DNA Recalibration is part of our ascension path and

we need to activate our full 13 strand DNA now



Are you feeling more intuitive, energized, and multi-dimensional?


Have you noticed that you’re receiving and processing more energy with energy downloads?

Do you want to be able to use the energy you are receiving in new ways to expand your energy field?


DNA carries our light codes and energy frequencies


Our DNA is far more complex than the 2 strand DNA science says we have


What they call ‘junk DNA’ is how we achieve our multi-dimensional being-ness


It is how we enter the star portals that activate our divine mastery


And the 13 Strand DNA Activation is an important part of our ascension journey


Massive solar flares, energy downloads, geomagnetic storms, and solar winds are bombarding us with Very High Frequency (VHF) energy which is expanding our energy fields, recalibrating our DNA, and activating our 13th DNA strand.  

Yes, our basic physical DNA blueprint is changing in response to our energetic ascension process, our 3D/5D integration.

You  may have heard that this was completed in 2011 or 2012, that the DNA recalibration was finished then, but that door was opened and then closed — we got a glimpse of that potential but we weren’t ready for it yet.

Now we are at the point where we are ready for true alignment with and integration of our full 12 strand DNA and to receive the 13th strand.


This moves us from Christ Consciousness and the Martyred Healer paradigm to


Christed Awareness and becoming an Empowered Master.


I’m going to be discussing this process with you in a new 13th Strand Divine Energy Core DNA Activation class and showing you how to do your own DNA activation (you don’t need someone else to do this for you, you can do it yourself).

But first, let’s talk about DNA, which is the blueprint for the human physical body — and its energetic body as well.

The image on the left is what most people think a 2 strand DNA looks like — they’re partially right.

And some people think that we will eventually have up to 22 strands of DNAdna_single22b that will look something like this — and they are wrong, it won’t look like this at all.

There is much more purpose and symmetry to how our DNA is constructed and while we do have multiple DNA strands, they are more aligned with our body’s physical/energetic paradigm, which is a perfect balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Why is your DNA structure important? Because as you move through your ascension cycles your physical body needs to adjust to new energies, higher frequencies, and to adapt to multi-dimensional being and that starts at the DNA level. 

DNA is more than the building blocks for our physical body, our DNA also carries our light codes and energy frequencies. And the more we integrate 5D frequencies every aspect of our 3D body must be re-calibrated to receive more light.

With the 2 strand DNA model we’re stuck in 3D density. Even if we add the 3rd strand, which is the integration of spirit, we’re still unable to expand our energy field to accommodate the energy frequencies we need to achieve 5D.

We need to turn our 3D DNA 2 strand model into a 5D 13 strand model, so we have a fully integrated DNA structure that corresponds to our entire light and energy body – mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

The 13th strand is the divine core, our Christed Awareness. This is our divine harmony, and empowered mastery. It is the synergy of human and spirit, the true congruence of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

This 13 Strand DNA structure is consciously activated

so we can fully integrate our 5D light bodies. 

And you can do that activation with the 13 Strand DNA Activation program.


There’s something else we need to understand about our DNA and how it functions, which is totally different from what we have been told by mainstream science, for very powerful reasons that serve to help us forget who we really are and the full range of our capabilities, potential, and possibilities.

dna_3strandcThis is close to what a DNA strand looks like, 3 strands woven together. The two strands science sees refer to the body and mind, or the physical grounding. The 3rd strand represents spirit or energy.    When they are all aligned and activated they work together so we are always integrated with our divinity, in every aspect of our DNA and in every aspect of our body.

But for most people, only two strands are active and even then, they aren’t fully active because they’re limited by toxic energy, low frequencies, and a lack of awareness.

But there’s more — we don’t have just one 3 strand bundle of DNA, we have four, representing the four aspects of our presence — body, mind, emotions and spirit.

3 strands x 4 bunches = 12 strands of DNA and the 13th strand is the core which links them all together. This is the Christed strand – the divine core.

Those four groups of DNA are activated and work together when we’re energetically balanced, they look a little like this image. dna_bunch2Try to imagine the 4 bunches of DNA, each with 3 strands, that’s 12 strands of DNA.  Each of the 4 bundles is activated, and then we have to be ready for strand #13, the Divine Energy Core Strand.

We now have access to this because we’re ready to make a bigger leap into the 5D energy paradigm.


How you benefit from activating your 13 strand 5D DNA

  • You no longer feel unbalanced, ungrounded, and anxious every time there’s an energy shift
  • You have more confidence in yourself and feel more connected to Source
  • You become a better manifestor and it is easier to integrate and align with new energies
  • You’ll know, with more confidence, that you are an Empowered Master, and be able to stand confidently in your Christed Awareness
  • The past no longer makes you anxious and afraid and you have a greater sense of control over your reality
  • You feel more connected to your spirit guides and angels and are more connected to your co-creative partnership with Source.


Lots of things have limited us from being able to upgrade to the 13 Strand DNA model — karma, soul wounds, soul contracts, lifetimes of healing and atonement, Portal Keeper missions – and our own ignorance of our divine potential.

This is where the 13th DNA strand becomes important.

dna_13dnaaAs you see in the image to the right, the 13th strand is at the center, it is our divinity core that ties all of our DNA together so we are whole, fully integrated, aligned, congruent, and resonating at our highest frequency.

The 13th strand re-activates our divine potential, our Christed Awareness, moving us out of 3D density into 5D divine harmony, from the darkness and into the light, from karma to creation, from limitation to expansion, and from consciousness to awareness.

This is where the new earth and the Light Age begins, within our 13 Strand DNA.

We’re at an ascension crossroads and one of our final steps is the insertion and activation of our 13th DNA strand. This is not something that the Universe ‘gives’ us, we do it for ourselves and I’m going to show you how.


 Here is what you receive in the 13 Strand DNA Activation class:

  •  How our DNA blueprint works at all 4 levels — body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • Aligning and calibrating the 12 DNA strands to prepare for the insertion and activation of the 13th strand of DNA
  • The 13th DNA strand and its role in life, evolution, and ascension
  • How to stop energy siphons and drains from other people, karma, soul contracts that limit your ability to access the power of your integrated DNA blueprint
  • Releasing illusion and delusion to create empowered vision
  • Moving from linear expansion to spherical expansion
  • Becoming more than 360 — the magic 720
  • Three attunements you need for your ascension expansion and 13th DNA Strand integration:
    • Physical and energetic grounding and connection release (I’ll show you two easy ways to do this)
    • How to align your 12 strands of DNA and expand your energy field to receive the 13th Strand
    • The 13th DNA core Divine Energy strand insertion and activation
    • BONUS:  The High Heart activation and the high heart/low heart (the ascended heart and our emotional heart) connection, which is a powerful tool for healing our emotional traumas, something we need to do to complete our ascension path.  (a $197 value)
    • BONUS Energy Grounding and Protection Energy Activation (a $197 value)
    • **BONUS  My trademark Energy Boundaries – your Keys to Freedom training – learn how to set strong energy boundaries ($197 value)
    • BONUS audio of the 13 DNA Activation process you can use to repeat the DNA upgrade process as needed (if you need a reminder)
    • BONUS  Group Q&A Call with Jennifer – date and details will be in your course portal



With this course you will have all of the information you need to understand your DNA structure and activate your 5D 13 Strand Divine DNA.   Immediate access to the course portal once you register.


Choose this option to pay in full for the 13 Strand DNA Activation program

$100 off the full price of $297 
Pay only $197 for a limited time



Choose this option to make 2 convenient payments of $107, the first one billed now and the 2nd in 30 days

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I  know some people tell you that you  need someone else to ‘ activated’ you, and they can do it for you but the truth is, they can’t. You have total control over your energetic body and it’s up to you as to when and how that happens. And it’s required for our next step – all of humanity faces this choice now.

The questions you have about your life, your joy, when you will finally be free of your karmic contracts, unfulfilling relationships, the people who drain your energy, how can you be karma free, and fully integrated, aligned, activated, and fulfilled as a spiritual human? That’s the focus and purpose of this class.

You receive over 3 hours of instruction, including the preparation work, the 1 hour class, and the 1 hour 13 Strand DNA Activation process, worksheets, and everything you need to do your 13th Strand DNA Activation. The recordings are available to download and you have separate downloads for the activation so you can use them again and again.

And your bonus with this program is my trademark High Heart Activation, so you can connect your 3D emotional heart with your 5D divine or high heart. This is a powerful process that teaches you how to transform emotional pain and trauma into a higher frequency.  A $197 value, it’s your special bonus with this program to help you activate your High Heart center once you have activated your 13 strand DNA.

AND as a special limited BONUS you also get my trademark Energy Boundaries – your Keys to Freedom training. This is the ONLY authentic energy boundary training that I have been teaching since 2010 as I created the concept of energy boundaries. And this class is also a $197 value and it is your special bonus with this program for a limited time.

$395 in Bonuses for a limited time.


Jennifer Hoffman is recognized as the world’s most accurate intuitive mystic, a unique Energy Savante™, the iconic leader of the spiritual awareness movement, and is an expert in energy vibration, resonance, alignment, intention, and congruence. A former business and technology executive, she made a career switch after receiving a visitation from Archangel Uriel during which she was asked to become a spiritual teacher and channel. Although she enjoyed her career and had aspirations to continue it, she knew her spiritual avocation lay in another direction.

She is also a top-selling author of 7 books, a popular radio and podcast host, a business and life transformation catalyst, and spiritual teacher. Her unique work on ‘Becoming 360 x 3’ energetic wholeness and congruence has create a new paradigm of energy alignment and integration for her clients. Jennifer has the ability to help people break through their energetic trauma ceiling and achieve the life they desire by releasing their limitations and creating new levels of alignment, integration, and focus for their energy.

In additional to her spiritual work, Jennifer utilizes her business education, expertise, and experience to provide common sense business training using her Congruent Business Model™ and Integrated Business Training™ to startups, re-starts, and expanding empires. She consults with businesses on efficiency, productivity, marketing, sales, and connection strategies to enhance presence, profits, and create solid platforms for long-term business success.

Since 2004 she has published the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, the Internet’s oldest and most widely read publication, with more than 4 million readers. Jennifer provides life-transforming intuitive coaching, spiritual wisdom, and business savvy to a client base of more than 100,000 including men and women from all walks of life, from  more than 40 countries.



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