Woody Allen is known for saying “90% of life is just showing up”. But do we want to just show up in life or do we want to shine? I hope that you want to do both, show up and shine, but it’s hard to do that when you don’t know how to show up and you feel uncomfortable, out of sorts, out of place, and uncomfortable with yourself, so you can’t shine. Have you ever had the feeling that you do not really know who you are? That’s happening a lot lately, as much of what we thought about ourselves is shifting and the gap isn’t being filled quite as fast as it is being created. We want to shine but our shine needs a source and that’s where our potential comes in.

In astrology, the two parts of our personality are defined by the Sun and the ascendant, which is the first house. The Sun’s position is determined by the date of birth. The ascendant is determined by the time and place of birth. Together, they indicate how we shine (the Sun), and how we show up in the world (the ascendant). If these two aspects work in harmony, we shine brightly, feel comfortable and express this energy in positive, fulfilling, life expanding ways. If not, we feel out of sorts, uncomfortable, and often inauthentic. We know what we should be doing something but can’t generate the confidence or motivation to do that.

Shining brightly as we show up in life and for life is a matter of aligning our potential with our confidence.  Too often, though, we feel overwhelmed by the process and instead of shining, we show up and hope that no one notices us. But that’s not what we’re meant to do because our light shines the most brightly when we feel comfortable with who we are and project that confidence in the world.

We fear being inauthentic but what we fear most is not being authentic (they’re different). What if we find out that we are not who we think we are? And what if someone else finds out before we do? Our greatest challenge is our fear of not being successful or of not being able to maintain a level of authenticity, light, and confidence that we think is required for us to show up in life and for our life, so we can do what we believe we are here to do. What we need to know is that our light empowers us, so we can shine brightly and show up.

We are always authentic when we are shining our light and showing up in a balanced way. All we can be is who we are, and that happens when we understand how to integrate all of the aspects that make us whole and complete. We exist in perfection, a state of being, which is not the same as being perfect, which is a judgment. How do you show up in your life? Where do you think you don’t shine and how do you  not show up? That answer can be found where you think you are imperfect, lacking, limited, and confused. When are you shining and showing up? When you remember that you are always enough and you always have the tools, knowledge, and potential to be your highest and best self in all ways. We’ll be exploring this in the Astrology Basics class, which begins on March 18. Click here for more information and to sign up.

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