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Walking Through the Fog

Many years ago I lived inGermanyand some winter days would be very foggy. This wasn’t the light, wispy fog that went away when the sun came up. This was dense, deep fog that lasted for hours and was so thick that it was nearly impossible to see more than a few inches in front of you. It was like being in a strange world where sounds were muffled, people were dark shapes that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and the world around you was nonexistent. Does this feel like your life right now?

It was easy to get lost on those foggy days, even while walking well-known paths. All of the familiar landmarks were hidden, street signs were shrouded and intersections weren’t apparent until they suddenly appeared. You knew that oncoming cars couldn’t see you in the street until you were right in front of them. Getting around safely meant waiting for the fog to go away on its own, then the world would look familiar again. But until then, getting around was difficult and unsafe, any path was uncertain and the fog made the world a very eerie place.

Times of great transition, as we are going through now, put all of us in a fog as the energy swirls around us and we can’t see far into the future, which we thought was possible but which really isn’t. The world around us doesn’t exist any more and we’re finding that it never really did. What will we see when the fog lifts? Will the familiar landmarks be there so we can find our way? Will we feel safe again? Will everything have changed to the point where we have to start again? There is no one to ask because everyone is experiencing some aspect of this transition. One thing we can share is the doubt, confusion and fear and the knowledge that there is a profound shift occurring, which puts us all in the same place of knowing, at a deep level, that the world has changed and will, in many ways, never be the same again, even after the fog lifts.

Is that a bad thing? It is if we find security in what is known and stable. It isn’t if we have been hoping that the change has to be better than the past. Someone wrote to me saying that they wanted to create a better future for themselves. Better than what? If they have created their perfect life, then they have to acknowledge their responsibility and perfection before they can step into something different. Hoping that the changes will make us happy and feel safe without intentionally creating that just keeps us in the fog, hoping that the sun will come out and burn it away. We can use these foggy days to slow down, get clear on what we want and set some intentions for the future which will manifest, step by step, as we trust our own guidance and stand firmly in our power to create the reality that serves our desire for joy, love, peace and abundance.

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