Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them”. I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction. Our manifestation powers are strong now and we create with our thoughts so what we think becomes the reality we live in.  And we can use the energy in any way we want to, so keeping the focus on high frequency expansion, and the world we want to live in, as opposed to being discouraged by what we see as ‘a world gone mad’ is important.

Now, more than ever, there is enormous power in the shared collective awareness because the collective family of humanity is far more aware of itself, its power, its interconnectedness, and its place in the Universe than it has ever been before. This makes us more powerful and stronger manifestors. If thoughts were powerful before, they are exponentially so now. Since my predictions are read by millions of people from dozens of countries, who can translate and interpret what they read in many different ways, sharing these predictions is a mission that I take very seriously and I write them with a great deal of care. And I have found that they are very accurate, when I review them during the course of the year, which I encourage you to do too.

The details of exactly ‘what will happen’ are not always part of the information I share with you, as it is more focused on what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways. Because we have evolved so much since the beginning of this century, knowing the availability of different potentials serves as a decision making guide, rather than a dire warning of the upcoming year’s events.

As you read these predictions avoid looking for confirmation of ‘things to come’ and don’t look for the ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios, as I refuse to consider them as a possibility. Rather, use this information as a tool to manage your own life and energy as you embark on a new year filled with potential, power, and possibilities. I deliberately avoid the ‘doom and gloom’ or ‘pie in the sky’ predictions that others make, partly because I believe it serves no useful purpose to predict bad events since I  know that we have control over our individual and collective realities.

And I don’t believe that spouting sweetness and light, the belief that the Universe will make everything better and that we will be taken care of (without our active participation) is simply unrealistic. It is not consistent with our roles as co-creators in the Universe and is therefore also misinformation, designed to foster the belief that are lives unfold in a pre-destined way that we are powerless to stop, alter, or control.

Are you ready to shine brightly for another year?  This year will be different because we’re shining with a much higher energy frequency and we are accompanied by many more people. I know that the journey has been extremely long and challenging at times, we have been at this for several decades. But the evolving spiral of ascension isn’t achieved in a day and we can’t measure the success that is achieved over a journey of many lifetimes by what happens in a single lifetime.

Every year I create a program that provides tools, techniques, and training to make the most of the year’s energies.

In 2022  it is the GPS 2022 program featuring 22 energy activations specifically created to navigate this important year and featuring 3 bonus master classes to empower you to success in 2022.  PLUS an added bonus of 4 live calls with Jennifer (recordings are available) during the year.

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I would like to say that we begin 2022 with a clean slate and a fresh start but that would not be true. We start this year with a lot of carryover energy from 2021 and 2020. This is a very pivotal year and what happens this year will determine how this ascension cycle progresses and what happens between now and 2025 and 2030.

I think I can say that after the last two years many people are looking forward to a new year and new energies. We have been through a lot since 2020 and we’re ready for a new vibe, new energies, more peace, and a lot less chaos.

Every year has an energy theme and if we look back at the themes of the last two years they have focused on topics like congruence, harmony, wholeness, and aspects that created energetic cohesiveness. That continues through this year because the one thing that will serve us in our ongoing ascension process is to maintain our energetic integrity.

That’s why in this year the focus shifts from being the source of healing, light, and energy to being the inspired source for those who choose that option and to learn to shift some of our energy to our own needs.

One of the energy tools that will be very useful and helpful in 2022 is discernment, which means to separate, differentiate, distinguish, and discriminate. When we use discernment we look at people, situations, events firstly as to how they fit or align with us and our path and our energy.

We look at intention, agendas, purposes, and meanings. Rather than saying ‘yes’ to taking on new healing paths or responsibilities or commitments, we consider the cost to us and our energy, we look at whether this is something we want to do and whether it is an asset to our overall intention and energy potential or whether it is a liability, something that will drain us of our joy, peace of mind, and peace of heart.

We need to move forward and spend a lot less time on healing ourselves and especially, healing others or wanting to heal the world.

Since 2000 we have been in a battle between the dark and the light – look at what happened in 2001. And we have seen a lot of examples of the darkest of 3D energies at work in the past 2 years, and they are not over yet but we have an advantage because light always overtakes darkness.



If we learned anything in 2021, whose theme was energetic sovereignty, is that we have to do the work to get the outcomes, and that ascension was not going to be the easy-breezy, effortless, magical journey to unicorn and fairyland that we thought it would be or have been led to believe that it would be. As I always say, ascension is an integration, not a takeover. We are integrating 5D energy into 3D, not destroying 3D so 5D can take over.

We have been through some tough times and it has been hard to get through some of the challenges we faced, especially those that involved friends, family, and loved ones. But we did discover our strength, resolve, resilience, and commitment to our ascension journey. We also learned who were our real friends and who were just pretending to like us or to be aligned with or resonating with us. We learned where we could focus our energy and where we should maintain our energy boundaries. How we use our energy is important in 2022 so removing distractions and energy drains is important. A lot of that work was done in 2021.

We also learned some very dark truths about the world we live in and what we thought was the truth.  And we learned one of our most important lessons, that we cannot change or control what others decide to do. That’s why discernment is a key energy tool for success, peace, love, and joy in 2022.

Awakening was a big outcome of 2021 so as we enter 2022 we are awake, aware, and anxious about what is next, what we have to look forward to and what is going to happen next. Did we anticipate the lockdowns, lockouts, segregation, division, tyranny, and chaos of 2021? I don’t think anyone could have predicted to what lengths that would go but as I have been writing for many years, 3D will not go down without a fight and this is truly the end of the full density of 3D and the integration of 3D/5D.  This will test our commitment and resolve and our ability to maintain our energetic integrity no matter what is going on around us.

There may be tiny pockets of 3D energy left after this year but they will be small and insignificant and without power. We don’t have to fight the darkness, we just have to shine our light more brightly. Fear is the source of power for the dense 3D paradigm so if we don’t engage in fear energy we aren’t supporting the density.

 The egregious nature of the actions taken against communities and societies is something that cannot be ignored and we are looking at a full scale assault against humanity by these dark forces and we’re seeing humanity fight back (there are more of us than there are of them) to regain control of its lives, its future, and its very existence.

That is the extent of what we are facing as we enter this pivotal year of 2022. Will we win? We are winning and we have both critical mass and critical momentum. Each time someone awakens to their own power and light, we increase the momentum of the light movement and expansion exponentially. But that doesn’t mean that we can sit back and relax, we also have to maintain our energetic frequency and vibration to maintain this energy flow. Everyone participates and everyone’s participation is important.

But as someone mentioned, we enter 2022 with several billion more awakened people than we had in 2021. That is going to start the year off on a much higher vibe than we did in 2021 and certainly at the beginning of this millennium.



We have several big energy events this year that support our ongoing 3D/5D ascension integration and we will begin with the entry of Jupiter into Pisces which started on December 28, 2021. This is a highly spiritual energy aspect and it completes a cycle that started in 2012. What was the big theme of 2012 that everyone thought was going to be THE event of the ages? The 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 dates which did not meet our expectations at all but they did start an awakening that is culminating now.

Jupiter in Pisces will meet with Neptune and stir up a spiritual revival which has not happened in 155 years. This potent conjunction always creates a spiritual renewal, a new level of spiritual alignment with new truths and new insights into our spiritual nature. In the 1850s, the most recent Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, the concept of spirituality, beyond religion, was introduced. At that time they were focused on spirits, entities, and ghosts. There was a big interest in séances and speaking to the dead.

Now we have a renewed interest in spirituality but it is coupled with energy, frequency, and vibration and not focused on trying to get the dead to talk to us.  We are not going back into the past, we are moving forward into the expanded multi-dimensional reality of our 3D/5D ascension integration.  This spiritual revival will focus on the divine human, energetic congruence, and multi-dimensionality.

 This is a continuation of the energetic sovereignty theme of 2021 since we cannot be energetically sovereign unless we are in control of the frequency and vibration, as well as the flow and direction, of our energy.

And we have the nodes changing sign from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio. Now this is a significant point in the 19 year lunar node cycle and I am only mentioning it here because of this cycle. In April 2003 the lunar nodes were in Taurus/Scorpio so that cycle is ending and a new cycle is beginning. But the important lunar node reference points to 2012, when the lunar nodes were in Scorpio/Taurus (the north node is the first sign and it is the one that leads the energy).

In 2012, when we believed we would see the outward manifestation of the ascension cycle we were led inward, which is the path of the phoenix that Scorpio refers to. Death and rebirth, rising from the ashes of the past, and being led through our own dark night of the soul to create the dawn of a new life paradigm. If the world seemed to fall asleep after the lackluster results of 2012, it is awake now.

Now we have Taurus leading the energy and it’s a more grounded, self-centered energy. While Taurus energy can be stubborn and selfish, it is also grounded in the self, think of value and self esteem, self worth, and self care. Taurus can be very self indulgent and we could use some of that energy right now as we are called to shift from healing to wholeness, from the self denial of the Martyred Healer to the self affirmation of the Christed Awareness. And we have Uranus, planetary ruler of transformation, new thought, ideas, and the 5D aspects, in Taurus now too, adding its shocking, electrifying energy to the process.

Probably the biggest energy event of 2022 is the US Pluto return, which is also a global Pluto return. As I have been writing for several months, see the June and October 2021 Energy Reports on the blog, the previous placement of Pluto in Capricorn led the movement away from being subject to monarchs to being independent, self sovereign beings. That was a huge shift for the time, 1762-1778. Now we are having another global Pluto return and this one addresses our energetic sovereignty.

Are we going to be energetically sovereign or are we going to allow our energy to be used to power the next generation of AI and the agenda of hooking everyone up to the internet. This is not a far our sci fi theory, it is very real and it hinges on our willingness to surrender our energetic sovereignty via the current ‘you know what’ plan. (sorry, I cannot write the words or this article will get censored). Again, this is not some far out theory, it is the absolute truth.

We will have 3 passes for the US Pluto return, February 20, July 11, and December 28, 2022 and another close pass in September 2023 before Pluto ends its time in Capricorn and moves into Aquarius.

If you study the history of Pluto returns, which happen approximately every 247 years, they mark big changes in society, governments, and in the general population. This one will be no exception and we have been feeling the impact for the past few years. One thing I noticed about Pluto returns in various countries is they tend to be accompanied with revolution, ‘power to the people’ movements, and big changes in governments and social and public policy, especially if it has been tyrannical, controlling, diabolical, and oppressive.


Every year has an energy theme, a particular focus on what we can embrace and engage with to make the most of the energy of that year. In 2021 the theme was Energetic Sovereignty and we sure saw a lot of movement towards that as well as a lot of pressure to suppress it. We experienced open tyranny in a way that I never thought I would see in my lifetime and yet we are seeing it all over the world. Notice I used the word ‘open’ because this level of tyranny has been present for decades, we just didn’t know it was there. Now we do and we’re surprised but it is not new, we are just able to see it now.

This year’s energy theme is an extension of the energetic sovereignty theme of 2021 and it is Self Ideation, the idea of our self as healed, whole, and congruent. It is the only way we can make progress in any area of our energetic growth and expansion, by having a clear foundation and that means clearing out the trauma, grief, anger, regrets, resentment, fear, and all of those associated energies.  

In 2010 I introduced the concept of ‘Becoming 360’ which is the state of energetic congruence and divine harmony. Self ideation is the embodiment of that concept into our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic reality. We have been working on our healing for lifetimes, now we have to embody the idea of being healed and more than that, that we are energetically whole and complete. Our energy field is wholly congruent and we are in the flow of divine harmony. This is the full embodiment of the 360 degree human, spiritual and material synergy manifesting as divine perfection in every aspect of our life.

An idea is more than a thought or a belief, it is the manifestation of a thought or a belief as knowledge. A thought is a consideration, an idea is a vision that we can use to manifest from. We must learn to know ourselves as divinely perfect, energetically congruent, and whole. The idea of the divine partnership of human self and divine Self is what we have been striving to accomplish and now we must know that this is who we are. There is no one who has the power or authority to tell us, there is no standard we have to meet, this is a decision and a knowing that we make for ourselves. And when we make that decision the healing process is complete, our 3D experience has been fulfilled, and we can progress into our full 5D integration and create our personal heaven on earth.

The three parts of the self ideation triad are

  • self awareness – being fully grounded in our own energy
  • self reliance – being fully whole in our own energy and not dependent on anyone for energetic completion or wholeness
  • self  empowerment – being our own source of power and without energy gaps or seeking power from others or giving our power away to them.

This theme carries through every aspect of our being and brings us back to our energetic center – who we are, the path we are on, the possibilities we will consider, the potential we wish to explore and expand, and the energies we want in our life.

Our energetic resonance depends on our ability to know that we can embody that resonance and use our thoughts and beliefs to create an energy container which becomes the idea and manifestation of that level of energetic resonance, frequency, and vibration.

This is not about ego or 3D, it is the idea of ourselves as integrated spiritual humans, the self and Self operating in total synergy. Heaven on earth embodied in us and our physical bodies being the energetic containers for energy, which is what we are.

What is excluded from our Self Ideation is any healing commitments, obligations, contracts, promises, and karmic cycles. We can still engage in those but it will not be as tempting or as enticing to try to get someone to see, embrace, and embody the light. We’re tired, seeking more fulfillment and joy, and we want to get on with our journey.

Everyone who has been part of your healing journey and karmic path has all of the tools and information they need to get their healing done and to get out of their healing cycles. It’s time to give them the responsibility for their healing, which was always been their responsibility anyway. If you’re feeling the need to step into greater joy it’s your soul’s sign that you are off the path of the healer and onto the path of self fulfillment.

Supporting the 2022 energy theme of Self Ideation is the concept of discernment which is how we assess whether something is right for our path or not. We’re moving away from the lightworker as a Martyred Healer, someone who takes on others’ suffering and limits their light and energy to help others heal. We cannot do this any longer if we are going to integrate 5D energy. There is no karma in 5D so that is why we have spent so much time dealing with our karmic lessons, groups, cycles, and soul missions. At some point we have to be finished with that part of our life purpose and only we have the power and authority to say when that is done.  


Power periods are times when the energies are very high and there is a much greater potential for change, transformation, and manifestation. I see this happening in January and February, March, July and October.

In January we have Jupiter in Pisces, the lunar node shift into Taurus/Scorpio, and the Capricorn conjunction with Pluto of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars).

In February we have the ongoing Pluto conjunctions, a powerful new moon on February 17 that brings forward the August 21, 2017 ‘great American eclipse’ energy, and the exact Pluto return for the US on February 22, 2022.

We’ll probably see quite a lot of chaos this summer, June and July,  and as I have said, I see a big improvement in the global situation in March so keep your energy high and expect wonderful things to happen. Not because I said they would but because if we all set our intention for the tyranny to end then it will. Fear feeds the darkest energies and if we refuse to engage in fear, then they have no connection with our energy.

Eclipse periods in 2022 include April/May and October/November. Since eclipses follow 19 year cycles, this takes us back to the eclipse energies from the early 2000s when we were just embarking on this heightened ascension cycle.  What do we know now that we did not know then? Are we more enlightened, connected, and aware than we were then? One of the blessings of the eclipses in 2022 is that we have Uranus in Taurus so it’s going to add a big dose of energy to the eclipses this year.

In October we have the final Saturn/Uranus square happening, which was a major energy theme in 2021 and will be in 2022. This is why there is so much chaos happening now as we are seeing the forces for light, ascension, and energy expansion being attacked by the 3D paradigm of power, control, and domination. We are engaged in the battle between the dark and the light and it’s full on this year, as it has been for the past two years. It will end soon but this is the time to keep expanding your light, using your energy boundaries, setting strong intentions, and being firmly grounded in your energy field. You’re part of the battle too and your light counts.

There is a lot of carryover energy from 2021 happening in 2022 as we have not finished with the ongoing drama of the tyranny that is the response to our empowered energetic sovereignty. I have always said that we should not expect the dark energies to go away without a fight and they have not. If anything, they seem to get more dense, more tyrannical, and more ridiculous in their demands. And that is what we will see in 2022 as well, but where we were open to consideration in the last two years, we are not any more. 


If you’re feeling extra anxious about all of this you can look to Atlantis, our most recent ascension experience, to see what is going on with the world as what we’re experiencing is a replay of that time. When I was guided to write the book, The Atlantis Legacy, I didn’t know that I had been there and had been witness to the terrible destruction of humanity and the planet. I also discovered that the legacy of Atlantis is why many of us are here today and why we have chosen to be here now, to ensure that Atlantis doesn’t happen again.

So why is this ascension cycle in what appears to be such dire straits? Because it is part of the process of overcoming our Atlantis experience which also mirrors every other ascension process. Ascension was never meant to be a short and glorious rise into the ethers, it is a dimensional shift, a portal into a new paradigm. Like any birth process it’s messy, tough, and challenging. As I have said for a long time, I lay the blame for this on the people who have said that ascension is an easy jaunt into the land of rainbows, fairies, and unicorns. It was never going to be like that and its difficulty and previous misses have ensured that another generation would undertake yet another attempt at bringing the planet into a new ascension cycle and here we are.

Most of those who identify as light workers, energy workers, healers, intuitives, teachers, spiritual mentors, leaders, Indigos and Crystals, and who follow the spiritual path, or who feel out of place, alone, and who have difficulty dealing with the 3D world are here because you want to participate in a successful ascension cycle and avoid repeating the Atlantis experience, or the experience of Lemuria or Pangea or any of the other previous disasters that ended an ascension cycle.


Have you been holding light and energy for the planet for a long time and are you getting tired of it? Do you have what I call ‘ascension fatigue’ and you do not want to participate in the process as you have been? Lately I have been speaking to clients who tell me they have been doing energy work, healing, teaching, or following some kind of spiritual path for many years and they do not want to do it any more. They are a little surprised and anxious about these feelings because they feel that their work is not done yet, especially with the events of the past two years, and they believe more effort is required. But they do not want to do it.

And they do not have to because what we are seeing is the birth of a new generation of light warriors who are stepping up to the front lines and leading the light charge. I have always said that ascension is a relay race, not a marathon, and we have to step aside and let the next runners take their turn. Until now, we have been running the marathon because we had to but as the awakening process has progressed and we have reached both critical mass and critical momentum, many want to be part of the process and they are taking over the battle.

This generation of light warriors is far more comfortable with 3D than we are so we need to let them have their place on the ascension battlefield as they are far more effective at dealing with the darkest 3D density than we are. And they need to participate in this effort too, as part of their soul mission.

We did our work, we held the light and energy for lifetimes and we have been fully present and working hard in this lifetime. Now we can pass the ascension baton to the next group of light warriors who will take over while we take on our next assignment, preparing the 5D paradigm. Our most important assignment was to participate in getting ascension to this point and awakening humanity and that has been done.

Once we awaken we do not go back to sleep and people are awakening in huge numbers every day.  Now some people are not waking up or willing to cross that 4D bridge and we will see the continued separation between those who want to expand their light and those who want to stay in their darkness. It is hard when you cannot share the light with  those you love and care for the most but it is their choice and you cannot change it.

Unfortunately some of those energy gaps will happen with family, friends, and people you thought would be walking down the ascension path with you. Remember that we are moving out of the karma of 3D into the creativity of 5D and some people simply do not have that as part of their life path.



The morphogenic field, or what I call the field of potential, is the energy we use to manifest everything in our lives. You learned about this in my book Ascending into Miracles – The Path of Spiritual Mastery, in 2011.  This is how we create miracles, by moving energy with our intention, alignment, and integration. We think that creating miracles is a special power but it is not, it is how we manifest our reality when we learn to use energy. More specifically, it is how we connect to our own field of potential, or morphogenic field, and focus on the potential and not the possibilities.

There are two parts to the morphogenic field – the differentiated part and the undifferentiated part. The differentiated part is what we know as possibilities, positive or negative. These are things we know can manifest, will manifest, or hold space for future manifestation. It is a known quantity and while we create from it, we just repeat energy cycles and do the same things over and over.

The real miracles, those surprising, new, and fabulous things that happen, occur when we connect to the undifferentiated part of our morphogenic field or field of potential. Here we have the new uses of energy, the bold moves that create transformational miracles. Remember when I manifested my free trip to France? I could have done it the known way, by buying a ticket or somehow getting the money to go. Instead, I let the energetic potential lead the way and I got to go for free by being a translator for a tour, something I didn’t know was possible. That’s what becomes possible when we connect to our field of potential and the undifferentiated aspects of our morphogenic field.

We have this in our lives and it exists for the planet. The miracles of peace, joy, connection and the full expression of the 5D energies we want to manifest in the world are part of the morphogenic field and the field of potential for humanity. That exists as a potential and it becomes a reality when we decide that is what we want in our lives individually and collectively. Mastering the morphogenic fields and our field of potential and learning how to use energy is important if we are going to complete the ascension timeline in a way that we want to see happen, where we integrate 5D and we move into the 5D dimensional plane.


There are many different ascension timelines which we tend to coalesce into two possibilities – ascension either works or it doesn’t. If it works we move into multi-dimensionality and everything is great. If it doesn’t work we get to experience another great global cataclysm, like Atlantis, and we all perish.

But there are more than two ascension timelines as there are many variations of these timelines. Some are more pleasant than others and any of them are possible. We decide which timeline manifests although some of those aspects are not what we thought would happen. If that is true, I can hear some of you saying, then what happened during the last two years? That was part of the ascension timeline and it was a wake up call for humanity.

Did people wake up? Many did.

Are people more committed to ascension now than before? Yes they are.

Did everyone make this forward leap? No and they were not supposed to. These timelines also offer choice points for people to decide what they want to do and how they want their personal ascension journey to manifest. Some people are happy in the dark, others want to be in the brightest light possible.

And many others are somewhere in the middle but everyone, except those who want to stay in the dark, are more aware of the 5D energies of community, collaboration, connection, creativity, and co-operation and look at how much that is manifesting in so many different ways.

What blocks our access to strong, high vibration, multi-dimensional Ascension Timelines is our belief that ascension is part of everyone’s life path (it is not), that it happens the same way for everyone (it does not), and that it is something everyone will be participating in. They will, to some extent, but definitely not in the same way. And we disrupt the flow of the timelines when we think that the presence of chaos, challenges, and conflicts mean that we are no longer on an ascension timeline. We are and that’s all part of the process.

If you remember the Ascension Map I shared with you multiple times, the Ascension Process Map includes the different steps in the image here.

There are 3 main parts to ascension – descension, transcension, and ascension.

During descension we have the Problem, Awakening, Disintegration, and Chaos

Transcension is the 4D bridge, which we cross to make our way over to the 5D side

Ascension includes Awareness, Enlightenment, Energy Expansion, and ascension

And that process repeats over and over again. The problem is we get through the Ascension Cycle once and think it’s all over, we’re done. Then when something else comes up we think we made a mistake, we failed, we didn’t get it right because it was only supposed to happen once. We do not have ‘the’ ascension, we have many small ascension processes and cycles happening all of the time. That is why I always say to celebrate your victories, milestones, and advances because each one represents an ascension cycle.

We are ultimately in control of the Ascension Timelines and we will determine how that process unfolds individually and collectively. It could be a wonderful experience or a terrible one, it is up to us and how we decide to proceed. But there is no failure and no skipped steps either. We are all on the ascension path in our own way individually, and as part of the collective ascension path of humanity.


We are indeed living in perilous, confusing, and difficult times but the light always wins out over the darkness and it will prevail here too. We cannot get discouraged or disheartened over what we are seeing in the world. , that will prolong the challenges because it is our willingness to insist on the highest energies and the continuation of our 3D/5D ascension integration that will push ascension forward. Onward, upward, and outward! Moving forward, raising our individual and collective vibration, and expanding our energy field is how we continue to receive, align with, and integrate ascension energy.

We have been bringing in 5D energy for many years now and that will continue. Expect to feel bigger energy downloads and shifts too, which means more fatigue, coma naps,  energy hangovers, and the ups and downs that come with big energy moves. But we have been doing this for a long time and we are used to it even if it can be rather unpleasant.

Do you remember when the big shifts and downloads started happening, around 2005? They were very hard to deal with and we had a lot of ascension symptoms with some fairly challenging physical, emotion, and energetic side effects. We are receiving much higher frequencies and bigger energy downloads now and while they are still unsettling and can be challenging, we have been de-sensitized to the process after many years of adjusting our body to become a more efficient energy container.  

Remember the energies of 5D – community, connection, collaboration, co-operation, and creativity – that are the foundation of our ascension path. We can be more successful with this process and less challenged by what is going on in the world and in our lives by focusing more on the energy and less on the emotions and the 3D reality.

The more high frequency energy we bring into the earth grid, the more we are aware of the 3D density because while it has been hidden from us for a very long time, it is no longer hidden now and we will see more of it as this year progresses. But as quickly as the dark, dense energies are being revealed people are awakening in greater numbers.

Have you ever watched the sunrise and notice how you initially see the faint glimmer of light on the horizon, barely visible in the darkness and then suddenly the entire sky is light and there is no more darkness. This is what we need to focus on this year.



Everyone wants to know how they can be happier, wealthier, wiser, have more fun, create new relationships, and overall have a more enjoyable experience in a new year. We make bold new year’s resolutions that we abandon after a few weeks because they don’t work or are too hard or the results don’t happen. What’s going to make this year different?

A lot, I think and it is especially true of this year because the past few years have been so difficult, the truths so glaringly obvious, and the lessons about the importance of our energetic sovereignty have been so riveting. With the knowledge that we must maintain control of our energy and that we do have control over our reality (and no one else’s), plus the culling of our relationships, we are ready for a change.

The problem with any easy new year’s resolution process is that we think we’ll get massive transformation without making any changes.

We have to let some things go if we want new things in our life.

We have to be willing to embrace and embody new energies to become a higher version of ourselves.

We have to be willing to risk the disapproval, judgment, criticism, and rejection by people whose approval once meant everything to us.

And for many of us, those changes were made last year. Now if you have no friends or family connections remaining, you’re ready to seek more energetically congruent communities.

If you are tired of living where you are now and no longer want to be the energy anchor, light source, or healer for those communities, it is time to seek a more energetically congruent community.

And if your job, lifestyle, career, or other parts of your life are feeling old, stale, and unmotivating, it is time to seek changes.

When we are ready to make profound changes we’re ready to allow transformation to happen. So if you’re ready to do that this year, here are a few predictions that I will make for your personal transformation:

  1. It’s time for a new generation of healers to take over so if you have been doing that kind of work and you are tired of it, be open to new avenues for work and career. And that may be going back to the corporate or work world you left years ago. Remember you bring your energy with you wherever you go so if that is calling you, don’t reject it because it is ‘3D’.
  2. Romance has been lacking for so long and it’s time for us to bring real, connected, congruent, and energetically resonant relationships into our lives. That happens when we stop seeking to heal others, or ourselves, through our relationships. If you want a relationship that is based on love, you can have it this year but be aware that you cannot go into relationships now with healing or being healed as your mission or agenda.
  3. If you have been an energy anchor in your community or town, or a light bearer, light source, or healing energy there, it may be time to move this year. So many community demographics are changing now and the influx of people into and out of cities, states, and countries, is shifting the energy dynamics of those places. Don’t worry about ‘where’ you’re moving, focus on the community, life and lifestyle, people, activities, and connections you want. Your new 5D community is waiting for you.
  4. If you’re confused about which direction to take this year focus on the outcomes, what you want to achieve or accomplish and make it short term. Things are changing quickly so what you want now may shift in a few months. And remember that one of our biggest limiters is our fear of consequences. Choices do have consequences and it is our unwillingness to face consequences that stops us from moving forward and makes us feel stuck.
  5. Be bold in your intentions and make them as big as you can. Leave some room for miracles and for the Universe to deliver. We set our intention for what we think we can get (this is the differentiated morphogenic field) instead of what is truly possible for us and that gets disappointing results. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your intentions – you can never out-ask the Universe.
  6. Learn to say no to what is not going to serve you and be firm. Overextending and overcommitting yourself to others serves an agenda that goes beyond wanting to be nice and helpful. You want their approval, acknowledgement, commitment, connection, love, or respect. You want them to like you so you are not a target of their rejection or betrayal. I am not being cynical here, this is what I see in many clients who take on far more than they can handle so others will like them. Maintain your energy boundaries and put yourself first, your energy needs to be conserved for your own journey. It is better to give from your excess than to deplete your own resources so you have nothing left for yourself.
  7. Intend to be happy, to live in joy, to enjoy your life, to have all of the things you want, and to live an abundantly wealthy life. Our joy doesn’t follow getting what we want, it is the foundation for being energetically aligned with the great things that we want. Focus on the joy first and everything that is part of your joyful life will be available to you.
  8. In times of great chaos the world needs bright lights. Let yours shine brightly no matter what you see and hear going on around you. Fear feeds dark energies, the light makes them irrelevant. We need all the bright lights we can get right now, so shine on.
  9. Use the past wisely and sparingly. The more you focus on the past the less you are in the present. The past is useful for remembering lessons and what to avoid in the present but it cannot be changed or altered and staying in the past just creates anger and resentment.
  10. Let being grounded, centered, and balanced in your energy field be your source of guidance this year. If something doesn’t feel right, avoid it. If you feel out of balance energetically in a situation, move on. If you know someone depletes or drains your energy, let them go. Commit to maintaining your energetic integrity this year and that will help you have a joyful, joy-filled, glorious, high vibe year.

The best way to manage the energy this year is to use your energy tools, your energy boundaries, set powerful intentions, focus on your own energy flows and especially, your energy congruence.  Being energetically balanced, centered, and grounded at all times, no matter what is going on around you, is critical to maintaining your energetic congruence.

The illusion of 3D is powerful but it is based on paradigms that are not aligned with humanity’s 5D ascension energy integration – power, domination, control, competition, and separation are not what humanity wants now. The 5D energies of community, connection, co-operation, collaboration, and creativity are our focus.

This year is a turning point in our individual and collective journeys and we knew this time would come when it was time to pass the baton to the next generation of healers because we have other things to do, like rediscover our own joy, create our 5D paradigms, and celebrate the work we have done to get to this point in the ascension journey when humanity is awake, aware, and aligned with ascension. Take this year one day at a time and stay out of the fear because that is what feeds the negative energy.

Instead, celebrate how far we have come since we began this journey and how each step forward brings more of humanity into the 5D community. Be positive and let yourself be inspired and encouraged by what you see around you. Yes times are tough but that tough energy is what is helping us make progress every moment.

This year is a turning point and we each participated in getting here and in moving forward. Your part is simple, seek joy, peace, love, prosperity, and energetic congruence in all that you do. You do not have do heal anyone or the world, be a source of inspiration and shine your light so brightly that everyone wants to bask in the glow.

I know we will come through this year shining brightly, just as we have the past few years. We may have been a little bruised but we stuck together, we held our light, we pushed forward through the challenges, and we maintained our commitment to the ascension cycle and our energy work through it all. We have more help now so it will be easier and we can take time to focus more on our own path. So take a well deserved break from the chaos occasionally and let someone else run that lap for you. We are energy warriors, we have done this before, we are here to do it again, and we will prevail. Have a great year.


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