multi_heaertsIt’s Valentine’s Day and that’s a day when we either celebrate the love we have, grieve the love we lost, or wonder what’s wrong with us because we love seems to have passed us by. For many of us, while we have not quite given up on the idea of having a loving, fulfilling, committed relationship, it doesn’t appear to be likely in the near future. I believe that will change this year for two important reasons:

1. We have done the clearing, healing, and release work that covers lifetimes of karma, trauma, and soul group and soul mate connections, and

2. We’re ready to move into relationships that are love-based, karma-free and, most importantly, not based on the need to fulfill our desire for healing and wholeness which we try to accomplish by healing someone else.

All healing relationships are mirrors of our own healing needs. And these relationships take us down the karmic path because all of their energy is based in the past. When we are ready to free ourselves of the need to heal others by being attached to the healing result we want them to embrace and embody (which is really our own healing result), we can create relationships that are love based and that can meet us at our desire for love and not at our need for healing.

Our real need for healing is driven by our own energy gaps, the places where we feel that something is missing in us and where we need our own healing to occur. These gaps represent our own separation from wholeness, places where we feel disconnected and afraid, where we have been wounded. These gaps have happened with our karmic partners and soulmates but healing doesn’t occur for us when we try to heal them, no matter how hard we try.  How many times have we showered someone with love and healing, only to be rejected or not gotten the result we wanted? That isn’t the solution to our problem, but something else is, something much more powerful that we can do now.

What we don’t realize is that we don’t need to be in someone’s life to heal them, we can send them healing energy and let them choose what they want to do and what is right for them, and gain our own healing, closure, and return to wholeness in the process. It’s hard to let go of these karmic cycles because we’re so focused on the closure we want but that is also a misconception — healing closure doesn’t happen when someone else is healed, it happens when we decide that we want to close our own gaps.

We encounter many people who we believe need healing on our life path and they are a mirror of our own healing needs. It is part of our role to provide healing, so often we do this by being a source for healing instead of being a source of healing. We cannot heal anyone else, but it can be a long and painful hill that we climb for a very long time before we realize this.

As a source for healing we take on the responsibility for others’ healing. As a source of healing, we present healing as a gift that others can use to heal themselves. The level of healing energy is the same, it’s the delivery that is different — we offer the healing as a gift and let them use it in any way they can. Without martyring ourselves, we provide an opportunity for healing through our own healed and whole self, giving ourselves the gift of closure and moving from healing to wholeness in the process, and let others choose this for their path according to their own healing purpose, needs, and willingness.

Here is a healing prayer that was given to me by  my guides, and I am sharing it with you to share with anyone you feel needs healing, including yourself. Hold the person you believe needs healing in your thoughts as you say this prayer and direct the healing energy to them as you say the words. This is someone you want closure with, someone who has hurt or wounded you in any way, someone who has reminded you of your energy gaps, and made you feel incomplete, unworthy, or confused.

I offer this gift of healing to you, from my highest heart to yours, offered in a spirit of connection, wholeness, and divine, unconditional love.

Where you lack faith, I send you the energy of trust.

Where you have doubt, I send you the energy of confidence.

Where you have chaos and discord, I send you the energy of peace.

Where you are lost, I send you light to guide you on your path.

Where you are sad and unhappy, I send you the energy of joy.

Where you are confused, I send you the energy of clarity.

Where you feel unworthy, I acknowledge your value and worthiness.

Where you are wounded and afraid, I send you the healing power of divine grace.

Where you feel alone, isolated, and rejected, I send you the energy of connection.

Where you lack self love, the knowledge of love and the ability to give and receive love, I surround you with the divine truth of unconditional love.

And I offer you and myself the gift of healing, release, closure, and divine, unconditional love as we complete our healing and karmic cycles with grace and ease.

I send you oceans of love on this day where the world celebrates love. Thank you for your love, participation, and support as we have taken this journey together and I send each of you this prayer for healing and hold you in the spirit of wholeness and unconditional love in my highest heart.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman


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