can regroup after March and align with new and more powerful outcomes in April. Shine on, the world is awakening to its truth, one light at a time. Have a wonderful  month, make it a good one.


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