IGNITE Your IntuitionJennifer Hoffman, the world’s most accurate intuitive and clear channel is presenting the only comprehensive online course that teaches intuition, channeling, energy awareness (one of Jennifer’s areas of expertise) and mediumship in a 6 week program that takes you through the entire intuitive process with her trademark energy exercises and energy work so you have tools to expand your intuitive awareness and how to use them.

The online program teaches through a mix of audios, videos, worksheets, and examples to help you become more confident in using your intuitive abilities. You will find out which intuitive tools work best for you and you work best with, so you can learn how to use them with confidence and clarity.

Whether you choose to use your gifts professionally with others or to gain a better understanding of your life, Jennifer’s classes present an unparalleled level of insights, learning, information, and tools focused on helping you attain clarity, confidence and expertise in using your intuition in your life. 

Jennifer is the world’s most accurate intuitive and clear channel, and the only Energy Savante (R) whose clients have long praised her clear, accurate, and highly detailed readings. While she is a life long intuitive, she was asked to become a visit by Archangel Uriel in October 2003 and left her corporate career to become a full-time channel, intuitive, and spiritual teacher in 2007. She has worked with over 100,000 clients from around the world, providing individual readings, life transforming coaching, and guidance. 


Are you aware that you are energetically sensitive? You’ll also learn about energy frequency and vibration, how to protect yourself from receiving unwanted energy frequencies and how to keep your own vibrations and frequency at their highest levels by using strong energy boundaries, one of Jennifer’s areas of expertise.Jennifer

Whether you want to explore your intuitive gifts or are an experienced intuitive and channel and want to learn new tools and techniques, this is an opportunity to learn from the world’s most celebrated intuitive and energy master. You will learn which intuitive tools work best for you, with detailed instructions on how to use each one.

This program is delivered in six modules, each one with a detailed description of the type of intuitive tool, how to prepare yourself for it, and a practice exercise. The program is divided into four sections, Intuitive  Tools (featuring the ‘clairs’, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc.), Channeling, Mediumship, and Energy Channeling. Once you have finished the program you will have had time to practice with each type of intuitive tool, learned which ones work best for you and  you are the most comfortable with, and have gained confidence in using your intuition.

Here’s what we will cover in the online course :

  • The different types of intuitive gifts, how they manifest, how to recognize them, and how discover your unique gift(s) – you can have more than one
  • The difference between intuition, channeling, and mediumship and how to choose what you are most comfortable with
  • How to connect with your guides and angels and receive messages from them 
  • Setting energy boundaries, protection, and clearing –you will have tools and exercises for this
  • All about channeling, what it is, how to do it, how to find your guides and work with them
  • How to do energy channeling, Jennifer’s trademark method that you will only learn here
  • And how to ask for guidance — 3 things to avoid, what to never ask and do, how to recognize ‘false’ information and how to know that the information you are receiving is accurate

This is online program with weekly Q&A calls, the schedule will be announced after registration closes.  You can begin the program as soon as you purchase, the introduction audio and energy work is where you will start, so you develop the skills for protection before you venture into the intuitive and energy work. And don’t worry about trying to finish in 6 weeks — you get a full 6 months of access to the program and all of the materials.

For the first 100 people who sign up, you will receive the 13 Strand DNA Activation course, a 2 hour class where you will learn about the process and receive an activation of your 13DNA strands. This information is essential to fully activating your source alignment so you can be fully clear in accessing your intuition. This is a live and recorded class, with audio & worksheets to download. We will do a live DNA activation call for the group as well. Sign up now, this bonus us only available until February 7, 2017.  


 Ignite Your Intuition 6 Week course

$297 now for all course materials

$297 AFTER FEBRUARY 8, 2017

Be one of the first 100 to sign up to receive the 13 DNA Strand Activation class & activation




2 pay option as expired



Ignite your Intition LIVE weekend retreat early April 2017