chatterboxAll realities are now up for grabs, like the old sales at Filene’s Basement in New York. You grabbed what looked good and tried it on later, as there was no time to ponder your choice. If you didn’t pick something up, someone else would. While it isn’t as chaotic as Filene’s was back in the day, everything is moving faster now and we don’t have time to agonize over whether we are choosing the right thing (there is no ‘right’ thing), we just have to choose something. Like a game of musical chairs, we can sit in the first available seat. And that may be a ‘light’ choice that feels great or it may bite us because it’s not the right size. Right now the best thing we can do is choose in the moment and manage our expectations of reality, ascension, and higher dimensions because that’s what is biting us the most.

Dimensional realities exist on planes, as I wrote about in Ascending into Miracles – the Path of Spiritual Mastery. The first three dimensions are on one plane, 4D is the bridge into the next plane where we encounter dimensions five, six, and seven. Then 8D is the next bridge to dimensions nine, ten, and eleven, and twelve is the final stop of our soul mission. The next plane is level 13 which is the fulfillment of our entire soul path and re-integration into Source. We expect 5D to be the source of all light and blessings, like 12D or 13D and it isn’t, it’s more like the first dimension on the first dimensional plane, with a little less density and chaos, as well as a greater level of understanding. We’re looking at the same pictures but from a new and different perspective.

Our expectations come into play when we try to fit a 5D reality into a 12D or above expectation. Then we delay our decision so we make the right or most perfect choice, which is the one that we believe marks the end of the journey, our highest ascension point. But if we have all of our hopes of a light-filled, perfect, final stop pinned on a 5D reality, we are going to feel the bite of disappointment. It’s all part of the light, at different levels, frequencies, and intensities. But it is not the end because it’s all part of the journey. Yes, peace, joy, love, prosperity, and fun are available in 5D just like they are in 3D, they are just different. We still have to do the work, hold the light, work with the energy, and be in our power.

This is an evolutionary spiral, with a variety of choices and options as we wind our way up the ascension staircase. We can run, walk, or crawl up the staircase, but we don’t skip any of the steps.  There is no right, best, or perfect choice, there is only a new level of light and new levels of experience, potential, and possibilities. The right choice is the one we choose in each moment and if it bites, it is a choice we aren’t fully aligned with, so we can choose something else. Choosing the safest option, the one with the least risk, the fewest challenges, the one we hope will hurt the least, or that is less than what we are capable of will yield those results. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the presence of heart. The evolutionary spiral requires a heart that is open and willing to experience the highest heights of our greatest potential and possibilities. It’s full game on when we’re playing on the ascension team.

Remember that there is no ‘the’ ascension, the big one, each step is an ascension opportunity an evolution into a higher energetic frequency and new dimension of being. It helps to envision the journey as a series of stepping stones, rather than one giant leap. And there are no wrong choices, the one that bites you is simply a few sizes too small, so intend a grander, bolder, more powerful outcome.

And it’s all of the light, even the darkness is an aspect of light. The brighter the light, the clearer the choices become because light provides detail and makes things clear. Have you noticed how bright, overhead lights bring out every detail, even the most unpleasant ones? Clarity happens when we have powerful intentions and stay aligned with our own truth. When we remember that ascension is a journey, not a destination, and occasional rest stops are required, we can relax a little and give ourselves time to breathe and to enjoy the scenery. We make better choices when we’re relaxed and refreshed and we have a better perspective when we don’t try to rush the journey so we get to the end, or try to fit our big dreams into packages that are too small for them. Dream big and remember to bring along a big shopping bag for the bargains.


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