2016pred_ecoverThis week’s message is a new Archangel Uriel channel.

Each of you is a perfect combination of mind and spirit, working in harmony to expand energy on the earth. Spirit chooses what it wishes to create according to the path the soul has determined for the lifetime. Spirit intends healing and transformation and while those are its choices for each lifetime, it is what the mind intends that determines the outcome. If the choice is set from spirit then the mind has a powerful and clear path for its choosing. Otherwise, the mind makes its own choices.

The mind is limited to its experience of life, the collection of emotions, beliefs and thinking that it has always used to create. This is its path for each lifetime. But the purpose of every lifetime is to integrate mind and spirit, so that the mind’s intention can work with spirit’s choices for transformation, instead of its destined path of fear. Integration is created by balancing mind and spirit, releasing fear and allowing a higher vibration to enter the mind’s reality.

But sometimes this is seen as the need to release the mind/ego and make it less important. Spirit needs the mind for action, just as the mind needs spirit for support, guidance, direction. And a grounded and balanced path of transformation requires equal participation of the mind and Spirit. Since the mind reflects the energy of the third dimension, the mind’s ascension can only be possible with Spirit’s guidance. This is what will move humanity into ascension and mutli-dimensional being. Spirit is the mind’s ascension guide and its desire is to create an equal partnership, where neither aspect is more important than the other and they can work together, in harmony, to fulfill the mind’s intentions with the expanded energetic choices that Spirit has access to.

This can be an effortless journey when the focus is on integration and not domination. Spirit cannot dominate the mind as that is not its nature. The mind has the power to overpower and dominate Spirit but that is not its purpose. The mind drives the life path and uses Spirit as its navigator. When intention for transformation is accepted by the mind and partnership with spirit is viewed as the most perfect and effortless way for this to happen, the path of ascension becomes intentional and unlimited choices become available.

And as each step in the ascension journey of healing to wholeness to congruence unfolds, the path to the best and most perfect outcome for that moment is available. Then the mind and spirit can travel together as partners in your ascension journey into higher frequencies, and the highest of all possible outcomes is always available to you.


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