GPS Empire Business Coaching is offered as a 3 or 6 month coaching program for businesses with at least $100,000 in revenues and that have been in business for at least a year. You’ll receive experienced, expert guidance and mentoring to help you expand your business in a planned, profitable manner. We’ll do a review of your business as it is today, then plan your next period (quarter, half year, or year) of profits, products, services, and productivity together, covering your message and mission, business plan, technology, website review, email and autoresponders, newsletters, launches, social media, marketing and sales strategies, revenue planning (using my unique, trademark High Vibes Wealth method), product and service creation, mind shifts, abundance awareness, and more.

I can provide advice, resources, technology suggestions, and information in these key business areas:

  • Startups, re-starts or business expansion strategies and tactics
  • Strategies to create and build your email list
  • Identifying ‘Your  Expert Solution’, my trademark way to identify your message, value, and results
  • Revenue stream and cash flow review, including cash needs assessment using my trademark ‘High Vibes Wealth’ process, revenue planning, and strategies for implementation
  • Planning product and program launches, a step by step process to getting your product to your customers
  • Creating your business foundation, from your messaging to marketing to managing your business
  • Technology review and suggestions for improving efficiency, productivity, and accessibility while cutting costs and saving time
  • Suggesting marketing methods to reach new prospects and reward existing customers
  • Social media review and suggestions for use of social media tools
  • Review of your sales process and how to increase sales while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your business model and message
  • Any additional business services as needed.

Our initial consultation will include a review of your business and prioritization of your needs. We’ll address the most important issues and move forward from there. What you will receive from me is advice from an expert, experienced, credentialed business advisor with decades of business and technical experience and the educational foundation to provide you with real, solid, authentic business advice that you need to start or grow your business. On-site visit available at additional cost.

Explore GPS Empire Business Coaching, $795 a month for 3 months

  • Two 50 minute live coaching calls a month (which are recorded for you)
  • Analysis of your current business and strategies to meet your growth objectives
  • Tactical advice providing resources to help you with your business technology and processes
  • Marketing and sales strategies to help you meet your profit objectives
  • Phone and text access between coaching calls
  • My trademark High Vibes Wealth planner to help you balance your personal and professional life goals
  • Access to my library of business resources that will save you time and money as you implement your new strategies
  • and an individualized plan tailored to your business and profit objectives


Here’s what I offer you and your business:  When you hire me you get help from an experienced and educated business expert. I have multiple business degrees, in Business  Administration, Finance, and Economics, decades of multi-faceted business experience,  a high degree of technical experience and proficiency, and have owned and managed a highly successful business for nearly 15 years. I also have more than 20 years of corporate experience in finance, law, technology, and banking, working at a wide range of companies, from business startups to Fortune 50 companies. I’m also a world renown leader in the self-awareness and empowerment field, one of the world’s most accurate Intuitive Masters and the only Energy Savante,  with an audience of millions, who is an expert in energy transformation, creating mind/energy balance shifts, and helping people transform their lives. Many people who offer business advice begin by saying they have ‘no business experience or training.’ Why would you seek business advice from someone who doesn’t know anything about business? I know a lot about business, technology, and what it takes to create, manage, and expand a successful business and I will share everything I know with you, to help you create a successful foundation to realize your business vision. You also get the benefit of my expert intuitive guidance to help you create the path that turns your business dreams in to the grounded reality of a successful, profitable, sustainable business.