doorknobIf you follow me on Facebook, you know that my office painting project turned into a massive doorknob and hinge overhaul  throughout my house. Once the office was painted, I noticed how shabby the doorknobs and hinges were. Since they’re 40 years old, it was time for a change. I couldn’t replace just one set, I had to replace all of them or they wouldn’t match. And the hinges needed an upgrade to, as they were old and they needed to match the doorknobs. Doorknobs are used to open doors, and hinges allow doors to open, what a great metaphor for this time. But as I discovered, replacing doorknobs is quick and takes 5 minutes. Replacing hinges is not so easy.

Excited about my doorknob and hinge replacement, I made a trip to the hardware store to buy a dozen doorknobs and 18 sets of hinges. I started with the doorknobs and was excited that it went so fast. Within less than an hour I had all of the doorknobs replaced. Then I started on the hinges and things slowed down a lot. Each door has 3 hinges, each hinge has 6 screws that have to be removed, the new hinge put on the doors (with 6 screws) and then attached to the door jamb (with another 6 screws). The doors came off easily enough, then there was a problem when I tried to put them back on.

Doors don’t sit flush on the floor, or else they wouldn’t open. I had to figure out how to prop up the door enough so I could align the hinges with the holes. So I went to my workshop and built a little prop to hold up the door. That worked well but by the time I finished one door I was tired and I needed to put that project aside to work on other things. And I was losing a little steam, thinking about how long it was going to take me to finish the rest of the project. Instead of going as quickly as the doorknobs, the doors were going to have to be a one room at a time effort. The first door expanded my awareness as to what replacing the hinges would entail. Then the clue phone rang — this was going to take longer and to be harder than I originally thought.

We have the 7th and final Uranus/Pluto square this week, which closes out a cycle that began in June 2012 but it really began in the mid 1960s, with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction. The 7th square is our final step in the ascension and evolution journey, the opening to alignment with our Source connection. It corresponds to the crown chakra, the last of the 7 chakras that are our body’s energy centers. This is a time for contemplation and reflection, for forgiveness and reconnection, for re-alignment with our divine center and acknowledging our divinity. Are we up to the task or is this going to be harder than we thought?

I have noticed over the years that I have been working with clients that there is often a final step to overcome and that is their willingness to let go of any anger or resentment they have towards God, or the Universe, or Source. I’ve felt that way plenty of times, especially at some pretty low points in my life when I thought that God should rescue me and I didn’t get any help. Our anger at God is a big block in our willingness to accept and align with our divinity. Why should we give God the satisfaction when he/she wasn’t there for us? That may gives us some satisfaction in the short term but in the longer term, we always come back to the divine, to our source, to our center, for re-alignment, re-connection, and re-birth.

The portals to divinity are open, we have new doorknobs that represent our new levels of understanding and awareness, and yet there is one final step to take before we allow the doorways to swing wide open. Can we let go of our own blocks, replacing the old, worn out, stuck hinges with new ones? We have done everything that was easy, now the last part is a little more complicated.

Are we going to follow through or give up? Do we let go of any anger or resentment, towards anyone or anything, and just move forward? How much harder is it than you thought it would be, when you see all of the complexities involved in a major life transformation in front of you? What have your patterns been in the past?  What do you want to do differently today? What is your definition of joy and how much do you want it?

We hold the keys to the kingdom in our hand now, all we have to do is unlock the doors and let them swing open wide on our new hinges of forgiveness and acceptance. The pathways of potential exist for each of us when we are willing to release the attachments we have to anything that doesn’t serve our intention for joy and turn in another direction. It can be harder than we thought but that doesn’t mean that it is hard, it may just take a little more time, thought, energy, and effort. The outcome has to be our focus and the rewards, whatever we intend them to be, are part of our new pathways that we create through our intention.


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