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Intuitive life and soul readings with  intricate detail, profound clarity,  and grounded advice. Know your karmic past and how to shift it. Get clarity on your 5D path. Jennifer is the world’s most accurate intuitive and Energy Savante, known for her ability to identify your deepest life issues, read energy fields, and deliver accurate insights,  solutions, and predictions.

Coaching & Support

Group and personal coaching programs with Jennifer for High Vibes Living.  Get clarity and an energy framework to resolve the past, align with new potentials, integrate expanded frequencies, and create your most empowered outcomes. Featuring the Becoming 360 AIM for AWE formula, Soul Energy Alignment Mastery.

Programs, Products, & Courses

Jennifer has trained over 2 million students and her programs are the best available. Her programs, courses, and products provide learning and enlightenment on a to help you release the past, align, integrate, and master your energy, embody your highest potential and expand into High Vibes Living®.

Books by Jennifer

Jennifer is a best selling author of multiple books that resonate with a wide audience and share her inspiring life story, teach you how to create miracles, and succeed on your life path.  Readers describe them as informative, enlightening, and present complex topics with clarity and Jennifer’s unique mix of humor, spiritual wisdom, and mastery of energy congruence.


Jennifer has received thousands of testimonials since she began her writing and speaking in 2004, here are a few of the recent ones.

I just wanted to thank you so much, for answering my question on your live this past Wednesday night!  I love and adore you, and  cannot thank you enough for  all the ways in which  you have helped me grow as a person.  Again, thank you Jennifer for your response,  and  what you said, I agree with 100%.  

Cindy B

I have followed Jennifer since 2005 and she has been a consistent voice for empowerment, self awareness, and enlightenment, just as she says. I remember listening to her live radio show and now I enjoy the weekly LIVE broadcasts. I have read all of Jennifer’s books and taken most of her courses. I always learn something new from Jennifer, something that enriches my life in new ways. 

Linda S

Jennifer has been a bright light in these dark and challenging times and I am always surprised at how her newsletters and posts are always spot on for me. I have learned so much from Jennifer and admire her courage, her inspiring life story, and her availability and accessibility. I feel like she is my friend, confidante, and advisor and she makes everyone feel important and special. I am a long time follower and I share Jennifer’s messages and her site with everyone.

Amanda P


Jennifer Hoffman is the world’s most accurate intuitive, the iconic Energy Savante™, multi best selling author, beloved speaker and teacher, and a business and technology expert with multiple degrees and a 25+ career in finance, tech, management, and software design and implementation. She’s a real renaissance spiritual leader who achieves a balance between material and spiritual, providing highly spiritual and yet deeply grounded advice, resources, and training for your life path, as well as expert business consulting and training. 

Jennifer Hoffman – Master Intuitive and Energy Savante™

Jennifer is a lifelong intuitive whose reputation as the world’s most accurate intuitive is one of her unique talents that endears her to an audience of millions of followers and readers. She is the founder and leader of the energy and self awareness movement and her work in energy frequency, vibration, congruence, alignment, and resonance has benefited her students since 2004.  Jennifer is the founder of the ‘Becoming 360 energy congruence’ platform, the ‘energy boundaries’ system, and is the author of 8 best selling books.

Jennifer’s insights and writings have been read and shared by millions and her blog proudly hosts a global audience of over 5 million avid fans every week. A rare combination of business intelligence and intuitive savvy, Jennifer has been a featured expert in on and offline publications on business and spiritual topics, produces the world’s longest running top blog and podcast, and her expertise, insights, and wisdom are praised by a client base of over 100,000 customers.

Jennifer is widely known as the Doyenne of Determination, the Energy Congruence expert, the Energy Boundaries Evangelist, the Cash Flow to Profit Platform Catalyst, and is the leading source of inspiration for millions who seek self awareness, empowerment, energy boundaries, congruence, fulfillment, and joy in their lives, as well as integration of the Strategy + Soul Synergy process for High Vibes Living® .


Jennifer’s teachings focus on the synergy between strategy + soul, to ensure that new potentials are grounded in the reality of our daily lives. Her AIM for AWE formula encapsulates this as part of her Becoming 360 Energy Mastery programs – creating energetic congruence and divine harmony that allows for miracles, manifestation, and mastery to create clarity, confidence, and courageous intention.

Dual Channels of Strategy and Soul

Jennifer is the world’s leading authority and expert in soul alignment, energy congruence, and creating synergy between self and soul. 
Her GPS coaching model applies to all aspects of life and business, and that translates into ensuring that your life strategy is thoughtfully aligned and interwoven with your soul path, revealing what makes you feel authentic and fulfilled so your presence is aligned with your purpose, your goals and gifts resonate with your message and presence, and your soul and success are masterfully balanced between serving your needs and achieving plentiful abundance. 


Read inspiring articles from Jennifer’s celebrated blog, the internet’s most widely shared and read blog, published online since 2004.

Time Time Travel and Transformation

Time Time Travel and Transformation

Have you ever wanted a do-over in your life, to turn back time and have another chance at things? I have, even though I know that going back to the past would not solve anything unless I could take what I have learned with me. But there is a way to turn the past into...

Dark Dawn and the Light

Dark Dawn and the Light

How  is this eclipse portal affecting you? If you’re feeling tired, wired, and your energy is rather erratic don’t worry, it’s just part of the energy cycle and it will feel better after a while. We’re in the midst of a period of profound change and this is not an...

November 2022 Energy Report

November 2022 Energy Report

If you’re feeling displaced, ungrounded, and untethered it will pass once we get through the eclipse period that ends with the November 8 eclipse. Until then, we’re going through a remarkable shift of epic proportions and it’s going to shake things up. As we enter...

Eclipses Portals of Choice and Change

Eclipses Portals of Choice and Change

Have you been feeling the energy movement lately? Maybe you have been feeling it while you are up all night, as so many of us are. Maybe you have been feeling it because you have organized your closet and cabinets and moved all of the furniture in your house multiple...

Habit Change and Transformation

Habit Change and Transformation

With all of these shifts we are being pushed, somewhat ungracefully, to allow our own realities to become 5D integrated and the process is not always pleasant. Transformation occurs after we decide to allow change into our lives and while we say we want change because...

October 2022 Energy Report

October 2022 Energy Report

It’s a new month and a new frequency, along with a new energy that is different from what we have had in the past few months even though we have some strong energy aspects in October including  the Saturn/Uranus square and we have an eclipse.  October is a month of...

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