Q&A: How Can I Be Healed and a Healer Too?

Dear Jennifer:  I now understand my Crystal energy after reading your recent article about it. I struggle with not martyring myself for others, especially my family. Now I am at a crossroads, after spending many years healing myself physically and emotionally, wondering what to do next. How can I be a healer and be healed as well? I’m not quite sure how I can work with others if I cannot also relate to the blocks and pain they are experiencing. Can you explain this to me?

Jennifer’s Answer:  The greatest gift of Crystal energy is their empathy and their biggest challenge is how they use it. While in the past may Crystals have shown others their areas of pain by mirroring it for them, in an attempt to point out where their wounds and blocks were, it kept everyone in healing cycles. Once we know where in pain, the next step is to learn how to move out of it. But if everyone is mirroring pain, who can point out the next step?

We have completed many healing cycles lately, individually and as a collective family of humanity. Frankly, we’re tired of healing. Now that we know where the pain is, we know that we are struggling and have gotten to the point where we want to move out of it, the next step is to find someone who can show us how to do that. By having gone through this yourself, you are an excellent example of how to get through the healing cycles and move into more healed, evolved and whole living. This allows you to use your empathy in a more powerful way, by connecting to people who are in pain because you have also been there, and you can show them that it is possible to transform pain into healing, and complete these healing cycles, because you have done that.

This is the difference between being a source of healing and an example of healing. When we are a source of healing we mirror others’ pain, often by taking it on ourselves. The danger we risk is becoming their Source of healing, standing between them and God and trying to do the healing work for them. Then a co-dependent relationship is created, where they look to us for healing and we believe that we can do this for them. It is also frustrating because they are prevented from finding their true healing source, which is within them. When they don’t heal we think we’re not doing our job (and we can’t because it is an impossible task) and they displace their anger and frustration on us because they think we can heal them (which we can’t do).

When we are an example of healing, we show others what they can achieve by doing their own healing work. It’s much more fulfilling to be a teacher who is living in joy, fulfilled, and happy than one who is sad, frustrated and unhappy. Which would you choose to show you how to be healed and whole, someone who has successfully completed it or someone who tells you that you can do it but they haven’t done it themselves? You can shift into owning your own healing and that makes you a better teacher for others, who can embrace their own healing potential when they have an example that shows them it is possible. It is a new paradigm for healing that we are shifting into and Crystals can lead the way by embracing new ways to use their compassion and share their joy instead of their pain, moving out of the martyred healer paradigm into more joyful, joy-filled living.

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