tangoWhile the retrograde movement of planets is part of their natural rhythm, it can create a lot of havoc in our lives as our normal and habitual future-focused rush through life gets paused so we have to stop and assess our situation. We think of life as a graceful waltz and the universe as the skilled dance partner who guides us gracefully around the dance floor. Instead, the dance of life is a fast moving tango where we dip and sway, moving forwards, sideways, and backwards in a graceful yet complicated series of steps that eventually takes us to the end of the tune. And hopefully we don’t ungracefully fall down on the way because we rely on our partner to catch us and we forgot to tell them about our next move. To navigate retrogrades, especially the ones that occur with our new energies and frequencies, we need to learn to tango and to lead the dance.

Retrograde planets act on us in two ways:  they compel us to look closely at where we have limited our lives and then take action so we can create some space for an expanded level of potential. This is the “re-“ part of retrogrades, review, release, reconsider, re-think, etc. Of course this happens with a slowdown or even shutdown of all activity for a period of time which we think is a sign that we have made a mistake or are doing the wrong thing. It isn’t, although it is confirmation that our path is out of alignment with our intentions. And if we have been blissfully waltzing along, grateful for the expert moves of our universal partner, we may find ourselves sitting ungracefully on the floor, wondering what happened.

Reminders of our power come in many ways, usually when our back is against the wall and we have to make choices and decisions that we have been ignoring or putting off. The moment we look at our lives and realize that we don’t like what we see and want something else is our most powerful moment because that is when we forget about our other options, that are not really options, and have the clarity to focus on the real prize, what we want right now. Fear is no longer a luxury, indecision is no longer an option, and we’re ready to take action. This is the gift of retrogrades.

Rather than fix things ‘on the fly’ as we continue to move forward, sometimes we must do a full energetic house emptying and cleaning and reset or reboot our energy field, in the same way that rebooting a computer is required occasionally. Think of how various software installations on your computer require a restart so they can be initiated, that’s what the retro energy does. But there’s more to this story.

A retrograde also provides us with an opportunity to see where we have been slacking off, settling, compromising our energy boundaries, letting others use our power, and allowing our energy to get scattered with distractions, commitments, and obligations that silently drag us and our energy down. Without the benefit of retrogrades, we would continue on this path until we became frustrated with everyone around us, forgetting that we are ultimately the one who has to set our boundaries and lead the dance. This doesn’t mean becoming a diva or control maniac, it is about paying attention to intention and alignment, and learning to tango.

Retrogrades open our awareness to new potentials, mainly because they force us to stop what we’re doing and let other options rise to the surface. If we have been mindlessly dancing the easy waltz, learning to tango is more complicated but ultimately, much more fun too. We have to challenge ourselves to become ‘more’ of who we are and can be, to explore our own boundaries and expand them into lives that have room for more joy, fulfillment, prosperity, love, and peace. That doesn’t happen when we’re barreling down life’s highway, it happens when we have to stop and change the tire, or realize our gas tank is empty, or that we’re just tired and need to rest. Welcome the retrogrades – and we have a lot of them right now – because if you have been asking for clarity, signs, and transformation, they will bring them right to your door. And if someone offers you tango lessons now, say yes.


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