Dear Jennifer:Ā  I met someone I really liked and the feeling seemed to be mutual, at the beginning. But lately the relationship feels stuck and while I would like to take it to the next level, she does not appear to want that. If I set my intention to manifest a wonderful, loving and fulfilling relationship with her, shouldn’t that change the situation so that the kind of love I want and know we can have together will manifest?

Jennifer’s Answer: There are many issues at work here, so let’s address them in order of priority. The first is your intention. While you can set an intention to manifest a loving, fulfilling relationship for yourself, you cannot put someone’s name in that intention and tell the universe that this is the one you want. That’s violating her free will; if she wants that with you it will happen. If not, someone you can have that kind of relationship with will show up and it may not be her. In fact, it probably won’t be her because of the karmic history you share.

The karma in this relationship is driving your intention. From her side, she has been forced into marriage against her will with you in other lifetimes, and she was forbidden to marry the one she loved. By rejecting you she is healing her broken heart energy and giving herself permission to say ‘no’ to you. Could you have a good relationship together? That depends on a lot of things but not until she has resolved this karmic issue and there is so much karma at work here that if you resolved it, neither one of you would want to be with the other.

From your side, the karma also involved forced marriage, but where you forced someone to marry you and while you were very much in love, they were not. Your love became obsessive and you tried to do everything you could to win their love and never succeeded. In the end, I feel that they chose death, as in some kind of suicide or act that deliberately caused their death, rather than staying with you. The guilt you created for yourself is over believing you could have prevented their death and that you did not do enough to gain their love. This forces you to try again today because you have not forgiven yourself for their death or forgiven them for loving someone else and not you.

The issue for you today is to allow the kind of love you want to come from someone who is able to love you and who wants to love you. It is not something you can force or manipulate but that is a lesson you have not yet learned. The relationship you have now exists to heal your karma. When you allow it to be healed you will find the love you want, not with this person. That will happen when you allow yourself to believe that you are ‘lovable’ and worthy of love and stop choosing people who do not want to love you, or who need to work through their karmic issues around forced and forbidden love.

Maintain your intention to have love in your life but stop limiting it to the person you think ‘should’ love you, open your heart to receiving love from someone who does, and you will find the fulfilling, wonderful love you really want. This will also help you resolve the karma and heal your guilt so you no longer attract unfulfilling relationships.


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