Raise Your Love Vibes

If you have been wondering whether you will or could ever have a relationship that was happy and fulfilling,

Or you have been ‘looking for love in all of the wrong places’, as the song goes,

Or you just don’t know how that will ever happen (because it hasn’t happened yet), I have a solution for you that will change how you view love

In fact, I’m going to share something with you right now that will change how you think about relationships forever,

AND it will help you understand why everything you have learned, were taught, and know about love and relationships is wrong:

Ready?  It’s this — love is an energy first, and an emotion second. When you learn to control the energy you can control everything aspect of your relationships.

We spend all of our time wanting to have the emotion of love but we can’t have that until we are at the right vibration to receive love energy.

We need to Raise Our Love Vibes to become bigger containers for love energy and then we can have more of the emotional love in our lives because we have created a space for the energy.

Instead of trying to find your ‘soul mate’ or things to try and create love that only makes you feel bad, I have a better way to do this.

Let me show you how to STOP wishing, hoping, searching, and looking for love and instead, intentionally create the love you truly desire. Because when you Raise your Love Vibes you become more than a love magnet — you become a love energy manifestor and create the possibility of love in every area of your life.

Take a look at this short introductory video to learn more about what I mean. Then, scroll down the page to discover how you can be ‘the prize’ in every relationship, and how seeing every relationship as an invitation and learning to listen for the RSVP will help you avoid being rejected — because you’ll learn how to issue invitations to love you to the people who can love you. And you’ll learn how to do that in my Raise Your Love Vibes program.

Love is an energy which we must have room for — what I call your ‘love container’. We often want to receive lots of love energy but our container is too small and it’s already full of our old emotional love memories. So we have to empty our existing love container and make it bigger to receive more love energy. You’ll learn more in this video.

One of my favorite lessons in the Raise Your Love Vibes program is the ‘Invitation and RSVP’ lesson. The invitation is our offer of love to someone; the RSVP is how they respond according to their own love needs, wants, and frequency. But we often don’t listen to their RSVP and if we don’t get the answer we want from them we issue more invitations and try to make them more attractive so they say ‘yes’. Why are they rejecting us and what is the problem? You’ll learn about this in the video.

“You’re the Prize”, it’s something I say often to radio show callers who want to know why a relationship isn’t working out the way they want to. We cannot cut little pieces of ourselves off to make someone else happy. And when we see ourselves as ‘the prize’, as the amazing, wonderful, worthy, and deserving person that we are, we attract people and situations who can acknowledge us as ‘the prize’ and then we have relationships that are fun, fulfilling, and that represent our highest frequencies.

This is the best course I have ever taken. I loved the examples you gave and I had fun with some of the topics, while others really made me think. I realized that I have been manipulating people into loving me (not my proudest moment) but only because I didn’t think I was lovable. Now I realize that ‘I’m the prize’ and with my new ‘high vibes’ I’m ready for fulfilling love relationships where I am ‘loved, honored, and respected.’

Patricia A

I didn’t realize how low I had set my standards until I did my Love List for myself and I had trouble finding good things to say about myself. That was a real eye opener and it took me nearly a week to finish that lesson. But it made me realize that I never said anything good about myself, so how could anyone appreciate me? Thanks Jennifer, your program changed my life and I have my list of gifts and non-negotiables memorized!

Rosalind M

I took this program because my girlfriend asked me to and it has changed our relationship. I understood how I wasn’t really participating in the relationship and that I was afraid of commitment because I was putting too much into it. Now our relationship is much better, thanks to the Raise Your Love Vibes program. I also used some of these lessons at work and I improved my relationship with my manager, so I’m much happier at work too.


It would be hard for me to say which of the lessons was my favorite, as I liked all of them. The one that made the biggest impression was the ‘love truth’ because I realized that rejection wasn’t about me and that I was taking the blame for someone else’s beliefs. Now that I’m free of that I don’t regret the relationships from the past because I know we did not share a ‘love truth’ (and we didn’t speak the same ‘love language’) and I am now ready for the fulfilling, amazing love you talk about with everyone in my life. Thanks Jennifer, this was a great program and I learned so much.


I hope you enjoyed the videos and now invite you to join me in the Raise Your Love Vibes — 21 Days to Love Program where you’ll learn how to create your own big love energy container, be the prize, choose how you connect with others, issue love invitations to people who are happy to RSVP with a big ‘YES’. The Raise Your Love Vibes program goes beyond telling you that all of your problems will be resolved when you meet your ‘soulmate’. It puts you in charge so you attract the love you want, one that fits your energy, rather than hoping and wishing that somehow, someday, you’ll meet the ‘right’ person.

If you want to be the prize, to be in charge of your own love energy, you will find the tools to help you do that in the Raise Your Love Vibes — 21 Days to Love program.

You’ll find a list of the 21 modules below, as well as my signature “3 by 3” learning plan. Whether you want self study, group coaching, or to work with me directly, there’s a plan that fits your style and needs, and at a price you can afford.


Here are the module titles you’ll find in the Raise Your Love Vibes Program

  1. What do you want (expect) from love
  2. Your Love Blueprint
  3. The Love List — the other
  4. The love List — You
  5. The Love Basket
  6. the Commitment C-Word
  7. The anti-loves
  8. The un-loves
  9. The Love Truth
  10. The Love Agenda
  11. The Language of Love
  12. Are you a Love Creator or a Manipulator
  13. What’s your Love Type?
  14. The Invitation and the RSVP
  15. You are the Prize Law 1
  16. Dating Game or Mating Game Law 2
  17. You Get What you Settle for Law 3
  18. The Past is your Love Present Law 4
  19. Your Love-r is a Mirror of You Law 5
  20. Who Loves You?
  21. Forgiveness, Joy, & Peace
  22. BONUS:  10 Signs of  a Multi-Dimensional Relationship
  23. The Grand Finale and Next Step

In each module you’ll find audio files, worksheets, exercises that explain each concept, with bonus lessons and short videos. You’ll enjoy the step by step worksheets and audio files that explain them, as well as the flow that guides you through the transformation process to help you become a bigger container for the energy of love and create expansive love in your life.

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Self Study with Q&A calls Option

Program Materials with Q&A calls
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  •  Bonus materials and worksheets
  •  File downloads for your personal use
  • 3 Q&A calls plus 1 30 day checkup call
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Individual coaching with Jennifer

Personal coaching with Jennifer
  •  Program materials, audio & .pdf files
  •  Bonus materials and worksheets
  •  Weekly Q&A calls with QT coaching (Quick Transformation)
  •  File downloads for your personal use
  •  Two 30 minute personal coaching sessions with Jennifer (a $497 value)
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