The 2021 Predictions

Every year, since 2005, I have been writing annual predictions and every year I say the same thing, “I write predictions even though I don’t like writing them”. I hesitate to make predictions, especially about world events, because I do not want to influence anyone’s thinking or skew the energy in any particular direction. Our manifestation powers are strong now and we create with our thoughts so what we think becomes the reality we live in.  And we can use the energy in any way we want to, so keeping the focus on high frequency expansion, and the world we want to live in, as opposed to being discouraged by what we see as ‘a world gone mad’ is important.

Now, more than ever, there is enormous power in the shared collective awareness because the collective family of humanity is far more aware of itself, its power, its interconnectedness, and its place in the Universe than it has ever been before. This makes us more powerful and stronger manifestors. If thoughts were powerful before, they are exponentially so now. Since my predictions are read by millions of people from dozens of countries, who can translate and interpret what they read in many different ways, sharing these predictions is a mission that I take very seriously and I write them with a great deal of care. And I have found that they are very accurate, when I review them during the course of the year, which I encourage you to do too.

The details of exactly ‘what will happen’ are not always part of the information I share with you, as it is more focused on what has the potential to happen or what is energetically aligned to allow certain events to unfold in particular ways. Because we have evolved so much since the beginning of this century, knowing the availability of different potentials serves as a decision making guide, rather than a dire warning of the upcoming year’s events.

As you read these predictions avoid looking for confirmation of ‘things to come’ and don’t look for the ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios, as I refuse to consider them as a possibility. Rather, use this information as a tool to manage your own life and energy as you embark on a new year filled with potential, power, and possibilities. I deliberately avoid the ‘doom and gloom’ or ‘pie in the sky’ predictions that others make, partly because I believe it serves no useful purpose to predict bad events since I  know that we have control over our individual and collective realities.

And I don’t believe that spouting sweetness and light, the belief that the Universe will make everything better and that we will be taken care of (without our active participation) is simply unrealistic. It is not consistent with our roles as co-creators in the Universe and is therefore also misinformation, designed to foster the belief that are lives unfold in a pre-destined way that we are powerless to stop, alter, or control.

Are you ready to shine brightly for another year?  This year will be different because we’re shining with a much higher energy frequency and we are accompanied by many more people. I know that the journey has been extremely long and challenging at times, we have been at this for several decades. But the evolving spiral of ascension isn’t achieved in a day and we can’t measure the success that is achieved over a journey of many lifetimes by what happens in a single lifetime.

Enjoy the replay of the 2021 Welcome Party of January 1, 2021.

Goodbye 2020

Did you get clarity about your life and your connections in 2020? Was the truth made clear (which is what clarity is all about) even if it was a very difficult truth?

Did you gain in confidence if you had to stand for your truth and believe that you were on the right path even if everything happening in your life made you question you choices? Did you gain courage as you had to make choices between giving up and moving forward, strengthening your resolve or moving your energy boundaries to accommodate others needs and fears?

How about creating true congruence in your life, as you had to weigh the consequences of staying in limitation versus expanding into greater prosperity and new potentials? You may not have been able to access them in 2020 but you’ll take that learning and the results of your choices into 2021.

may be a little hard to get started in 2021 especially after the chaos and shocks of 2020. What happened during that year surprised everyone and even more surprising may have been the reactions of people you thought you knew in the face of fear, life disruption, and chaos. But the themes of 2020, which I had noted in the 2020 predictions to be clarity, confidence, and congruence, were fulfilled, maybe not in the way we anticipated.

I’m going to say it again, the belief that this ascension process is all about sweetness and light and fairies and unicorns, with a blissful ticket to candyland to anyone to believes it has done a lot of damage. This is work, hard work, and we just completed one of the most challenging years of all, maybe because we thought it was going to get easier as we progressed, instead of harder. But the final test of our commitment and resolve was 2020, the year of clarity, confidence, and courage.

What are we bringing from 2020 into 2021? Our courage, confidence, and congruence, the lessons we learned, the decisions we took, and everything we overcame, rose above, and gained empowerment to create a new energy foundation for the new year.

2021 starts off with a very rare and historic aspect which actually happened on December 21, 2020, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. More than a simple conjunction, both planets entered the sign of Aquarius at the same time. This has not happened since 1226 and it moves us from the heavy earth energy into a new air energy cycle that is going to feel far more comfortable to anyone who is energy sensitive and has been very uncomfortable in 3D density.

That will be accompanied all year by a Saturn/Uranus square which is going to add a grounding element to ensure that our visions are grounded in the reality of our soul mission and life purpose. I also believe that the Saturn/Uranus square is going to reveal the dastardly technologies that serve no useful purpose and are quite sinister in nature and put a stop to ‘scientific’ advancement that does not benefit humanity.


The themes of 2021 are Intentional Creation and Energetic Sovereignty. Intentional creation means using our power of intention to create our reality but this is more than setting an intention an then sitting back and watching it unfold. It’s more complex and involved than that and we must be actively participating with our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions to push the energy forward. We are now more active and engaged participants in creating the individual and collective reality we want to see in our lives and in the world.

Did you notice how 2020 has been called the ‘Great Awakening’ by so many people? The chaos of 2020 did succeed in a global awakening to the disempowerment, domination, subjugation, control and dystopian agenda that has been attempted for decades. We saw it being imposed on us in 2020 and rose up against it. Using our power of intention creation we can return our world, lives and lifestyles to normal. Not the dystopian ‘new normal’ of 3D domination, control, isolation, suspension of civil liberties and freedoms, but the ‘new normal’ of energetic sovereignty, 2021’s second theme and the soul partnership it represents.

With energetic sovereignty we acknowledge ourselves as the controllers of our energy, of our reality, of our power to manifest, and of our individual and collective realities. This is where we become the embodiment of our soul energy, the un-animus that represents our shared Source connection and our divine inheritance of light. We are individual sparks of light that emanate from a singe Source, we are all the collective embodiment of the single soul which is the Source of all, while also being the individual embodiment of this light as our own person-ality. Our single Source connection is the singularity of the Universe and our uniqueness chooses how we express that connection as ourselves.

Energetic sovereignty is the expression of this divine light inheritance, the expression of our light through our being. Being energetically sovereign doesn’t mean being controlling, bossy, or selfish. It is the only way that we can achieve energetic wholeness and congruence, and manage the in and out flows of our energy so that our intentions become our reality in the highest and bets way possible.

That’s our mission for 2021. Are you ready for it?

ongruent, committed to your vision for the potential you know is possible for you and the


Power periods are times during the year when the energy is stronger and more active than at other times. These power periods are estimates but usually quite accurate. We have plenty of power periods and other strong aspects this year.

The period from January to late April is going to be a strong power period because except for a Mercury retrograde from January 30 to February 20, every other planet is in direct motion. And the Mercury retro in Aquarius just adds an extra layer of strength to our new air energy signature. I also believe this is when life begins to return to normal – lockdowns end, chaos subsides, and we get our liberty, freedom, and our lives back.

Power period 2 covers May and June with this year’s eclipse cycle, more on those in the monthly energy reports. During this period, and through August, I believe we are going to see a lot of people moving home, going to new areas and creating new communities of energetically compatible friends and families. I’ve been writing about the establishment of our energetic families for several years, now we are ready to do that, especially since so many people have awakened after the chaos of 2020.

Power period 3 covers September and October. I think we’ll be seeing some weather issues, seismic (earthquake) activity, and a renewed sense of self and take ownership of our accomplishments which is going to be easier when we are not so stressed by living in places where we do not belong and are not in energetic synergy with.

December is Power period 4 and it is marked by an exact Saturn/Uranus square all month, which is going to take us into 2022. And at the end of the year the nodes will be changing sign again, moving in to Taurus/Scorpio. The Gemini nodes we have had all of 2020 were also in that sign in 2000 so we’re moving into another energy cycle, one that is more mature, more considered, and more experienced.

Remember Pluto is still in Capricorn and although it is not joined by Saturn as it was in 2020, it is still working in the background, dredging up the darkest density of 3D and bringing it to the light. Don’t worry about getting revenge, the Universe has very creative, ingenious ways to take to task those who insist on disrupting the light and living through their darkness. It’s not a good thing to do especially with a very active Pluto until 2023.

Jupiter makes only one conjunction to Saturn, in January and February, as it zips through Aquarius, entering Pisces in May and June, then retrograding back through Aquarius, finishing the year with an entry into Pisces on December 30. This brings a highly evolved spiritual element into the energy of 2021 which is going to add to the higher thought vibe of Aquarius all year.

Like every year, it will be what we decide to make of it and how we use the energy available to us will decide what happens. We have learned, in prior years, that there is nothing more powerful than our collective intention. Energy exists as pure potential. We are its vehicle of expression so whatever we set as our intention channels energy into form. When we claim our energetic sovereignty we become powerful energy containers and our reality becomes the expression of pure potential as energy meets intention and intention becomes reality.

We have a lot of power available to us now and we have the knowledge, courage, and confidence to use it. So let nothing stop you from being confident, courageous, and committed to your own purpose. Joy is the highest energy and vibration in the Universe. Being in joy, embodying joy, and enjoying life is why you are here.

Enjoy yourself – Joy is your Purpose


Final Thoughts

I make these predictions carefully because nothing is set in stone and we have creative power over all of our individual and collective realities. While both the dark and the light are potentials, it is our desire for the energies of peace, love, joy, and prosperity for all that will allow these to be dominant energies on the planet.

If we want a different kind of world, we need to set intentions for that world to exist. It can, if we do it and do it as the collective family of humanity. It is our time to act through our collective un-animus, the single Source that is the source of all, which represents our singularity, our unity, and our collective journey of ascension.

The age of self interest has expired; the era of collective  interest has arrived. 

We have moved from the New Age into the Light Age. We have rejected the power, greed, domination, competition, and control of the 3D paradigms to embrace the connection, collaboration, community, co-operation, and creativity of the 5D paradigms. We’re in full integration mode now, onward and upward.

Shine on Light Beacons, be bold, have powerful intentions and strong energy boundaries and let’s make this a great year for us and for all of humanity.

With much love for your continued presence and support on this ascension path, I wish you the biggest, best, and brightest blessings for the new year. I am honored to be a guide for you and humbled by your trust, faith, and love. 

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman


Dark vs Light, Evil vs Good

We are fighting an epic battle of the ages, between dark and light, evil and good, and while we’re winning mightily, the war is not over yet.  Each of us plays an important role in this battle which is a fight between opposing energies in the polarity of 3D. Every time we shine brightly, set powerful intentions, establish our high vibe energy boundaries, empower our vision, claim our energetic sovereignty, we claim new 5D territory in the ongoing 3D/5D integration to edge closer to multi-dimensional duality.

This is the battle to bring heaven on earth and we are engaged as individuals and as the collective, it is a battle we have fought for eons but now we are ready to take ascension into a new level and this time many more of us are actively participating on the front lines. 

Each light is important and each light shines brightly for the whole. Yes the battle is important and we have fought this before, and lost. But we are not going to lose this time and now we are joined by many in the collective who are awake, aware, aligned with a new truth, and who want this for themselves.

Celebrate each victory as you continue to expand your energy, raise your frequency, and embrace the joy energy of 5D. We have created a community of light so there is plenty of support for you on your journey. Ask and receive, be in your energetic sovereignty, and remember that you are a spark of divine light with the full power of the light of Source with you.


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