If you can pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time, you will be able to easily navigate the energy now. But you know that to do that, you have to focus carefully on what you’re doing. At first, one hand pats and the other rubs, but if you don’t pay attention, soon both hands are either patting or rubbing. To separate the movements you must be aware of what you are doing, expand your ability to engage in the separate hand movements, and focus on the outcome in each moment. Awareness is the ability to expand our vision beyond what we know and include new energetic potentials so we move from limited illusion into expanded potential, and from possibilities into empowered, creative realities.

While we describe our spiritual awakening as ‘conscious’, that word is far too limited. Being conscious simply means that our eyes are open and we’re breathing, as opposed to unconscious, where our eyes our closed but we’re still breathing. When we’re conscious the mind is somewhat engaged but when we’re aware our spirit is actively participating in the process with us. Awareness is the state of expanded cognizance or knowing and it is the foundation of our new paradigms.

But awareness is not always our friend because as soon as we become aware all illusions are shattered. And that can be a shock. The world we knew and trusted is no longer there for us as a stable fixture in our life. It’s like finding out that there is no Santa Claus, or that your partner has been cheating on you, or your husband or wife drained your bank accounts and moved to Mexico without you, or your business partner scammed you and now you’re bankrupt. We can live in blissful ignorance  until awareness not only opens our eyes, it awakens us with a big bucket of ice cold water.

This kind of awareness happens when we are conscious but not seeing, when we’re not using our power or giving it to  others, when we’re trusting the untrustworthy, or ignoring all truths. We need to be empowered, strong, confident, clear, and in control now and if we don’t do that voluntarily, then awareness will pay us a visit and tell us the truth. But it’s not all bad because awareness will also give us the tools that we need to change our life path, to reclaim our power, to create a new vision for our life, and to start over again. First, though, we have to love awareness for its gifts of understanding even when they come wrapped in truths that don’t make us very happy.

Loving awareness means that we have to be willing to see the potential beyond what looks like our biggest life calamities, to know that, like the Phoenix, we will rise from the ashes bigger, better, stronger, and more powerful than before. That happens after we get out of the fire, though. If we can trust that awareness is the beginning of the journey, and not the end, we can and we will find a lot of power in awareness.

One of my tough awareness lessons happened when I moved to Phoenix to take a job, then the company decided they weren’t going to hire me. At my darkest moment, I would cry myself to sleep every night, begging God to ‘take me home’ because my life was such a mess and I was so scared. Then I would wake up every morning, look around and say ‘Darn it, I’m still here’. I did this for 6 months and then decided that it wasn’t working. So I decided that I  wanted to go to France and I created my free, all expense paid trip that I was paid to go on, as the translator. That was the awareness shift I needed to turn everything else in my life around. And I did go ‘home’ because I am from France, and I consider it my ‘home’  (the Universe has a strange sense of humor). You can read about it in 30 Days to  Everyday Miracles, available here.

A dose of awareness may shrink our reality as it shatters our illusions, but it will also expand our potential and possibilities if we don’t get stuck in blame, shame, and guilt. The initial shock can lead to self judgment, which is a normal reaction, but then the work begins. If we don’t want something to happen again, we need to take a different path the next time. Falling into a hole once is an accident; falling twice into the same hole is self sabotage.

Awareness is an expansive energy — the bigger we allow ourselves to see, the more awareness will bless us with a vast array of possibilities. But it also works the other way, the more we use awareness to blame, shame, and judge ourselves, the deeper we will fall into the black hole of despair until we reach out to awareness for help. And it will give us a ladder and wait for us until we climb out of the hole. There are no quick fixes with awareness, but there is relief if we are willing to expand our ability to receive it and have the vision to create a bigger reality for ourselves.

With our new multi-dimensional paradigms is a vast and unlimited source of energy that we have not had access to until now. Awareness is the key that opens the portal to this unlimited energy source. All that stands in our way is the fear that we may learn something we don’t want to know, or we will have to explore new truths or realities that are outside of our comfort zones.

This is a moment of transformation and truth for all of humanity and awareness is knocking at the door of our collective consciousness. Are we ready for the expansion that is the gift of awareness? Or, asking in another way, are we ready to live in the expanded, unfiltered, and unlimited flow of energy that is part of higher dimensional awareness? As always, it’s our choice but if we can willingly and voluntarily open the door to awareness and lovingly invite it into our lives, the long term results will be worth the short term struggle. Then we will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and let awareness expand our vision into the unlimited potential of new paradigms we never considered and cannot access without awareness.


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