Before a plane takes off the pilot performs a range of pre-flight tests, including powering up the engines. Even before that, the engines are turned on so they can ‘warm up’ and get everything moving.  This is done on every flight so the plane can fly as it’s supposed to and there are no bad surprises mid-flight. We need to do this too although we believe that once we are ready to move forward we should blast off, taking off into the ‘wild blue yonder’, all systems functioning, and everything aligned and working perfectly. Before we rush off into inspired empowerment we would benefit from first powering up our systems to ensure that we have everything we need to move ahead.

When we need to test our systems to ensure that we’re ready for flight, people and situations from the past appear in our lives. Our first thought is to wonder why they are there, didn’t we already address that issue? Yes we did but as we move up the evolutionary spiral, we get to see that situation again, from a new perspective this time around. And these people and situations bring up new issues around old situations that we need to resolve before we can blast off in new directions.

For example, if we’re ready for a new relationship, we can get someone who pushes our romantic buttons so we can empower ourselves beyond those fears. If we want a lifestyle change, someone may try to get us to change our plans because we need to ‘stay with the family’, or they need us, or try to activate our fear of new situations. If we are ready for a new job or career path, we may suddenly lose our job or source of income, and we have to decide whether we’re going to push forward into what our heart desires or retreat into the discomfort of our comfort zone.

Although it’s uncomfortable and rather disempowering to face the past we thought we were finished with, it’s even more disempowering to find that out while we’re en route to our new destinations. Or that just as we’re ready to embark on our new journey we have unfinished business that prevents our departure. Instead of wondering why we’re in the middle of the past we thought we had left behind, we’re better off addressing the issues within the scope of our new intention. It’s a gift from our soul that alerts us to what we need to take care of before we blast off so it doesn’t become a problem later.

If we see this blast from the past as our inner guidance, or intuition, foreseeing what could become a problem down the road, we step into prevention mode, rather than depression mode. The Universe wants us to succeed brilliantly and every situation that arises on our path is a call to address and remove a potential block before it becomes a limitation on the free flowing path that we intend for ourselves. Rather than saying ‘oh no’ we could say ‘yes thank you’ and do our pre-flight check so we can avoid mid-flight problems.

Finally, when we set an intention to release all obstacles from our path, we call all potential obstacles to us so we can address them. The Universe is exact in its response to our intention and doesn’t judge us or our intention. So as the past arises, and it will, view it with a different perspective. You know what has the potential to happen, you have already experienced that.

How does this situation or person fit in the context of your new potential?

What healing and release do they represent so you can now move forward with grace and ease, without fear or regret, or guilt?

How can use the past to power up your inspired empowerment instead of believing it’s there to limit your progress?

You do not have to turn off the engine when you see the past moving towards you but you can use its presence to do a more thorough pre-flight check so you can remove the potential for mid-flight turbulence and keep the energy flowing smoothly in your life and continue down the path of inspired empowerment to expand your potential and possibilities.


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