How many times have you prayed for better relationships, more money, a better job, a new home, peace and joy? And how many times do you repeat your prayers when you do not receive what you asked for? Do you pray the same prayers every day or every week? Do you believe that your prayers will be answered or do you think that the Creator and the Universe are deaf because your prayers go unanswered? What do you do then, do you feel defeated and powerless? Do you ask again and hope that your prayers are heard? You should know that every prayer reaches Source and every desire of your heart is answered. The fact that it seems your prayer is not answered immediately is not a sign that you are not being heard, but that there are other lessons or issues involved in the outcome.

A prayer is not a petition to God for mercy, blessings, and grace, as you are taught by religion. A prayer is an affirmation of your divine connection and a declaration of the creative power that you already have. While you may have learned that if you want anything you have to ask for it in prayer as a powerless penitent rather than a powerful master, that is not true. Ascension mastery requires that you affirm your creative power as multi-dimensional masters, so when you pray you are merely affirming your co-creative partnership with Source and bringing that which already exists into your reality as a new potential. Are you affirming joy, abundance and peace, or are you affirming sadness, lack and chaos? Everything that you could possibly desire is already yours and your prayers bring new potentials into form in your reality.

There is an important step in seeing results from prayer and it is to acknowledge the current life path that you and Source have already created. Whether you judge it as good or bad, joyful or sad, easy or difficult, it is what you created with your power and how you have used your co-creative partnership. Perhaps you created it at a time when you were unaware of the unlimited potentials that you could have used your power to create and reflects your frequency, vibration, and lessons in that moment of the past Have you learned its lessons? If so, then you also have the power to change it.

The first step in powerful prayer is to acknowledge the present circumstance as a powerful co-creator. Whatever has been done cannot be undone but it can be transformed. Now that you have acknowledged your creative ability, you can reaffirm your creative power and create something different for yourselves. And you use prayer to do that.

The second step is to use prayer as a declaration, confirmation, and commandment. It is not a form of begging for relief, that presents you as a victim of your circumstances and that is not part of your Source connection. You cannot be a victim and a powerful co-creator at the same time. Prayer is an affirmation of your connection to Source, a confirmation of your potential, and a commandment that you use to move energy in new directions, frequencies, and vibrations. Ascension is a journey into divine congruence, which is a process of moving from healing cycles to wholeness and multi-dimensionality.

Healing is an important part of ascension but every healing cycle must end and using powerful prayer affirms the closure with limitation, powerlessness, fear, and victim consciousness. As you awaken to your creative potential you also awaken the new possibilities in your field of potential. Use prayer as a declaration of your creative power, not to beg Source for mercy. Use prayer to command energy to move, not to wish for relief. Know that each prayer is always heard and always answered, in the right time and under the right circumstances, and when it is prayed with trust as an affirmation of your power and co-creative connection to Source. And use prayer to firmly establish the divine in your life so your prayer becomes a tool for manifestation and how you create your heaven on earth.

This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message.


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