Every intention and action creates an outcome of either pain or freedom. Pain is the result of an energetic misalignment between intention and alignment, and between reality and truth. Freedom occurs when energies are aligned and congruent, all resonating at the same energetic frequency and flowing within the same intention and that is singularly focused on a particular outcome. Outcomes that cause pain happen when the truth of a situation is replaced with hope and the actual reality is confused with potential. When you honor your pain and acknowledge how it was created you can surrender its source, and you re-align with your truth and the potentials that are a true possibility and not a wish. You can heal pain only if you surrender its source.

Pain is a difficult aspect of human beingness, an emotional energy that is unpleasant and complex, and yet it is simply a clear and powerful indicator of energetic misalignment between the ego/self, the energetic body, and the soul. It is created because the ego has made a commitment, taken an action, set an intention, or tried to move energy in a way that the energetic body cannot honor and is out of integrity with the soul mission of healing, transformation, awareness, and congruence.

The desire to be free from pain generally begins with the pain itself when it should be addressed at its source.  What desire exists within the ego for validation, approval, and control that cannot be fulfilled through the soul’s mission for healing and the existing energetic frequency? The source of the pain is a truth that the ego cannot believe or acknowledge. The healing of the pain comes when that truth is no longer resisted and a new truth is created. Failure does not happen when a truth cannot be transformed – failure does not exist in the universe. But pain will continue until surrender replaces action in a situation that is out of alignment with healing.

It is the human desire for a positive or specific outcome in all situations that creates pain and this is a judgment. An outcome is neither positive nor negative; it is simply an outcome that is created with existing energetic frequencies and intention. But when the ego tries to force the outcomes it desires in order to validate itself, then pain is the result. The pain will go away when the source of the pain is surrendered, when the resistance to what is possible replaces the desire for what is hoped for. And when the truth of a reality is acknowledge beyond the ego’s belief that it is unsuccessful when it can exert its will over all situations and control all outcomes.

Pain tells you that you are trying to push energy in an incongruent direction. You cannot heal the pain by continuing to push energy its way. It is healed when you stop resisting the energy flow and allow out outcome you fear or do not want to be created. The more inconsistent the outcome is with the ego’s desire for something different, the greater, more intense, and more painful, the pain. Ultimately, the choice must be made between pain and freedom, between a cherished outcome and the truth of the reality that cannot be changed, no matter how much it is hoped for.  But once the source of pain is surrendered, it is no longer a source of pain and then freedom can be achieved and the peace and joy that accompany it can be possible.


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