Q&A: Why Are They Successful and I’m Not?

Dear Jennifer: I’m judgmental and jealous of people I see on the internet. Oprah endorses them, their books get published, they have lots of money and everything is going well for them. They have many fans, they all claim to be spiritual and yet I don’t see them as spiritual at all. I have chosen this spiritual path (or it has chosen me), I work hard too and yet I’m struggling. Why are they living a better life than me and how is it that people who are not spiritual are experiencing such great lives at this time? I thought people who haven’t done their healing work were supposed to be going through harder experiences now or in the near future to transition?

Jennifer’s Answer:  Your question addresses three issues, what spiritual behavior looks like, how can you mix spirituality and money or financial gain and why some people struggle and others do not. You may not realize it but your judgment blocks the flow of abundance to you, which stems from your belief that there is a limited supply and if some have, then you do not. You’re also judging others’ path based on what you think spirituality is and is not, and that is not your decision to make. And you really think that money and spirituality are mutually exclusive choices, which is why you don’t have any money. But, there is a solution and to create the abundance, joy and success you want, you will have to stop judging what others are doing.

It is impossible for us to judge others’ paths because that is between them and Source. By judging what you think is going on in someone else’s life, you are assuming facts about their life journey that may not be true and that you cannot know. Their financial abundance may be a reward for lifetimes of poverty, it may also be a lesson in learning that money doesn’t buy happiness or joy or peace. You also assume they aren’t spiritual but that is not possible because everything is ‘of spirit’. What you really mean is that there is a standard of behavior that is ‘spiritual’ and you don’t think they are following it. That is not true either.

Every teacher has an audience and every path has a purpose. Their path is not obvious to you because you are not looking at it in that way, you think you are doing something wrong (or they are wrong), you feel you are more committed to the spiritual path and not being rewarded, while their path is less spiritual and they are doing well. But everyone does what is right for them and the only success and abundance you can create is what will be best and right for you.

Your judgment of money includes the belief that money is not spiritual, so you think that to be spiritual you have to reject money. Is that working for you? It’s a belief and a choice that you can change but first, you have to change your beliefs about money. It’s an energy of the third dimension, a medium of value and exchange. Air is part of the 3rd dimension too, but are you going to stop breathing because you think air isn’t spiritual? So many of today’s healers and teachers struggle financially because they have seen, in this or other lifetimes, how destructive the imbalance of money can be. So they take vows of poverty or decide that they will do without money. What they quickly learn is that money is necessary to live life at any level of comfort. If this is your choice, know that you can change it at any time but you can’t do that by judging others and their willingness to accept and have the energy of money in their lives.

Finally, the judgment is what is creating so many problems for you because it is limiting the flow of anything into your life, including money, joy, love, and peace. When you stop judging others for what they have you can re-direct that energy into your life. Then you can create the success and money you want, in any amount. We live in an unlimited universe and there is enough for everyone, each person creates according to their needs. So let yourself have all of the abundance you want and don’t begrudge anyone what they create for themselves because they are living out their path and contracts in their own way.

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