At the end of any life experience or lesson we invariably ask ourselves ‘why didn’t I do or get this sooner?’ Isn’t it easy to think that we could have done something better, faster, or more easily after we get through it? Because once we ‘get’ a lesson or arrive at a new level of understanding, we forget where we started and can’t figure out why it took us so long to get to the end. Time condenses to that point of understanding and everything that precedes it looks like a huge waste of time. Then we judge and criticize ourselves for having been so dense because at that moment, it all looks so easy and clear. We can’t figure out why we couldn’t arrive at that understanding sooner but it was all part of the process.

When I work with coaching clients I encourage them to listen to their first session recording occasionally, so they are reminded of where they began and how much progress they have made. It helps them maintain a perspective on their transformation process. Every part of any journey follows the right and best path, each step is important, and all of the steps together help us arrive at a new point of awareness. The journey could not have been shorter or less dramatic or painful, and we did what we needed to do so we could get to where we needed to be.

There are three parts to any life experience or lesson, process, time, and timing. Process is how elements must fit together, in the right and best order, so that we achieve the learning, healing, growth, and transformation we need and want. Time is the physical boundary we put on the process, the way we filter and drag energy through our beliefs and emotions so we can make sense of everything and align it with our own understanding, and timing represents the flow of energy in an experiential order, so situations and events are ordered according to our needs and growth. Things really do fall into place, like dominoes, but in the order that we determine by what we need to  learn.  

We cannot move through any experience or lesson without these three elements and we can’t make them move faster (or more slowly) either, although we would like to. Process, time, and timing work together, like baking a cake. It would be easy to dump a random group of ingredients in a pan, in a random order, stick it in the oven for a random amount of time and call it cake. It probably wouldn’t look or taste like a cake because there is a process to baking a cake that must be followed, starting with the right ingredients, put together with the right order and timing, and baked for a specified amount of time.

And there is a process to life’s lessons that must be followed too, that we unconsciously follow so we can have our cake, so to speak, and then enjoy eating it. But by the time we get to the end of the process, we forget where we started and think that it was all a bad use of our time. It wasn’t and every element of every experience plays an important role in our learning, healing, growth, and transformation. Then we can evolve into a new level of awareness because the ‘old’ one no longer suits us. And then we can have our cake and eat it too, and it will be one that we enjoy from start to finish.

But it is a process, which follows certain terms and conditions, involves detailed timing, and takes as much time as it needs or rather, as much time as we need it to. And when we view the outcome as a new beginning, a fresh page on which we can write the story of our choosing, we will be less inclined to start the first paragraph with how we  were too slow, dense, unaware, or uncoordinated to arrive at that point faster.

What do you think you could have done faster or better or more easily in your life experiences or lessons? Can you identify any of the steps you took as unnecessary in your learning process? Make note of them and intend to avoid them the next time by being aware of their potential and creating a higher outcome. Don’t judge or criticize yourself for what you did or didn’t do. Instead, make note of what you want to avoid so when that situation comes around again, you are prepared to make a different choice that will allow you to make a beautiful cake, and eat it too.


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