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Intuitive Sessions with Jennifer

CLICK HERE  To schedule a 30 or 60 minute Intuitive session with Jennifer or explore a life transforming coaching program.




Jennifer is uniquely qualified to provide expert business advice, resources, and training that is grounded in the practical and experienced reality of what it takes to start, manage, and grow a business. Get real business advice from the premier business mentor who has the education, experience, and expertise with real business skills, knowledge, and know-how. Whether you are a start-up, re-start, or in expansion mode, Jennifer’s unique combination of business savvy and intuitive mastery covers every aspect of business from websites, sales, marketing, launches, products, services, your personal energy balance sheet to revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and profit margins. With a 25 year corporate background in finance, technology, law, and training, 3 business degrees (in Finance, Economics, and Business Administration), and 15 years of managing her own business with the highest loyalty and customer joy rates in her industry, she is your go-to guide for everything you need to know to start, re-start or expand your business.

Empire business coaching is available as an individual or group program, click here for details and to sign up.



Be Who You Are – Fearlessly Live Your Purpose

Be Who You AreThis light-hearted story takes Little Tree through four seasons of growth, as she learns how to find peace with the knowledge that she is perfect as she is. From being afraid that being too big, too bright, and letting go of her leaves will make her unacceptable, to understanding that these things are what makes her beautiful, she finds joy and freedom by learning to be herself.

$12.00 delivered as a 26 page .pdf file, instant download after purchase  

From Victim to Victor

Have you ever felt like a victim in your life? Does everything always go wrong for you? Does bad luck seem to follow you? If this is true for you, you are in victim consciousness and it’s a subject I know well. Paralyzed by a vaccine at age 5, I recovered from the physical paralysis over a 5 year period but it took many more years to recover from the victim story I created around being handicapped and crippled for most of my childhood. You will learn how your victim story began, what it creates in your life and simple strategies you can use to become a Victor in every area of your life. Instead of winning, you’ll learn about victory, how to avoid victim language and thinking, and 10 keys to being a victor. You can ‘un-learn’ your victim consciousness to become a victor in every area of your life now.  184 pages



10 Signs of a Multi-Dimensional Relationship

10 Signs of a Multi-Dimensional RelationshipDo you wonder why your relationships aren’t fulfilling? Why you try so hard to ‘make relationships work’ and you are often frustrated and saddened by your results? Do you see more potential in others than they can see in themselves? This ground-breaking book identifies the 10 signs of multi-dimensional relationships, how you can identify yours, what causes them and solutions you can implement to stop the power  and energy drains and move into more fulfilled, loving, and satisfying relationships.

Available on Amazon 

Print Books

Ascending Into Miracles

Ascending into MiraclesCalled the ‘Ascension Bible’, this book covers everything from soul contracts to soul mates and soul purpose, karmic cycles to our new paradigm of creation. If you have ever wondered why you are here, what your life purpose really is, why you chose this particular life and life path and when you will ever have joy, love, peace and fulfillment in your life, you will find the answers to these questions, and more, in Ascending into Miracles – the Path of Spiritual Mastery. An Amazon best seller, available in print  $17.95  purchase from  Amazon.com

30 Days to Everyday Miracles

30 days to everyday miracles At the lowest point in my life, when I was asking God to take me home every night, I created a miracle, an all expense paid trip to France that I was paid to go on. If you have ever wanted to learn how to create miracles, this book explains the process in 30 lessons, and includes examples from clients who have used this process to create money, love, abundance, success, and seen their wishes fulfilled in miraculous ways. You start by creating your Miracle List, then agreeing to the Miracle Commitment principles. Each of the 30 lessons is part of the pathway to miraculous living, start with Lessons 1: You Are Powerful! Available on Amazon in print & digital versions   $14.95 from amazon.com

The Human Energy Control Protocols — What you Need to Know About The Secret Agendas to Control Your Energy & Rule the World

Since the 1940s governments and the military have been conducting secret experiments on millions of gifted, sensitive children and adults around the world. I know, I was one of those children. Between 1963 and 1970, when I was hospitalized for vaccine-induced paralysis, I was subjected to a wide range of experiments designed to understand, manipulate, and control my intuitive abilities and energetic sensitivity. This is a true story of the mind and energy control experiments and technology that are being used to control the world’s populations today. You’ll learn what you need to know and how to avoid these technologies that are designed to run every aspect of our lives. 192 pages, The Human Energy Control Protocolsavailable in print & Kindle editions on amazon.com

The Atlantis Legacy

Atlantis Legacy There was once a place call Atlantis that disappeared into the sea. What really happened in Atlantis and what does it mean to us now? Were you there and how does Atlantis impact your life? This book explains Atlantis society and the roles we played in its success and in its destruction, the guilt we feel from our Atlantis Legacy, how the Atlantis Paradigm that we now live under was created and how it applies to our life today. Knowing this is an important part of our ascension journey as we strive to overcome our Atlantis Legacy and avoid repeating the mistakes we made then at this time, as we approach the end of another ascension cycle.   Available on amazon.com in print & digital versions  $14.95 Atlantis Legacy


Energy Center (Chakra) Clearing Meditation

cover_chakraclar_1015In this meditation you will address each of your body’s 7 energy centers, or chakras, to release past trauma, clear cellular memory, and reset emotional DNA. You will also replace existing energies with higher energy and aspects, so you can shift into a higher, lighter, and more joyful and joy-filled purpose.

$15.00 Digital download, 20 minute MP3 file

Communicating With Your Angels & Spirit Guides

comm_angels_cover_1015Learn how to identify, speak to, hear and know your angels and spirit guides with this meditation. Ask your angels and guides to connect with you, learn their purpose and function in your life, and receive clarity on their language, how they connect with you, and how they talk to you.

$15.00   50 minute audio MP3 download  

Cord Disconnect & Healing Meditation

cord_disc_cover2Disconnect energetic cords that keep you connected to karmic and healing cycles, release yourself & your soul contracts with a  2-part process where you will release your karmic and healing commitments, clear your energy field, and remove commitments so you can have more fulfilling, higher vibration, joy-filled connections.   
$15.00 digital file
 (audio MP3) 45 minutes, for immediate download



Clearing Soul Wounds releases their energy so you can be free of your pain and limitation programming, and release karma. Each of our 7 energy centers (chakras) holds specific soul wounds related to the family, sexual trauma, power, love, speaking and the voice, our intuitive guidance, and our source connection. This trauma attracts similar energy until we clear it. Have you ever wondered why you attract the same kinds of people in your life? Because of your soul wounds. Once cleared, you have a new energy template and can create your karma-free life.  This will also help you release soul group connections too and completely change their energy dynamics! This program is digital and includes 3 hours of audio files, plus .pdf worksheets.

AVAILABLE MAY 2017    $197.00  3 hours of audio, plus 3 workbooks, instant digital download

Did you know that you absorbed your mother’s emotional energy during her pregnancy and this created the emotional blueprint you began your life with? In this ground-breaking, unique program, you will learn the 11 types of maternal emotional imprints, how they impact your life today, how they limit your life, and how you can clear them. Students of this program were able to release physical and emotional traumas, limiting beliefs and fears, and experience profound joy. You will receive instant access to the 90 minute audio file, worksheet, a release meditation and energy exercise, and the bonus Healing Family & Soul Group Karma 90 minute class and worksheet.

    $147.00  includes 2+ hours of audios and worksheets for listening and download

12 Universal Laws On-Line Program

The 12 Universal Laws govern the flow of energy we use in our daily life. This is a 12 lesson on-line, self study course where you will learn about all 12 Universal Laws plus Law 13, the Law of Congruence. From the Law of Abundance (you will learn what it really means) and Attraction (which is highly misunderstood and misused), to the Laws of Energy, Attraction, Cause & Effect, Compensation, and more. Each law is explained in detail in 12 audio lessons, with worksheets, and you learn how to use these laws in the best ways so you are always working with the energy and its flows, instead of against it.  For a detailed description of this program, click here.

$147.00 for audio files & worksheets for the 13 Universal laws that you can listen to and download. You have 60 days of access to this course.

Aligning into Wholeness

Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit Alignment

This program focuses on bringing your four aspects, body, mind, emotions and spirit, into wholeness, to fulfill the soul purpose of ascending into the miracle vibration. When they work together we walk in enlightened purpose and joy. When they are separated, we walk in chaos and fear. You receive four audio files and workbooks, as MP3 and .pdf downloads, that address each aspect’s function in function in our karmic and ascension journey, its strengths and weaknesses, how to put it into alignment with our purpose, how illness and dis-ease manifest, what we can do to heal its separated aspects. Includes clearing exercises and meditations to help you bring yourself into fully aligned wholeness in all areas of your being. AVAILABLE IN MAY 2017

$197.00 , 6 hours of audio in four files, and four .pdf workbooks

Guilt and Shame Healing & Release Program

This program addresses the issues of guilt and shame that prevent you from being powerful in your life. Four lessons, focusing on guilt, shame, grief and releasing them. Students experienced major breakthroughs in being able to release their guilt and shame so they could begin to find joy, peace and love and feel more powerful. 4 part program with audios and worksheets, instant download. AVAILABLE SOON $197.00 digital download with 4 60  minute MP3 audios and 80 page .pdf workbook


Soul Wound Clearing Practitioner Certification

Soul Wound Clearing Practitioner Certification program is available to those who have completed the Soul Wound healing program and want to use this material in their client practice. Includes 8 week study program, with group and personal coaching, audio files, worksheets, and Resource Listing on website. Limited availability, next program will be announced. email for information to support@enlighteninglife.com    AVAILABLE IN 2017


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