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How to Access Your Intuition — 3 Easy Steps to Accessing Your Inner Knowing with Jennifer Hoffman –Master Intuitive

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Starts Friday, February 1, 2017

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Instead of scheduling a webinar date/time that you can’t fit into your schedule, I am doing something different. You can watch the webinar at your convenience until February 4 and then we’ll have a Q&A call where I’ll answer your questions about your intuition.

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Discover how to find your intuition ‘on’ switch and how you may be turning it on at the wrong times and not getting the guidance you want and need.
The 3 things you must never ask for and why asking for them is a sure way to get into your ‘intuition dead zone’.
Learn about the different types of intuitive gifts and how to identify yours.
Discover the secret way to ensure that you are always getting the best and most accurate information.
Your intuition is the bridge between your human and divine self, a portal into the possibilities and potential you can access once you ignite your intuition and develop the confidence and trust in our own intuitive abilities.
And you’ll learn from Jennifer Hoffman, a life-long intuitive master, and the world’s most accurate intuitive who has given over 250,000 intuitive readings.