Keep Moving, Change Lanes Later

The title of this article is from a sign I saw as I was driving down the highway while on my road trip. I would have taken a photo but it was in a construction zone and  there was nowhere to stop. The sign was there to prevent cars from entering a fairly confusing and busy interchange and then immediately trying to change lanes. Instead, they could enter the highway in their own lane, pick up speed and change lanes once they were moving with the faster traffic, without slowing down the oncoming traffic or getting in its way. Hmmm, there was definitely a message I could relate to there.

When I saw the sign, I was thinking about what I was going to do after all of the energy release and recalibration work that I have been doing intensely for the past month and for many years before that. Can I move on now and do other things? Is it the right time? What do I do next? It made me laugh because it is another example of what we are going through now as we move farther into the uncharted territory of our latest aspects of evolution and ascension, which is acting from our healed and whole selves.

What are we doing and who are we being if we are not healing others, holding energetic space for healing, creating healing opportunities, participating in ours and others’ healing journeys, and being the healer for the world? We keep moving forward on our own path and we change lanes, or change our path, as the opportunities come up to do so, or as we explore other aspects of ourselves that exist beyond the healer.

We have done this work for so long that we want to know that it is going to be OK, we have permission from the Universe, our guides, the planet, our healing partners, that we can let go of the rope and nothing bad will happen. And for some it’s a little intimidating to re-enter the world after so many years of living in relative isolation. Too often we also wait for everything to be in place, to know exactly what is going to happen before we commit ourselves to anything and yet, this is the part where we get stuck the most often. We spend so much time wondering which lane we should be in, where we fit, or which one needs us the most, that we never enter the freeway.

It’s time to enter the freeway, traffic and all, to get moving and not focus on doing as much as being what we want, the doing part will flow from the energy we create in our lives. We don’t have to know what is going to make us happy, we just have to be in joy. We do not have to know what we will love, we just have to be in gratitude for what we have in each moment and for the opportunity to choose anything and everything else. We do not have to know what the next step is going to be because we get to create that path and we do it from being in its energy, not from knowing what to do next. The outcome flows from the energy, not the other way around. This is a new way of being for us and a new way of doing things, to experience life from our vibration and frequency, instead of doing things that make us feel good.

One of my last stops of this trip is Graceland, the home of  Elvis Presley, in Memphis. After all of the work that has been done on this trip, I finish it by visiting the ‘land of grace’. I didn’t really plan it that way, it was the logical step on the road home. I have more stories to share with you about what happened on this trip, I’ll share some of them in the coming days and on the radio show. We have been waiting for this process to happen and it is here now, we do not have to wait any longer and the faster we get clear on our being the easier it will be for us to start moving forward faster and with more confidence as we create our new world in the new world.


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