Soul Wound Clearing Program

Soul Wound Clearing, Release and Energetic Re-Alignment Program

Our  core energetic imprint is the soul wound, which encompasses all of the traumas we have experienced across all of our lifetimes. This imprint becomes the filter through which we attract and manifest all of our life experiences, all of the situations we encounter, and the people we connect with. The Soul Wound either expands in each lifetime if we are unable to heal it or it contracts when healing is completed. Without the soul wound we are free to expand into higher vibrations of frequency and higher dimensions of being.

Your soul wounds represent any area where you experience fear, shame, guilt, regret, imbalance, confusion,

  • where you put others’ needs before your own,
  • where you want to heal others and
  • where you are needy.

Soul wounds are also responsible for addictions, including drug and alcohol, sex, work, sports, money, shopping — do you have any addictions whose root cause can be found within a soul wound?

Our life experiences are created from our soul wounds so we can heal them, this is our life purpose. Our soul groups hold the energy for our soul wound healing by re-creating their pain and limitations and inviting us to evolve this energy.

So much of our life’s sadness and pain can be released once we clear our Soul Wounds and in much of my spiritual life coaching practice, I know that at some point in every client’s session, whether it is an intuitive reading, life coaching or a business makeover, I will spend some time helping them recognize and clear the soul wounds that are making them feel stuck, blocked, frustrated with their lack of joy, afraid of success, and how they have been repeating the same life situations again and again.

Once we clear their soul wounds, they feel free, clear, like they can breathe again and are ready to start living in joy and en-joying their life.

Can you relate to this? Are you feeling a little soul wound pain right now and not enough joy?  

Once your soul wounds are cleared, you can enjoy:

  • peace of mind
  • peace of heart
  • release of addictions
  • new relationships
  • more joy, less fear, more success and abundance
  • no more karma (that’s right, no more karma because soul wounds are part of our karmic cycles).

To help my clients clear their soul wounds I create the Soul Wound Clearing and Release Program, which walks you through releasing and healing your soul wounds and then re-energizing your body’s energy centers to evolve that energy into a higher frequency.  I have also created a certification program for those who want to share this program with their clients and in their practices.

The audio MP3, which is included in all of the options below contains:

  • A detailed description of soul wounds, what they are, how they manifest, and where they are located in the body’s energy centers
  • Individual descriptions of each energy center and the soul wounds they hold
  • Clearing exercises for each energy center and a powerful clearing affirmation that will get your energy moving in a new direction and clear the soul wound energy completely and permanently
  • Re-energizing the energy center with powerful, new intentions to set a new energetic frequency for that center

When you have completed the Soul Clearing program (you can do it as often as you like) you will have cleared the soul wound’s energetic imprint from your energy template forever, what a relief, to be able to live free from your soul wounds and your karma. This will also help you release soul group connections too and completely change their energy dynamics!

There are three ways to benefit from this program, to purchase the audios, participate in a teleclass with Jennifer and take the certification program which follows the teleclass, you’ll get a license to use the Soul Wound Clearing program with your clients, purchase CDs and worksheets and learn how to use it in an 8 week program followed by a live two day event (date and location TBD –your purchase gives you access to this event in which you will personally work with Jennifer to fine tune your use of the progra

If you decide to purchase the audio file, it’s in 2 parts, along with the .pdf transcript so you can follow along. This file is available as an instant download with purchase.  If you want to have a more thorough experience of this process, you can take the Soul Wound Clearing class.

The Soul Wound Clealing class is delivered in three 1 hour session, about a week apart, with a bonus Q&A session with Jennifer. You also receive the audio files and the .pdf transcript and on each call we will dive deep into the material, going over each Soul Wound type in great detail, with live coaching on the call (with live volunteers from the group). This class starts on March 26, 2013

The Soul Wound Clearing Teacher Certification is an 8 week program, following the 4 class sessions, which you will also receive. In the 8 sessions we will cover each energy center in depth (there are 7), and a final certification call, with Q&A sessions in each call and go even more deeply into how to clear your own soul wounds AND work with clients. You will receive worksheets, questionnaires, and other client materials that you can use in your client practice. At the end of the 8 weeks you can attend a live 2 day workshop with Jennifer where we will refine your knowledge, practice and have a graduation ceremony! The Teacher Certification Program starts around April 30, 2013.

Here’s what the certification program will contain (more may be added during the program, depending on student questions and needs)

  • Explore each of the 7 energy center soul wounds at a deeper level with one full hour devoted to each one
  • Past life and akashic record connections to soul wounds, how they are created, how they manifest and how to identify past life
  • connections
  • Reveal how they manifest in your clients, how to detect them and questions to ask to reveal their presence
  • How to clear them and once cleared, what to replace them with Handouts and questionnaires will be provided that you can use with
  • your own clients
  • Each class will also have a Q&A component so we can discuss your questions and insights.
  • You will have access to a private Facebook group so you can post your questions and comments and share your experiences and insights
  • All of the live calls are recorded, so you have immediate access to the class information, whether you can make the calls or not
  • I will offer a Saturday or Sunday Q&A call at a time that covers most global time zones, so we can have a live discussion with
  • everyone on the line.

Here are your options for this program, the Teacher Certification includes everything (a $120 bonus) and you have 3 payment options:

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