Dear Jennifer: Your posts give me a clear understanding of what is going on with me at this time but I feel that my journey is very hard right now. I feel extremely angry, irritated and frustrated with everyone and everything and the worst in me is being brought out in every situation. Is this what the new energies feel like or am I floating in the old stuff more and more?

Jennifer’s Answer:  The curious thing about the new, expanded vibrations (I really don’t like calling them ‘higher’) is that they expand everything equally, our best and our worst qualities. They also show us where we are not being authentic, what we hide from ourselves and others and where we are out of integrity with their frequency and vibration. For example, if one of the aspects of these energies you wanted to bring into your life was truth, then everything that was not in alignment with ‘truth’ in your life, in the sense that you always spoke, thought and acted with absolute clarity and in integrity with your intention for your life would start becoming very clear for you. This is where the new energies collide with your ‘old stuff’.

You are feeling irritated and angry with people and situations because you are out of alignment and not in integrity with what you want in your life. And you have been doing that for a long time, you just were not aware of it until you brought in these new frequencies.

  • How often do you say ‘yes’ to people when you mean ‘no’ and hope that they know you mean ‘no’ without your having to tell them?
  • Are you unhappy with your life and can’t make changes because you feel limited by people or situations and need their agreement or approval to create transformation (you don’t, but you could think that you do).
  • Are you feeling limited in some aspect of your life and are frustrated with yourself?
  • Have you taken on obligations or responsibilities that you do not know how to release and are perhaps afraid that people won’t like you if you are not always there for them?

The way out of these feelings is to recognize their source — you — and to start aligning yourself with what you want. At first that may be difficult, especially if you have created approval habits with others, like always being the one they turn to when they need something. Or being in the habit of putting yourself last, which makes you angry when your needs aren’t met. You must also get in the habit of being self-ish, which means putting yourself first by asking yourself some important questions:

  • Do I want to do this now, for this person, or in this situation?
  • Am I saying ‘yes’ because it is what I want or would I prefer to say ‘no’?
  • Have I undertaken a responsibility or obligation that I no longer want and do I want to continue with it or let it go now?

Get clear on what you want and learn to accept only those obligations that you are truly comfortable with and want to do. Give yourself a moment to pause before saying yes to requests for your time, energy and attention, which could mean getting in the habit of saying you need some time to think about what you are being asked to do or commit to. This allows you to start aligning yourself with what you want in your life and it will manifest more quickly for you. Then you will notice you feel less anxious, edgy and irritable because you are more aligned with your own energy and not scattering it in different directions. Your old stuff is coming up but only because it is time for you to decide whether you want to stay in the old or embrace the new.


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