As we move forward along the ascension path our manifestation and energy control abilities increase dramatically. You may be seeing this in your life now. Then our language becomes important because as master manifestors and energetically sovereign beings, we use our language to move, direct, and control energy.

That’s the topic of this week’s newsletter,  where we discuss why it’s important to ‘watch our language’ and how our internal and external language, how we talk to ourselves and the words we speak into the world, are all part of our creation tools for manifestation and 5D living.


As we move forward along the ascension path our manifestation and energy control abilities increase dramatically. You may be seeing this in your life now. Then our language becomes important because as master manifestors and energetically sovereign beings, we use our language to move, direct, and control energy.

Language, both internal and external, is what keeps the momentum in our intention.

Remember energy has no judgment, it just goes wherever it is told to go. We use a variety of tools to move energy including our intention, alignment and integration, as well as our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. Words are part of our language and words create – every word creates.

All of these work together to move us from 3D density to an integrated 5D paradigm. And we must use the combination of our energy tools within the 5D paradigm to move energy in the right direction.

If we’re using low vibration words to move into a high vibe reality, it won’t work.

If we’re using polarized language to move into the duality of 5D congruence, it won’t work.
If we’re not aligning our energy tools and our intention with our language to keep the manifestation momentum moving, we’ll feel stuck.

Before I talk about 3D and 5D language, let’s look at polarity and duality. They are not the same thing although many people refer to them that way. It’s wrong. They represent two different states of being, one is pure 3D, the other is integrated 3D/5D.

We cannot achieve multi-dimensionality within a polarized reality because we cannot hold two different energies in polarity. And that is required for multi-dimensionality.

Polarity means opposites, it is pure 3D energy. It’s an ‘either/or’ choice. We can have this or that but not both. We have to choose sides and abandon one thing over another.

There’s always a winner and a loser in 3D. 3D polarity is not aligned with the 5D paradigm. In fact, it is a closed system that rejects 5D or any other energy outside of its frequency.

5D is duality, it is an ‘and’ choice. We can have this and we can have that. We can have any combination we choose.

Duality means two, the concept of being ‘dual’ means not just two things randomly put together, but two things that are together, and they fit together and work together. This is congruence, a 5D aspect.

When we are in 3D we are in polarity and our language is one of the components of our movement into duality, from 3D to 5D

3D energies are competition, constriction, conflict, chaos, and control

Language includes spoken language as well as how you speak to yourself – the conversations you have with yourself in your head.

What do they sound like?

Would you be willing to say them out loud?

When are you in conflict?

What kind of chaos is in your life?

What competing thoughts are in your head, mirroring competing energies in your life?

What kind of words do you use when you speak out loud? If you knew that each word creates would you use different language

As a clairaudient I can hear what people say to themselves. When I speak to clients I often hear the answers to what I say. They are not always very positive or uplifting.

No I can’t, that’s not me, that will never work, I can’t do that

What does your self talk sound like? Here is an example of 3D polarized language

I can’t do it

It won’t work for me

I am never going to figure this out

I am not lucky

Can you name your own polarized language?

The 5D energy is creativity, cooperation, collaboration, community, connection, and clarity

5D language embodies these energies and is deliberate, positive, self aware, expansive, and intentional. 5D language acknowledges the limitations of 3D and the potential that we are capable of when we allow

5D language examples of duality or multi-dimensionality include

I set my intention for receiving this – or something better that I have not yet envisioned

I accept the decisions and choices of others without judgment

I allow myself to have

I create my reality to become

I am energetically sovereign

I extend my energy towards

I embrace my perfection in

It is not enough to set an intention and then hope for the best. Your intention creates an energy container for the outcome you want but it requires nurturing every step of the way and part of that nurturing includes your internal and external language.  

It’s like driving a car – you still need to keep your foot on the gas and steer the car in the right direction, and make sure you stay on the road.

You can put it in cruise control but you still have to keep your hands on the wheel and watch where you’re going, and make sure you stay on the road.

The internal language is especially important because it represents how you really feel and what you really think. So watch that inner language, use your 5D language to expand your 3D reality and keep the momentum moving for that intention to manifest.

And remember when you achieve a victory, any victory, celebrate yourself. Acknowledgement is also part of the 5D paradigm and it is a reminder of your power and abilities, as well as a sign of closure with one part of your path and a new beginning for another one.


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