Q&A: I Want to Create More Value in My Life and Now Everyone Hates Me

Dear Jennifer:  I seem to be triggering a lot of people right now, including my clients. While I can handle the issues with family and friends, I am getting a little concerned about my clients because this is obviously not good for building or maintaining my business. Once they are triggered, they get mad at me and then want to stop working with me. What makes it worse or maybe more synchronistic is that I’ve been working on my financial stuff and really need to make more money, so the loss of my clients isn’t helping. I know that this is for my highest good but I’m having trouble with this cycle.

Jennifer’s Answer: Let’s first look at the issues around money because it is not about dollars and cents, money is a reflection of value. Within the context of value, there are several things going on here. You are giving your clients a perspective on the truth about themselves, or their value, they don’t like it so they reject it and you. You’re doing this with everyone in your life and you feel like everyone hates you. What has changed about the kind of value you are now offering your clients and others in your life? Their behavior is a reflection of how they value themselves through the mirror you offer them, and the new truth perspectives they are seeing. It’s probably time to be open to new clients, friends and a new soul family.

When you decide to increase the value in your life, which you have done by working on your financial issues, you begin that process by valuing yourself more. So if you were previously telling people what you thought they wanted to hear, which is one version of the truth, and not being true to yourself, a shift in your approach would mean that you are connecting with your clients in a new and different way, one they are showing you they are not ready for. You know that because they are rejecting you. While you say they hate you, it isn’t about you, it is about what you are revealing to them about themselves. 

It is also about you being aligned with a different level of energy, one that they cannot connect with. And it’s about boundaries, yours in particular, that have to do with how you share the truth and what you offer them. I suspect that your boundaries were weak or nonexistent before and since they are stronger now, clients have to be more aligned with you to work with you. They are resisting your boundaries and you have a choice, to lower or remove your boundaries or release your clients to make room for new ones.

Your new approach is working for you but is obviously not going to work with your existing clients, your family and friends. They don’t like the ‘new’ you; they want to interact with the ‘old’ you. But that doesn’t work for you and since you have to live with yourself, you are going to have to expand your vision of your value even more, to allow a new group of connections into your life. Don’t be dismayed by the immediate results you are seeing, it is simply the response to change by people who are not ready for it. As Jesus said, ‘You cannot put new wine in old wineskins.’ What do you have to do to express more of the new truth so that your new value is accompanied by more financial abundance?

Another issue that I see here is that you were perhaps not being totally honest with your clients before, for fear of offending them. Now that you are no longer doing that, they are getting the truth from you but it’s not the truth they want to know. You are on the right path, it’s confirmation that you are ready to play a bigger game, with different rules and new players. Be willing to let all of your existing connections go and trust that the Universe will rush in to fill that vacuum. Then you will be able to work with people and have friends who understand and value your truth perspectives and you, and you will be rewarded with abundance in all areas of your life.


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