choice and potentials

choices and decision

One of the questions clients often ask me, after telling me how stuck they feel, is what their best next step is. But that answer depends on so many things, including what they are willing to do to allow a next step to become possible. The need to know our next step is really secondary to our desire to not repeat past mistakes or do something we’ll regret later. And we’re also afraid to choose something we won’t like and will be stuck with forever. Changing our mind and choosing something else is part of our new 5D paradigms but first we have to change how we view our next steps and our choices.

There are few things in life that have permanent consequences – having a baby is one of them – and most of our choices can be changed and we can move on from them. But what we’re left with is our feelings of regret and our self judgment over what we think were bad decisions or poor choices, these are what make us fear our next steps and limit what we’ll consider for our next steps. We can’t erase the past but we can do something different in the present moment if we don’t allow our judgments of the past become the reasons we don’t make choices in the present.

If you have ever done something you regretted later, and we have all done those things, you know how painful those memories can be. We think of the past in terms of what we could have done differently but the only way we can know that is to make a choice and then live through the outcome. The person you should not have married, the decision you should not have made, the move you should not have considered, all of these things are clear in hindsight, which is always 20/20. Why can’t we have 20/20 foresight and know the outcomes before we make these life changing decisions? We can, in a way, and that depends on our alignment and intention.

We are in alignment with all of our choices, even the ones we think were bad or poorly considered. That’s because the energy we have when we make a choice empowers that choice. If we want to have the benefit of other choices, we need to look beyond next steps and consider new potentials. What else is available for us, besides the obvious things, and are we willing to consider, allow, and expand them? That means making a few changes in how we view ourselves, as limited or limitless, and what we’re willing to release to make those new potentials part of our reality. And that’s the sticky part.

All energy occupies space in our lives, and we can’t have two polarized energies in the same energetic space. We cannot, for example, be happy and sad, or courageous and afraid, deserving and unworthy, confident and doubtful. One energy has to leave if another one is to occupy that space. All choices revolve around what we’re willing to either expand into or shrink from. If we can expand into new potentials then we can release all of the fears and limitations that we use to keep them out of our lives. It’s not an easy choice to abandon our fears of an unknown potential that may turn out to be a worse choice than our previous bad ones. But I don’t think that will be the case.

Yet, we never know until we try so we have to put on our brave faces and allow ourselves to choose and to change our minds, without judging ourselves or our choices, if our outcomes don’t quite meet our expectations. New potentials don’t mean permanent joy and security; they mean different outcomes than those we have had in the past. And they are nothing more than a stepping stone into new and different potentials (especially if we don’t like the results of our choices) if we don’t get stuck our fear, criticism, and judgment.

We can’t know if we will like something until we try it and isn’t irresponsible or immature to make a choice and then decide it isn’t right for us. It’s a sign of empowered self love and acceptance to acknowledge that we chose something we don’t like, then confidently get our choice menu out and choose something else. Choose the highest outcomes and leave a little room to change your mind because you may decide, once you climb that mountain, that you don’t really like it and want to do something else. And that is always your choice.


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