HVW_retreatI am really glad that 2015 is over. In many ways it was a very hard year even though I didn’t have many of the health and other challenges that I have had in previous years. But what I think made 2015 so hard was the waiting, the false starts, the belief that ‘this’ was going to be it, and then it wasn’t. It was like having false labor and going to the hospital, only to go home because it wasn’t time yet. Now it’s time and before we go off into a tailspin of pent up energy Mercury is retrograde this month, and so is Jupiter, so we can take some action but it may be more internal than external. And that’s OK because it’s easier to take action with the right preparation in place than to try to take action when you aren’t ready for it.

The usual Mercury retrograde cautions are in place, double check your communications, leave a little extra time for travel delays, think before you speak, look before you take action, don’t start new projects, and be aware of your movements. Mercury retro is known for things like putting your keys down and then spending an hour looking for them, because you were talking on the phone, or thinking about tomorrow, or not paying attention when you set your keys down. But the re- words apply with Mercury retro, like reconsider, release, relax, replay, rewind, review, relinquish, restore, refresh, and repeat. In our hurried lives we often do things out of habit, rather than with conscious intention, and Mercury retro will bring those things to our attention.

Jupiter retrogrades on January 7th and it’s the big player for the next few months, through June. This is instant karma on a silver platter for those who think that spiritual law doesn’t apply to them. With Jupiter in Virgo, a highly spiritual placement, approaching the north node also in Virgo, square Saturn in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s sign), and opposing Neptune, this is not a war between the material and the spiritual, it’s the imposition of spiritual law on the world, ushered in by the ‘meek’, those who are self aware. Our saving grace is they’re all in a mostly helpful, albeit benign, angle to Pluto, although the Uranus/Pluto square is still in effect. Those who have their karmic boomerangs approaching may consider going to church every day for the next few months. But we don’t have to go to that extreme, it is enough to remember our own energetic congruence, staying in our highest frequencies, and keeping our intentions strong.

After years of waiting and many disappointments, especially in the non-event that 2012 turned out to be, we’re a little jaded now — but is that true? A lot happened in the background and that has set up the conditions for 2016 to be a spectacular year. How much have you learned since 2012 and how different is your life now? What tools have you learned that you can use to create your ‘rich, happy, and successful’ life now? This isn’t about having money, more things, and a fancy job or title. It’s about divine wealth, unbounded joy, and thrilling achievement. The theme of 2016 is Energetic CongruenceTM and to arrive at that place we have to learn to walk in integration before we can soar into the promise of multi-dimensional living.

January is a 1 month, in a 9 year (2+0+1+6 = 9), and its vibration is a 10, new beginnings that build on the endings and closure of the past. The number 9 is written with a circle and a line, the 0 and the 1. 0 is no-thing that represents everything, 1 is action and movement. 1s and 0s are the basic elements of computer programming, the two small commands that make our technological world possible; all of technology is built on 1s and 0s. We must have congruence, represented by the completeness of the 0 before we can take the 1’s invitation to action. Sometimes we are tempted to use the 1, action, as a stick to beat the 0 into submission but that doesn’t do us any good, as we have already learned.

While the Mercury retro may suggest that you take it easy in January, don’t ignore the little signs that prepare you for action. I felt I needed to be more efficient and the energy wasn’t flowing in my office. And then I had to fix my phone, which had stopped working. While moving my desk to figure out what was wrong with the phone, which had mysteriously unplugged itself from the wall, I decide to move my office furniture around and it’s a much better layout with a more aligned energy flow. You can expect these kinds of insights in January, so take advantage of them. We have a full year ahead of us to fulfill the dreams and ambitions that we set in motion now. And we have to learn to walk before we can fly, so let’s figure out how big our wings are, I think we’ll need them before too long. Have a wonderful month.

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