While it feels like we’re in a long, slow and sometimes never-ending process of evolution and ascension, we are making a lot more progress than we realize. Because we are in the process, we are less aware of our results than if we were casual observers, rather than active participants. If it appears that we’re going in circles, we are. But the circles are getting smaller and the doorways out of the circle are more frequent if we learn one thing, the way out of the circles or cycles is to shift our energy and we move on by moving up.

Upward movement happens when we shift our beliefs to create a new mindset or, more appropriately, we become more mindless and more soulful. Choices taken from our mindset (think about that word for a minute) are based on old beliefs, thoughts, and energy. The choices we make from a point of mindlessness, meaning using less of our mind or loosening up some of our rigid beliefs, and from our soul’s unlimited perspective, are new and different. This also means they are uncomfortable, unknown, untested, and unfamiliar. But that’s the only way that we can ‘move on’, by raising our vibrations.

Think of it as shifting our energetic gears — if you want to go faster, you have to get into a higher gear. Trying to go faster in the same gear will only put more stress on the engine and you won’t go faster, you will just feel like you’re moving faster in the same circle or cycle. What does it take to move up? Try looking at a situation from the point of a new potential. If you could have any outcome you wanted, what would it be? That’s why I stress looking at situations from the outcome because it is by expanding the potential outcome that creates a shift in our energy, and that moves us out of our cycles and circles, and into new pathways.

What is your mindset? Think of a problem or challenge you are having right now and think of all of the ways that you will fail, it won’t work, the limitations or things you cannot do. Keep on thinking of them until you cannot think of any more. Be bold here, get all of the limitations out in front of you. Now, what just happened to your energy? Are you feeling bad, sad, hopeless, helpless, and powerless? That’s the power of your mindset when you use it to limit your options and growth.

Now think of one or two powerful, optimal outcomes for this situation (or more, depending on how creative you want to be). Don’t worry about whether you think the outcomes are possible, just create one or two powerful outcomes. Do you notice a shift in your energy, a new focus for your thoughts, a lightening of your spirit, and maybe a feeling of relief that uplifting, transformational change may be possible?

This is the move up that will create your way out. As long as you focus on the powerful outcome, you create an energetic space for it in your life and reality, and that makes it a definite possibility. But if you stop that flow of energy, you just stopped that outcome from manifesting and you’ll be back in your old cycle again. It doesn’t matter what our reality looks like in this moment, the only way out of it is to change the energy that is being used to support it. So the way out really is ‘up’, as in an upward shift in energy that comes from considering the best possible outcome and letting that be the container you’re filling with your energy.  And, to be honest with you, each thought is creating an outcome anyway so why not create the outcome you really want, instead of more outcomes that you do not want?

Here’s a little challenge for this week, think of one or two wonderful, positive, uplifting outcomes for a challenge you have in your life. Stay focused on those every time you think about the challenge and let your energy stay high. How long does it take for you to begin to see results in your situation? You can post your results on my facebook page by clicking here.



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