What do fun, fear, and faith have in common,  other than they all start with the letter ‘f’? Quite a lot, actually, because they are tied to our life experience. We can’t have fun without faith, we can’t be in faith if we’re in fear, and we are in fear when we have no faith and aren’t having fun. And we can have fun doing things we’re afraid of, like bungee jumping, riding on roller coasters, hang gliding, sky diving, and other ‘extreme’ sports that are both scary and exhilarating at the same time. Fun, faith, and fear are part of our potential and if you want to know how to use your faith to have fun in spite of your fear, and to live a fear-free, fun-filled, joy-ful life, you’ll find five steps in this message that will help you learn where to focus your faith so you use it in the best way.

Faith is the key that allows our beliefs to become a reality, creates outcomes from intention, and allows miracles to flow. Sometimes fear is necessary for us to have faith — think of a situation where you were so afraid that you just had to believe and have faith that it would change and it did. But while we believe that it is faith in God or the universe that gets us out of a mess, it is really trusting that a super-natural solution (one that is beyond what we can see at that moment) is available and we can connect to it and pull it into our reality. While trusting in a benevolent universe is required, what we really need is to have faith in ourselves.

The universe is a constant presence, it is always there to support and sustain us. When did you ever wake up in the morning and wonder whether the sun would rise that day? Probably never — we have so much faith that the Sun rises every day that we don’t ever doubt it. Yet the same force that makes the Sun rise is the one that we connect with to create our reality. There is one energy in the universe, it’s all the same. It’s neutral and non-judgmental, which means that it doesn’t choose what it supports and empowers, it supports everything equally. But we have to have faith, and that can be a fearful issue because while we have the energy of faith, we focus our faith in the wrong direction.

If we don’t get the results we want, we blame God, the Universe or other factors, when they are not to blame. Since energy is non-judgmental, it simply responds to everything we ask for, no matter what it is, and it is always present, like the sunrise, supporting us in every way. We need to have faith in ourselves, in our abilities and in our own potential. When we lose faith in ourselves, we stop the creation process. Whether we’re afraid or unsure, or we want a promise of the outcome before we put our heart on the line, as soon as we lose faith in ourselves, we step off of our path of potential. And it doesn’t require that we get rid of our fears, because we will always be afraid of something, we need to have enough faith to override the fear, and enough of a desire for fun to encourage us to create it, no matter how scared we are.

Here are five steps to putting faith to work for you, becoming fear-free, and having fun in your life:

  1. The fear is going to be there any time we consider doing something new. So expect it, be prepared with an extra dose of faith to override it, and keep up the faith until you start seeing progress. Remember that fear is always based in the past — you can’t be afraid of something that hasn’t happened yet, only what you have already experienced.
  1. Trust that the universe is always in your corner, supporting you. But it’s like driving a car, without pushing the gas pedal, there’s no movement. Faith is the foot on the gas pedal, that keeps the car moving over the bumps in the road. A steady stream of faith keeps you moving towards your potential. Living through your faith in yourself is life on cruise control.
  1. Fun means being in joy and enjoying life. It doesn’t require hard work, it requires the belief that you deserve to have fun in your life, the faith to know that you can create it, and the belief in your power and potential. If you believe that comes through hard work, it will but why not make it effortless, free flowing, and easy?
  1. Potential without faith is never going to manifest into anything. No matter how much we think something is possible, if we don’t have faith in ourselves, it won’t happen because there is no power supporting it. Energy needs an open container to flow into and faith is what holds the container open so energy can flow into it in a steady, constant stream.
  1. Faith is not limited to believing in God or Source or in the Universe, although that’s a good place to start. It means believing in our divinity, embodying a perfect balance of our spiritual human, the self and Self, that keeps the energy flowing as we embrace our potential and then give ourselves the opportunity to create it. Having faith depends on which ‘self’ we know, our ego-based, fearful self or our divine-based, fear-free, joyful self.

Does that seem like a lot to do? Faith is the key and it’s as simple as remembering that just as we never doubt that the sun will rise, we never have to doubt that the universe will ensure that our own sun shines brightly in our life, as long as we have faith and believe that it will.



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