The Surrender Course


7 Keys to Stop Resisting & Start Allowing & Receiving your Blessings

 with Jennifer Hoffman –Master Energy Savante

If we want to be master manifestors, creating life through our intention and desires, we must learn to surrender. 

This does not mean we have to ‘give up’, that is not what surrender means.

It means that we stop fighting and resisting, we allow transformation to happen AND we stop asking and start receiving.

When we surrender we allow the things we want to moving towards us because we are not blocking their progress through our fears, limiting beliefs, worries, doubts, and confusion.

When we surrender we indicate our willingness to receive what we want and do not block the transformation that it requires.

The Surrender Course lessons are channeled messages from Archangel Uriel that were first presented to the Light  Beacons group and it was their favorite program. Now it is being made available to everyone because it is an important aspect of our ascension path and puts us in our most expansive

In the Surrender Course you will receive 7 tools to help you allow and receive so you manifest more quickly, more easily, and without guilt, regret, fear, or worry.

With each lesson you will create new levels of empowerment and learn how to create in the 7 ways

Here’s an overview of The Surrender Course lessons:

Lesson 1:  Ask for  Guidance as a Creator — to be master manifestors we can’t beg or plead or hope that what we want will somehow magically appear. We need to be in our most power Co-Creative mode with the Universe and that means we know that we are always connected and have equal creative power with the Universe.

Lesson 2:  Speak Your Truth — Do you dim your light and power so you do not offend or intimidate others? While you may do that to maintain a level of peace in your life, you are not speaking the truth of who you are. In this lesson you will uncover the layers that block you from knowing the truth of who you are and lovingly embrace your truth.

Lesson 3:  Surrender to Love:  Being open to receiving love requires that we understand acceptance, which is non-judgment.  Love or acceptance allow us to make choices beyond karma, fear, and anger. When we surrender to or allow love, we erase the effect of all other energies. Love is our answer, acceptance is our solution, and nothing else matters.

Lesson 4:  Surrender to Peace:  We cannot be at peace when we are trying to resist chaos. When we surrender to peace we allow peace to be present in our lives and sometimes that creates chaos. In this message we discuss the energy of peace and how surrender works with it. We can be in the energy of peace if we stop resisting chaos. We cannot be in both energies, fighting and surrendering, at peace and at war, at the same time. Surrendering to peace allows it to become a choice, a light in the darkness that by its still presence is more powerful than chaos.

Lesson 5:  Surrender to Joy:  Joy is something we must surrender to, or allow, to not resist it, to give it our own meaning and value, and defining what it means to us.  If you are unhappy and dissatisfied, then you can consider seeking joy as an alternative. As with all energies, we must set our intention for it and create space in our energy fields that it can occupy. Joy displaces sadness, fear, anger, and dissatisfaction. All of those energies, when present, occupy space in your life that could be occupied by joy.

Lesson 6:  Surrender to Freedom:  In this message we discuss the freedom and how we must surrender to it, or stop resisting it, to value it (give it meaning) and define it for ourselves, in order to have it. Without this, we mire ourselves in obligations and responsibilities, in taking care of others and meeting their needs so we have no time or opportunity to take care of ourselves. If you feel stuck or trapped in your life, it may be time to surrender to freedom. Freedom is how you are yourself, know your truth, it is how you express and expand your energy in your life. Having strong boundaries is one way of expressing freedom in your life. This lesson includes the Energy Expansion meditation.

Lesson 7:  Surrender to Timing:  In this message we discuss timing and its function in our journey of healing to wholeness. Timing is the non-linear, multi-dimensional flow of energy and follows intention. Time is the movement of energy through density and matter, and it is linear. We can surrender to timing when we are aware of how, once we set an intention, it brings together all of the events and situations that will allow us to complete a cycle so we bring all of our levels into wholeness — body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

For each lesson you receive:

  • A message .pdf to print and audio file to download for your personal spiritual library
  • A 60+ minute teaching call and worksheet to guide you through the process of applying this lesson to your life
  • All course audios and .pdf files can be downloaded to your personal computer or other digital media device.
  • An invitation to join me on a live & recorded Q&A call each month that you have access, dates and times will be posted in the course.

And it is being offered at a special price of only $97 (instead of $197 — save $100) for a limited time. It’s my gift to you so you can use the energies we’re experiencing today in the most powerful and empowering ways.

Sign up now and get started with the first lesson so you can learn how to ask for guidance as the powerful co-creator that you are. You will have access to the first lesson right away and then one lesson each day. You have 45 days of access to the course as of the date you register.


Surrender is a process of allowing and receiving. We allow the transformation so we can receive the outcomes we want to create.



Learn how acceptance, or non-judgment, opens our heart to love.


Did you know that surrendering to peace requires that you also allow chaos, which is part of your transformation?


Surrendering your need for ‘right now’ allows divine timing to partner with you to create the most perfect outcomes.


When you surrender to freedom you prioritize your commitments and put yourself and your needs first.


You create space in your life for the energy of joy when you surrender to joy and allow it to enter your life.

Our willingness to surrender is a show of power, not weakness. When we surrender we stop fighting and resisting our own transformation.


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