After a somewhat quiet first week March’s energy powerhouse begins now and we had both a full moon and Saturn changing signs this week, on the same day, that starts the action that is going to make this one of the more powerful months we have had in the past 20 years. And it’s just the beginning, as Pluto changes signs in two weeks, another significant chess move on the ascension board. The action begins and it’s full on and not for the faint hearted.

We’re in the midst of a dramatic paradigm shift with Saturn in Pisces, one that occurs every 30 years and with great fanfare and often great trials and tribulations. There are many things to be learned when the King of Karma meets the House of Spirituality and at this time in particular, when we are in full on battle mode between the light and the dark, it’s a battle that we must win decisively. But don’t be afraid or concerned because karmic understanding holds great gifts of awareness, understanding, enlightenment, and transformation and that’s where we are right now. This week’s article is the 5 Gifts of Karma which is appropriate for this time when we are experiencing the karma cycle of the ages right now.


I have to admit that when Saturn entered Pisces yesterday I was a bit concerned. This is not a great placement for me and in the past, Saturn in Pisces has always been a source of enormous loss, suffering, and pain. But after a day of reviewing the past and wondering where I could go and hide away for the next 3 years, I woke up this morning with a plan for this tough transit and an understanding of what it could become and I am more relieved than afraid.

Karma has its downside but it has its blessings too and it arrives with gifts that we can learn from and appreciate into greater joy, understanding and freedom if we are ready.

There are gifts that karma brings us and we often don’t realize it until long after we have struggled with a Saturn transit and the karmic lessons it brings with us. We see these lessons with Mercury transits to a lesser degree, but nothing can bring us down to our knees like a strong Saturn foray into our karmic past, soul groups, and karmic cycles. Saturn in Pisces seems to be particularly strong in that regard for everyone, not just those that have planets or houses that are particularly impacted by it.

Saturn’s transit through Pisces, during our lifetimes, depending on when you were born, happened in 1903, 1933, 1964, 1993, and now 2023. These are approximate dates, the exact dates are more numerous since Saturn enters Pisces, then retrogrades back into Aquarius, then it moves forward again.

Let’s look at some of those dates in history, 1900 was the turn of the century and the beginning of the medical tyranny that has ruled the world for over a century. You have to look at the activities of the most evil man in the world, JD Rockefeller, to understand how this began then. 1933 was the beginning of the activities that would lead to WW2. 1964 followed the assassination of John F Kennedy and the real takeover by the forces that would rule the world. That was the year I learned I would possibly be a quadriplegic (at worst) or a paraplegic (at best) for life, according to my doctors, and the beginning of a 2 year hospital stay and a 5 year attempt to regain mobility. I succeeded but it wasn’t easy.

1993 brought in the first glimmers of our current ascension cycle and I remember being part of a vast movement into more awareness of spirituality, channeling, energies, other spiritual entities, channeling, and all things spiritual. I had created a large spiritual group in Houston, Texas and we had weekly channeling and energy sessions, it was fun and very powerful. That died down somewhat until early 2000 when our current ascension cycle began.

This Saturn in Pisces transit, which began on March 7, 2023, is not just another Saturn cycle, it is one that is happening in the throes of ascension 2.0, which began in January 2022, and it is our opportunity to take decisive and aligned action as we decide whether we are going to allow the full 5D integration of 3D or not. This doesn’t mean that everyone is going to use their ascension train ticket, but that many more are going to awaken and align with the ascension path and those that do not will have their own reality and consequences to deal with.

As I said, this article is about the 5 Gifts of Karma and Saturn is the karma delivery agent so let’s see what this Saturn in Pisces transit, which is the ultimate karma cycle, can offer us:

  1.  A karmic cycle lets you know who your friends, enemies, and frenemies are. It’s a time to be aware of everyone’s motivation and agenda and to also realize that when it comes to your energetic, emotional, and spiritual well-being, you’re your own best resource and sometimes you have to do it by yourself.

    If you have enemies or long-standing rivals, they will show up now and if you have the misfortune of not recognizing the wolves in sheep’s clothing you will feel the bite of their sharp teeth. This is not a transit where your trust can be misplaced or you can believe everything you see and hear.

    It’s wise to consider others’ motives and their place on your karmic path at this time. This is also the time when lifetimes of karmic cycles, partners, soul groups, and soul contracts appear for repetition or resolution and what we decide to do with this transit determines whether we have completion and closure or we take another turn around the karma wheel.

  1. You’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses very quickly, as well as your fears and your sore spots, trigger points, and your vulnerabilities. Do you have a fear of persecution? You’ll be persecuted. Do you have a fear of betrayal and abandonment? Be prepared for those things to happen. Are you someone who trusts the wrong people or gets taken advantage of? Those people will be lining up to meet you.

    This isn’t a negative assessment of doom, it’s a pre-emptive advisement that when karmic cycles appear for review they do so with the cast of characters that created the karma in the first place.  I know we like to think that lifetimes of karma are in the past and today is different but unfortunately that is not true. Karma gets repeated in each lifetime, with the same cast of characters, energies, and events, and it’s our opportunity to either repeat the karma or end it forever.

    We always have a chance to do that but we always get taken in by promises to do better, our own hope for redemption, our desire to see the light in everyone, and our trust in what people say rather than the example of what they do.

  2. You will find the path out of the karma or you will slide back into it. There are no middle zones, no gray areas, and no do overs with these transits. Whatever happens you will recover from and you will get your life back in order after the chaos but it may take some time and you will be different as a result of the experience.

    These are not easy or fun transits and they are often very hard and can push you to the limit of your emotional and physical capacity. But the purpose is not to hurt you, it is to hone your intuition, your spiritual awareness, and most of all, your focus on your own path.

    We get stuck in karmic cycles because we believe we can help, change, or alter someone’s life path. Think of the karmic lifetimes you have experienced and their events. What did you try to do to help someone? What effect on your life did someone’s actions have?

    Are you trying to redo the past, undo the pain, and give them another chance to behave themselves more appropriately? That is what gets us into karmic cycles. Now with this cycle we have the opportunity to bring forth our power of acceptance, to accept others’ choices and actions and decide whether this is what we want in our life or not.

  3. You will be shown the truth about yourself and others and whether you learn or accept it is up to you. Part of our generous spirit is the desire to see the light and goodness in everyone. But those are not qualities that everyone chooses to share or live with.

    Do you believe that you deserve, can have, and maintain a joyful, empowered life or do you feel like a victim of others’ wants and needs?

    Do you believe you can have your own, independent life or are you stuck taking care of someone else because you feel you must or should? Is your success your primary objective or are you afraid of success because that make you the target of jealous and vengeful people?

    What is the truth that you hold about yourself now, how was it created, and what can you do to change it? That’s what a karmic cycle like Saturn in Pisces is going to show you. You’ll learn all about truth and consequences, motives and agendas, the difference between what people say and what they do, and you will learn about how generous and kind people can be as well as how mean, petty, and ungracious they can be.

    Your intuition will be honed to a razor sharp edge if you pay attention to what goes on around you. You will develop strong energy boundaries or not. By the end of this transit you will be stronger and more aware or you will be defeated, depressed, and despondent.

  4. You will know what your CORE karma energies are and how to stop promoting them in all of your relationships. These CORE energies are what keeps us in karmic cycles, repeating lifetimes with the same soul groups , the same karmic partners, in the same karmic situations, hoping for a different outcome.

    The CORE energies include Commitments, Obligations, Responsibilities, and Expectations and each one of them operates on different levels of energy and experience. They are part of our timelines from the past and without intervention, they become our paths of the future.

    Understanding our CORE energies helps us prevent repeating karmic cycles and puts us in the position of being able to identify a karmic cycle when it starts so we can avoid getting drawn into the whirlpool of chaos. It may sound simple but it is not because these CORE energies hold a lot of power over us and they are significant aspects of our choices, our actions, and our decisions.

    We can avoid them but not without doing the energy and lifetime work that is necessary so we resolve the CORE karmic energies without feeling guilt, shame, or that we are abandoning our soul mission or not fulfilling our promises to Source and the obligations of our soul path.

If those all sounds very dire, it isn’t. It is important and we are stepping into another big karmic cycle now, individually and collectively, that has huge global implications. If we get this right we clear our karmic cycles forever. If we get it wrong the dystopian society of total surveillance, control, and domination that we’re seeing glimpses of in the media will become our reality. We don’t want that to happen.

This is the battle between 3D and 5D and Saturn is the King of Karma, the ultimate source of 3D and all of its density and karma. 5D is our spiritual initiation, this is the fulfilled ascension path and it is our reward when we reach spiritual awareness. In the zodiac wheel that is represented by Pisces, the 12th house. And here we are.

What’s the next step? Well awareness is important and now you know what the 5Gifts of karma. If you think they are not very good gifts, think again. Forewarned is definitely forearmed and we also have the benefit of 30 years of ascension path completion behind us, as well as the graduation into Ascension 2.0 which happened in January 2022. So we are well equipped to do something different this time around.

And that’s all that Saturn asks of us as it takes us through the karmic cycles of our past and reminds us that if we want something different we have to do things differently and that does not just mean making different choices, it means an internal and energetic transformation so we do not repeat karmic cycles again once we decide that we do not want to follow that path any  more.

Appreciate the 5 Gifts of Karma into intentional action in your life. Choose a new path of joy, empowered alignment, and successful achievement. Choose fulfillment, truth, and people who can ‘love, honor, and respect you’. The time for healing others, for waiting for them to find the light, for dimming our own light to please or serve them, for the martyred healer, for allowing others to take potshots at us and hope they will eventually stop, is over.

This is our time and our 5D realities are waiting for us to create them. Karma is a 3D paradigm that relies on destiny, fear, and hope. Creation is its 5D complement that is karma free, light based, empowered, and relies on self-fulfillment and self-awareness. It is our reward for getting through a karma cycle, deciding that we are finished, and letting those who wish to live in a karma based reality do their own thing while we create our joyful 5D space and a life that we enjoy.


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